Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scared Little Chickenhawks : Ron Paul Smashes The Competition So Badly He Is Left Out Of Coverage Altogether

Don't watch Fox News. Ever. Even accidentally. For any reason.

If you see this creep John Roberts in the street, smear him with butter and see if you can squeeze him through the Fox News complaints mailbox, one slice at a time if necessary. Don't feel sorry for this idiot. Shabbas Goy are well compensated for their suck-poopery and anus-licking submission and treason. Who needs the voters if you've got a proper kosher sponsor? To hell with them I'm getting paid. Those schmucks are all going into the internment camps soon anyhow.

Below, Paul smashes Neocon scum through plate glass window of reality and proceeds to pistol whip him to death with the horrid, dreaded facts.


Anonymous said...

That's a 77 year old man, who should by all means be a doddering and fumbling through his lines.

Imagine how much ass he would kick if he were twenty years younger. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

any wonder he gets so little air time.....he speaks the truth, he makes those satanists quiver in fear. notice in other clips how uncomfortable he makes the interviewers and panel guests? no snearing 'we are going to fuck you over' double speak.


Anonymous said...

My source for Ron Paul promotionals. Not expensive.