Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superb Summary of North American Ruins

The documentary points out that Manifest Destiny was humbled by the sheer amount of artifacts turned up by farmers plowing their fields in the 1800's and 1900's.

The only narrative that was permitted was to insist that North America was virgin wilderness populated by savages. Clear evidence of complex writing and hieroglyphics with obvious influences from Egypt and Sumeria were discarded time and time again. The sheer size of the mounds all over North America suggests innumerable settlements of great sophistication and technology. Finding copper and iron remnants especially tools in the soils of North America made the Europeans feel like they were simply one of an endless series of colonizers who had been there before. The official fictions emphasized the uniqueness of the European presence to exclude any and all previous visitors.

Here Beck demonstrates the ancient language identified as the common denominator is Hebrew, over and over again. Was Hebrew the language of the slaves or of the masters? You think about it and draw your own conclusion. EDIT : I think Hebrew was the language of the slaves. The masters spoke Sanskrit. I did not want to just say it because it is such a sensitive subject it is better figured out by people for themselves.

One of the biggest obstacles to understanding more of the ancient world is all the atheistards who insist we all adhere to paradigms largely finalized in the early 1900's. Any other inquiry is forbidden. Atheists stifle all honest examination of subjects. They are the secular Catholics who are instituting a new inquisition.

UPDATE: It helps to imagine many glaciations rumbling across North America grinding it to powder beneath the sheer mass of ice sitting on top. Whatever we find is what can survive that sort of industrial press and emerge with enough details to recognize it as manmade. It is highly unlikely that a melonhead USB stick or a laptop would survive the passage of a million ton ice pack grinding over top of it, although a stone tablet might.


Anonymous said...

Wait, are you a mormon now? Do you believe all that insane crap about hebrews in ancient America?

P.S: Calvin was burning his political enemies at the stake long after the spanish inquisition began to die off. You don't have the moral high ground to yap about the inquisition if you really admire that creep.

Texas Arcane said...

Did you notice you always talk about Calvinism by digressing about John Calvin? Are you familiar with the cliche that mediocre minds talk about people because they can't contemplate ideas?

The reason the Mormons have that eschatology is that their founder borrowed it from existing evidence to that effect which is what gave his claims pseudo-credibility.

Again, you seem to want to talk about who said what rather than what they said.

I am frankly bored for the most part discussing an idea in terms of who came up with it. I'd much rather discuss the idea.

The evidence for proto-Hebrew scripts and glyphs is overwhelming. In my home town there is a slab produced by a farmer in the 1860's with clearly identifiable Hebrew characters on it.

A more interesting question is ... where did the Hebrew language come from? Melonheads, Nephilim, Slaves, Neanderthals ... God? Who created the Hebrew script?

njartist said...

When in 2008 I became one of the long term unemployed/underemployed, I spent a lot of time reading on such things; Steve Quayle's site was one source but others linked off or into his site. One source had ancient chambers dug into the sides of the Grand Canyon: the sites contained mummies and multiple chambers, some had idols such as Buddhas; these sites were restricted early in the twentieth century.

I have read articles stating that the Smithsonian was initially created to house such artifacts. Then to conceal them.

These artifacts are not being hidden because it would upset those who believed in Manifest Destiny; the presence of these artifacts would upset the Evolutionists: the technicians of modern civilization hate anomalies. These artifacts would upset the specialness of the Mongoloid Amerindians: the original settlers of this continent were Caucasoid.

njartist said...

Another reason these advanced, ancient societies were denied or hidden may be that those who ponder such would come to the conclusion that these were societies judged by God and removed; and that such will happen to the United States.

The question becomes will the knowledge of these ancient societies be kept at the fringe of our knowledge; or will the same elites who hid the knowledge now allow it to come out in order to destroy this European civilization?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same thing the Romans and similar empires have done over countless years. Conquer while making up propaganda to make sure you sound like a unique snowflake and bury any and all achievements not attributed to your own genius or that of the government. I think you're not far off the truth with your conclusions that history stretches very far back and that it goes in similar cycles.

