Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul Is One Of The Good Guys

You pinheads who keep suggesting Ron Paul is working stealth for the illuminati by staying in character for the past 70+ years make me sick. If you're that stupid you shouldn't be voting, period.

Media termites talk about what a sorry collection of candidates are in this year's race whilst carefully avoiding mention of the most amazing candidate who has ever run for President in the United States since Thomas Jefferson.

Guys, I don't live there anymore. I am never coming back. I do not think you will elect Ron Paul. I don't respect you. You're all dead to me because you died to yourselves a long, long time ago. I believe with certainty that this is the end. I just want you to know as you prepare for the long night that you had a chance to elect this man Ron Paul for the past twenty years and you didn't. A nation is no better than it's leaders and you have all had Stockholm Syndrome for decades. You want a criminal to screw you out of house and home and finally your lives. You chose this for yourselves. It is in the absence of the Holy Spirit that every unclean spirit enters into a man. It was folly to assume that those creatures would be urging you to act in your best interests. They have prompted you to your deaths.


Anonymous said...

Confederate flag supported by 97% of people in Lexington, Virginia

Reverend’s ‘kill whites’ tweet a shocker

Anonymous said...

No charges for racially motivated attack on 14 year old girl.

The people that control the MSM, described this as a "random" attack. So that means Blacks attacked a White. If it was the reverse, you know there would be hell to pay.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Ghostwriter said...

Hello OZ and Empire, i just watched one of Ron´s speeches on youtube and i really hope you yankees would get him, even tough it might be too little far too late. In "modern English" " ´seems legit´..or smthng

Anonymous said...

It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes.

Anonymous said...

When the 'I'ntellectuals start to talk about it, you know the anti-Whites are in deep shit.

Anti-Racist is Code for Anti-White!

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul explains the difference between sex and gender.

Anonymous said...

I see in that second link they've added a dismissal of Ron Paul after a lot of complaints in the comments sections. The part he added was typical cheap mud slinging by bringing up old debunked slander and wrapping it up in an outright baseless insult.