Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The War On Evil : Kill Smart Gentiles

I seriously doubt this guy was working on a nuke. More likely just trying to get their reactors operational so they can tell the oil sheiks to kiss their ass. The people of the Middle East deserve to be able to opt out of the system set up by the imperialists to keep them in their place. Israel begs to differ. Furthermore, don't major in nuclear science if you're an Arab in the Middle East. Kosher central forbids any Arab from learning about anything. Nuclear weapons are dangerous and that is why only Israel is permitted to own them. If other countries owned them they could put an end to arbitrary terrorism, bombings and assassinations by Israel. That's just not right.


Anonymous said...

Typical Mossad mondu operandai. During the war in Iraq American soldiers escorted Mossad kill teams to targets in Iraq that included university professors, and other people with the slightest hint of learning. Mossad teams then killed these academic people. This was done so that Iraq would never be a threat to Israel again, at least not for the next 60-80 years or so. All this was done with the full blessings of the Bush administration and the approval of the American Industrial complex.

And then Americans wonders why people hate them. Truly, it can only be for their vaunted 'freedoms'.

I do believe it is long past time America's chickens came home to roost once more.

Anonymous said...

the U.S. condemns "all acts of violence, including acts of violence like what is being reported today."

i nearly fell off my chair laughing.

The US/Israel only knows violence. its what bullies are best at.