A longer span of human history would mean the origins of languages and so on could stretch back and evolve over vast periods, even including the crunch periods of thigns breaking down and then the survival and eventual rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks for the article.

Hey Anon. 9:06 AM, got something intelligent to add to the discussion? Or are you limited to more inane non-factual comments worthy of a second grader?

KWJ said...

From what little I know just about all languages are rooted back to Sanskrit. Since the Hebrew spent so long as slaves I'll say that Hebrew came about through linguistic drift: Sanskrit -> Aramaic -> Hebrew. Very interested to know your thoughts, Tex.

Anonymous said...

The founder of the Mormons was a con man, not an archaeologist. Are you serious with this stuff? Glenn Beck? He's a charlatan too.

Chad Z from Wisconsin said...

Professor Barry Fell's books document the link between ancient cultures and native American tribes.

Iron Age America
America BC

Anonymous said...

Beck would claim that aliens on other planets speak "Hebrew" because he believes the entire universe should be kosher owned and run. This guy hates his mother because she didn't give birth to a Jew, although he does everything possible to become that. He's the Michael Jackson of the gentiles. And ten times more repulsive I may add. I can't believe you fell for Beck's crapola and couldn't detect his real intent behind this bullshit.

njartist said...

What a shame. A potentially informative post and comments ruined by name-callers and the uninformed.

Anonymous said...
January 12, 2012 1:42 PM <-- Anti-White

You Deliberately avoided the point of both articles and attacked the messenger, not the message, which exposes YOU as anti-White.

When non-Whites are spoken to harshly by Whites and it is caught on camera, there are millions of hits on Youtube and the media and so called "anti-racist" groups, go into Hysterics about Nazi zombies coming back from the dead.

Yet when videos and stories come out every week, of non-Whites attacking, raping and murdering White people, in their own countries, the media and so called "anti-racist" groups, are 'no where to be seen'.

With your comments, you have made my point to the readership of this blog:

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So Africa will still be African, Asia will still be Asian - ONLY White people will disappear if they get their way. According to UN Law what they are doing is Genocide.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

January 12, 2012 9:36 AM
Looks like Moshe from Mossad has returned.

Apparently you think philosophy cannot be comprehended, without a "PC" biography, to tell you if a dead person was "good" or "bad". lol

As always with people like you, it is attack the messenger, not the message, because you are too stupid to determine if ideas alone, have merit.

This is why we need small government - to get rid of your kind for good. You are superfluous. You are a parasite, attached to the pimply bottom of humanity. You are only qualified, to wait tables and dig ditches.

That is why you people have all that guilt - You are highly privileged, yet do nothing useful to earn it and you know it.

Come on Moshe, you know I am telling the truth about you. lol

Anonymous said...

The Jewish War On Vladimir Putin

Anonymous said...

Jewry's Push To Stop Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

U.S. Marines Urinating On Taliban Martyred Bodies In AFG

Oh yeah, Amerikwa.

Anonymous said...

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From earlier this year:

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, another one:

School bus beating sends Ocala girl to hospital, 7 students charged

"He said he didn't know the motive for the fight, but does not think there is a race issue in the county." - Marion County Schools spokesman Kevin Christian

If 7 White kids had beat 1 Black so badly, they were sent to the hospital, the national media would be screaming, The Nazis are coming back!

As it is the everyday Black on White violence, "it is not an interesting story".

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Texas Arcane said...

I think Hebrew came from Sanskrit. Of course this is absolute taboo to say around Christians, its another pagan tradition that God wrote Hebrew, etc. etc. although scripture says no such thing. This worship of Hebrew has become part of Scofieldian Zionism.

I think Sanskrit is the root of all these languages and Hebrew was a variant of it. Considering the complexity of Sanskrit, I don't think it is too far out to entertain the notion it is the language of the "great rulers" of the ancient past, we call them melonheads on Vault-Co. The subsequent derived languages are inspired in part by the difficulty the slave classes have with using it in it's original form and sound. Much like vulgar latin, these languages have tried to scale down a tongue that was created for people with 2200+ cc brains.

