Friday, January 6, 2012

Various Monsters Prepared For Post-Apocalyptic Environment

Apparently most insects retain gigantic growth potential in their genes from prior forms millions of years back (we have found fossils of these earlier forms) so it is just a matter of activating those to make them grow 10x normal size. All we need is Peter Graves to do the exposition and we'll have a proper fifties monster movie.

Luckily those earlier forms required more oxygen than we have available today in the atmosphere so they should be fairly slow and wheeze a lot like they are having asthma attacks.

In Fallout 3 they had been researching a method of destroying the oversized ants and they accidentally gave them the power to breathe fire. That sounds like a typical government project gone askew.


Anonymous said...

ive been expecting something to appear from the seas around japan since the fukashima nuclear plant disaster. i must have watched too many godzilla movies as a kid.


Anonymous said...

When I finally got around to reading a couple of books on DNA I really started to doubt the standard evolutionary model. DNA sounded more like programs with huge libraries of subroutines of which only a fraction of them were called by the main program/creature. Hell the subroutines even had parameters for size, repetition, ect.

It's also appeared that despite having thousands of different ways to create the same organ that almost every creature out there had the same set of DNA code to generate a given type of organ. I really don't see how that jives with the current randomly generated idea of evolutionary life. Sounds more like most things descended from creates that already had most of the subroutines already properly written and ready for use.

I can't say for sure what DNA's library structure means but if scientists where honest it should have destroyed the standard evolutionary model 20 years ago. Something far more interesting than straight up random evolution is going on and no one wants to investigate it.

Texas Arcane said...

I am so in agreement with you that our viewpoints could be regarded as identical.

I've noticed that just as this with Christianity the most fervents defenders of evolution are people who simply do not understand it at all.

This does not imply I believe in creationism or anything like it. It's like asking me which side do I support, Sikhs or Hindus? I'm not on either side because my ideas have nothing to do with either sect.

Around in the late 1980's I acquired a far better understanding of what kind of information is contained in DNA. When I understood it properly I began to realize such a thing could never have been produced here on Earth inside a short span of four billion years. For that matter it is nearly impossible for it to have originated here altogether.

DNA is magical, supernatural stuff. Screwing around with it is a trillion times more dangerous than the hydrogen bomb could ever be.

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