Saturday, January 7, 2012

VAULT-OS : Chugging Along Merrily On Code

Scheduling-rostering-logging screens use flexible date/time calendar display. Works good for setting up daily schedule with routines on recurring time intervals ... "Clean and replace air filter screen the first Monday of every month" etc. etc.

Still have everything running in ANSI C. I tried compiling it for Linux and hit a few minor compile bugs, will work on these problems when the Windows version has been released.

Have stylesheet generated on fly now embedded in page, adds maybe 1K to every web page loaded. All colors and styles configurable in command page. Not too keen on the current color scheme and will probably go with a far more readable version in time, maybe black on white with different shades of green to distinguish things. The most outlandish idea I have had pertaining to stylesheets is specifying a VT-100 terminal format for old RS-232 display monitors. Ancient displays but MTBFs measures in hundreds of thousands of hours. Many drivers exist to browse HTML 3.2-4.0 on old terminal devices.

UPDATE: At present the controllers on the device pages are as simple as I can make them, HTML 3.2 compatible even if desired. The first version of VOS will probably feature admin-selectable service types but will only have HTML displays. Hopefully in the next revision after that I will introduce the Raphael library. I have experimented with a lot of different browsers and dynamic HTML/SVG but Raphael appears to work correctly on nearly anything going back to IE 6.0 or thereabouts. Again, there will be some kind of admin switch to use crude HTML displays for controlling devices (switch on/off, analog gauge, etc.) or Raphael sprites where supported on the client.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Tex. Something like this could help the day to day running as well as planning.

I prefer dark backgrounds to read from. Less strain on the eyes when it is a screen because of the glare.

Anonymous said...

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This is pretty funny. LA is now the third world.

Anonymous said...

Black font on a grey background is what I reckon is the easiest to read.
My 2c.