Texas Arcane said...

I can't read Sanskrit but somebody I know who can once wrote that Sanskrit shifts past,present and future tense constantly and he suggested it was because it was designed for people who could think about the past, integrate it into the present and project it into the future all in the same paragraph. Modern linguists say of it instead that it is "primitive" because of the shifting tense.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 5:27

You should tamp down some of that ad hominem. Beck is but one of thousands of people who have identified Hebrew in some of the carvings of North America. It's not about Beck, (I also think he is a zionist shill) it is about the ideas he was talking about.

If you read my comment above this one, I think Glenn Beck would be loathe to admit that Hebrew looks like a spin-off of Sanskrit, which may be the most complex language of them all.

Texas Arcane said...

Do you know when it is relevant to talk about "who" came up with an idea, instead of the idea itself?

When the idea was bought and paid for by somebody else. For example, the zionist book publishers who bailed Cyrus Scofield out of jail and told him to rewrite the Christian bible in exchange for a sum to set him up for life with his mistress after he got out of prison for embezzlement. In that instance, "who" is appropriate. Otherwise, attacking any idea purely based on where it originated is not thinking. It is the opposite of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Israel upholds citizenship bar for Palestinian spouses

Israel's Supreme Court has upheld a law banning Palestinians who marry Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Was browsing around Amazon and came to a book with a picture of a Melon Head on the cover. By a guy named Joseph Farell. Anyone know if it's worth while? Sounds like it's in the Zechariah Stitchin train.

Anonymous said...

i read (not studied)the book of mormon 10+ years ago(my pacific islander girlfriend at the time was the daughter of a mormon minister).

it claims Jesus spent his '16 missing' years in the US.

my then girlfriend told me, coloured people are born coloured because they are sinners. the closer they are to being 'white', the 'purer' they are. thats why alot of these islanders want to marry westerners, so they can have 'whiter' babies.

Anonymous said...

You're assuming that intelligence leads directly to innovation, although that's not true (look at China without Western influence). Creative genius seems to be more mysterious. Also, low population numbers would equal few geniuses, which may be why it took even the West this long to get anywhere. Plastic should actually stick around pretty long.

Texas Arcane said...

I dropped a USB in my backyard in 2004, when I found it in 2011 it looked like a piece of clay. It had peeled into fragments. In ten years it would be particles.

Plastic decays faster than anything else man makes. Most plastic I have left outdoors in the weather is usually unrecognizable within 2-5 years. In 100 years it would just be weird polysaccharide stains in the soil.

Get out more, you must not be on the same planet as I am. People who live in the city are easy fodder for this crap about plastic lasting a 1000 years. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Steel and iron usually won't make it past 100 years and be intact. In a 1000 years most things are just particles. Solid rock tablets and masonry may last long periods of time, everything else falls apart very rapidly.

Texas Arcane said...

Njartist :

I have heard the exact same sentiment from other people. Originally Smithsonian was set up to show off the rich archaeology of North America, by the 1900s it was used as a huge warehouse to hide such things from the public. I have heard all the interesting stuff is nailed up in the basement and is never brought aboveground.

One eternal truth is that governments need to scale everything down to make themselves look bigger and more powerful than they really are. The true scope of history and mankind makes your local government look like pathetic little sunken-chested wankers, which is exactly what they are.

Texas Arcane said...

I thought of a good example of the above:

What if everybody knew our ancestors built temple columns 100 feet wide and 16 stories tall thousands upon thousands of years ago? Columns so big that when they collapsed fell over a half mile along the sea floor?

The next time your local bureaucrat explained they have to raise taxes again because they need to maintain some crappy little thirty foot steel bridge across a river or some such other modest infrastructure? You'd say "Dude, our ancestors built 16 high storied columns in the remote past apparently without even a system of taxation, but you need to take 40% of my income to maintain your shabby little kit bridge? Are you kidding? Where are you spending all that money at? Maybe you need to lift your game instead of talking to me about introducing some levy, toll or additional taxation on me. I'm already giving you nearly everything I make! How much do you think all these basic services are worth to me? My ancestors got by for over a million years taking care of themselves for the most part! What if anything am I paying you for?"

