Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vault-Co Was There Twelve Years Ago

Notice how one of these articles is never complete without rolling out some academic hack described as an "expert" who then explains how people to want to go on living are suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is always accompanied by a couple jabs at Christians and religious faith, as if to worship anything other than the State is so irrational it is prima facie evidence of disordered thinking.

Examined closely, nearly everything printed in the mass media is ambiguous gibberish. You have to peer between the lines to figure out what the journalist is trying to conceal by writing the article. That's where the real news lies.


Anonymous said...

"preppers are not setting a date for the coming destruction"

I guess they didn't research this blog - a new date has been predicted here every couple of days for the last 12 years ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rawles? The Guiding Light?
By the Spirit of Kirt Saxon what is the media thinking?

Sam said...

I bought my first Kurt Saxon book in 1983. I think I have all of them.