Monday, January 23, 2012

Temperatures Plunging Like A Stone Worldwide

The interglacial is nearly over. The Holocene only lasts 12,000 years anyway. We were long overdue to go back to normal on this planet.

People will be fighting in the streets over food before glaciation begins anew.


Anonymous said...

It was 55 degrees today, well above normal. Where, exactly, is all this cold weather? This winter has been extremely mild.

Anonymous said...

Odd. Another warm winter here.

Btw has ITZ arrived yet?


Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Summer to arrive here and we are two months into Summer on the calendar.

Almost every day it is a solid block of clouds and many days we get rain.

By this date on the calendar, we are normally getting temps in the high 30s to at most 44 degrees centigrade.

But so far, only 1 or two days with clear skys at 30 degrees C and the rest cloudy and rain and temps in the early 20 degrees C.

So it sure looks like Ice Age is on the way from my viewpoint.

Isn't it funny how the >Global< Warming believers are now resorting to >local< weather observations, now their NWO plan is on the ropes. lol