Anonymous said...

Plastic objects come apart, but the plastic itself just gets smaller and smaller until it become like grains of sand - as it has in many coral atolls. And then it enters into the biosystems in a new and probably very destructive way.

Anonymous said...

You're on fire today, Tex. Love it. I'd be cheering you on from the gallery if this was a debate on stage.

Anonymous said...

Tex, what do you think of the expanding earth hypothesis vis a vis giants?

Rowan said...

On the subject of plastic decay.

It takes a 15 year old kid to identify and prove plastic bags can be broken down in only 3 months.

Also, did you know that the main source of iron for most of human history has been bog iron? It grows in bogs much like a plant. Bacteria grow and expell the iron until it forms a lump, typically fist sized. Every 30 years or so a bog can be harvested for its iron. This iron can be used for a few hundred years until it has been refired so many times it becomes too brittle to be used for tools.

Did you know many alluvian gold deposits are thought to be organic in origin? Made by Pedomicrobia.

Everything needed for civilisation is renewable. Soils, wood, iron, coal, oil, gas, gold, silver? tin? copper?

I think geological time is bullshit and vastly overestimated. I also expect most geological processes have variable speeds. I also want to grow me some gold.


Regarding proto-Hebrew script in North America, it makes good sense if one considers the Hebrews lived inland from the Phoenician Canaanite port city state of Tyre, which was sending ships out into the Atlantic long before the Habiru looted Egypt and escaped through the Sinai. It was the Phoenician Canaanites that the Habiru eventually borrowed their script from, just as they borrowed Genesis from Sumer and Babylon. The Egyptians spoke of Tyre in the Tel Amarna letters. Some think these Phoenicians settled the British Isles. We do know that they sailed there for tin, rare in the Middle Eastern "World". It is not a reach to imagine these sailors to have continued sailing to North America, where they left their calling cards.

Anonymous said...

If there is any truth to the Rossi's E-cat, which shows a type of fusion here-to-fore unknown, it may also be the same mechanism at work in some biological species making progressively heavier elements.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Just like the great scene at the end of that movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. A couple of workmen are boxing up the Ark of Covenant in a vast warehouse of other boxed up artifacts. The G Men tell Indiana that "top men" are investigating the Ark.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Tex, but you are very wrong about the USB comment. There are actually many types of plastics, and some would probably leave obvious traces even after dozens of millenia after being buried into hot and acidic soil.

Your comment probably stems from a long held prejudice against plastic use that comes from its inception. Earlier plastics(such as bakelite) were indeed quite frail and would crack and dissolve under minor physical or chemical stress. That is the reason why so many industrialists use the term "polymer" when referring to advanced industrial plastics now.

Take the glock pistol frame as an example... you once posted an article about an inventor that came up with a polymer that could stand the heat of a nuclear blast, correct? Remember? That is one hell of an example too. Pay no mind to the buried USB case if you want a good example... it is probably made of the cheapest plastic avaiable and its decay was greatly accelerated by the unforgiving heat you have in your new country(i.e: it quickly melted). It would probably take many centuries more to disintegrate it if you were to bury it into the cold soil of Alaska, for instance.

I agree with you that past civilizations are much more advanced than most of us think, but you are delusional to claim our ancestors dabbed with space age technology. Why? Because that would have left countless archaeological traces. Proof of pre-columbian continental travel is there, as is the proof for advanced use of leverage for the building of advanced architectures... but advanced industrial tech? Nope. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

@5:20 PM

No proof YET.

Chad Z from Wisconsin said...

In the ruins of a smashed civilization plastics, glass, metals, paper, cloth, etc would be recycled ass much as possible by the survivors.

Melt the plastic down to reuse, when it is no longer useful, burn it to dispose of it.

Anonymous said...


We are so 'lazy' today.

Behold how this one man can move and raise the largest of stone blocks with simple levers, pebbles, body weight, and half a brain.

Anonymous said...

January 14, 2012 5:20 PM

radioactive ruins India

Explain that away.

Anonymous said...

From the Mahabharata:

a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor... was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

...The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.

Anonymous said...

Mahabharata is baloney. Read the entire book if you doubt, don't quote altered and shitty translations you found on new age websites.

"Google: radioactive ruins India. Explain that away."

Explain? Radioativity is found in nature. Plenty of radioactive caves and underground water wells around the world. Not only that, but radiation from nuclear weapons is gone in just a few years(i.e: Hiroshima). Where do you people get these ideas?

"In the ruins of a smashed civilization plastics, glass, metals, paper, cloth, etc would be recycled ass much as possible by the survivors."

And not a single artifact would be left? Nice try. Your argument is specially bogus because if this fantasy past civilization ended with a bang as you claim, there wouldn't be enough survivors left to "recycle" every single piece of plastic around.

I find it sad because you guys take the truth you found(fantastic achievements of ancient civilizations) and turn into new age baloney before the claps are heard.

Anonymous said...

"Mahabharata is baloney"

Your argument, if that is what you call it, is not very convincing. lol

"Explain? Radioativity is found in nature. Plenty of radioactive caves and underground water wells around the world."

Radiation found only in a city, with no natural source identified and artworks found in the city predicting its death, by an intense light?

Of course I assume you will make up something to explain that away.

"And not a single artifact would be left? Nice try. Your argument is specially bogus because if this fantasy past civilization ended with a bang as you claim, there wouldn't be enough survivors left to "recycle" every single piece of plastic around."

Plastic has been around for only a few decades and you people make claims it will last forever?

So have you conducted a thousand year experiment, to see how long this plastic lasts? Or are you making shit up, like those Global Warming Scammers? LOL

"I find it sad because you guys take the truth you found(fantastic achievements of ancient civilizations) and turn into new age baloney before the claps are heard."

Sapiens can't think for themselves and judge evidence on its merits.

If evidence does not fit the accepted narrative, they make up complicated stories, to explain the evidence away.

Either that, or anything that does not fit the accepted narrative, is dismissed as "Baloney".

Sapiens... LOL

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2012 3:45 PM
"Mahabharata is baloney. Read the entire book if you doubt, don't quote altered and shitty translations you found on new age websites."

First you say the book is "baloney", then you say the translations quoted are "bad".

If the book is "baloney", why do the quality of the translations matter?

I detect a contradiction.

Seriously, I think you mouth off, because you like the sound of your own voice.

Anonymous said...

@Anon: January 16, 2012 3:45 PM

"Where do you people get your ideas?"

That's tantamount to asking, "Who told you to think that?".

Real people have ideas - we don't "get" them.

Sam said...

I want to hear more about the melonheads.

Texas Arcane said...

Haters be hatin'.

Melonheads be melonheadin'.

Basic premise is almost all the species of men we think are natural were in fact manufactured to a greater or lesser degree by a race of very bigheaded hominids whose ancestry stretches back over a million years. The races of men we consider natural products are in fact different varieties of slave developed for various types of work by lazy melonheads with lots of plans, too many chiefs so they needed to make more indians.

Note that the jury is still out on exactly how the different breeds of men were produced, with theories on assorted mechanisms for genetic engineering. Note there are many ways to skin the cat of making custom people.

Out of all these slaves, the Neanderthals were either the original breed they were derived from or else an accident that escaped into the wild.

Sam said...

Thanks. I would be interested in more info, documentations, links, on this. Very interesting but I'm not so sure I buy it.
I have seen some links on star children. I'm not so sure they're not deformed heads. Indians in North America used to do that. Pointy heads from binding with boards. Copying the melon heads maybe. Strange fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

As a followup to Rowan's post, a group of biology researchers found a fungus in Ecuador that eats polyurethane.

Game changing, right? Turns out that making urethane compounds less biodegradable was an active research topic during the 1960's.