Monday, January 2, 2012

Robert Bast With Some Straight Information On the Popul Vuh and the Aztec Sun Wheel

I've been shocked at the laziness of the mainstream media myself. You just read rehashes of rehashes. None of these shiftless bastards does any real research into the subject, they just hit Google and end up regurgitating the same crap. I have encountered this phenomena for so many subjects - self referential sophistry where all the people involved are simply quoting other people as authorities when in fact those people are themselves just leveraging other source material.


Rob said...

Thanks mate - it's scary to note how few care about what could potentially affect us all in terrible ways

Texas Arcane said...

Yeah, it's not like it was serious or anything. :) Just a bunch of ancient civilizations warning us the end of our civilization is due this year. Don't sweat the small stuff.

If it was the Paris Hilton video, they'd probably pay private investigators to dig down for months into the specifics of every detail. Maybe those Mayans knew something.

Anonymous said...

I'll take some comfort that they didn't see the Spaniards coming.

Anonymous said...

January 2, 2012 4:30 PM
"I'll take some comfort that they didn't see the Spaniards coming."

Ummm.... They did.

Do you know anything at all???

Anonymous said...

The NOVA documentary

Cracking the Maya Code

The Pilgrim said...

"I'll take some comfort that they didn't see the Spaniards coming."

What a lemming. You really think the same culture that practiced blood, animal and even human sacriface, also in their spare time built pyramids and other architectual wonders, and created the most accurate calendar yet devised by man? You think a civilization that hadn't evolved beyond the Copper Age cut those monolithic stones and placed them with mathematical precision in the middle of a jungle, without even the use of the wheel or the pulley?

Hilarious. One thing Tex is indisputably right about is humans' willingness to believe absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous and even potentionally self-destructive, so long as there's a consensus and an authority behind it. Those zombie movies aren't fun little 'what if' scenerios; the people who write those movies write them because that's the way they feel every single day; surrounded by mindless, vicious creatures that could at any moment turn into a swarming mass of flesh and destruction, with only one goal: kill anything with a brain.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:30 PM

They believed that Quetzalcoatl, the red-haired blue-eyed bearded melonheaded "god" who came from across the sea in a reed boat, the same "god" who taught them everything they knew, was due to return at any time. This is why 50 spaniards on horseback were able to conquer a million of them inside of a few minutes by virtue of being white as Quetzalcoatl had been.

They were expecting him and decided the Spaniards were of similar divine origin.

The funny thing is that they believed that Quetzalcoatl had specifically taught them not to eat human flesh or conduct human sacrifices and yet the instant he was gone they resumed these practices.

If you will simply think about it, you will understand there is no way this savage people could have invented any of the things that were in their possession. This was a melonhead outpost being harvested for resources and nothing else. The Mayans and Aztecs never invented anything and what they knew had to be part of religious observances to even get them to remember any of it, including the mathematics of chronological cycles they produced in carvings like the Sun Wheel.

I would not be the least bit shocked to discover that the melonheads used that calendar to mark cycles of time all over their worldwide empire. The Mayans were just another bunch of hicks who had a system of timekeeping imposed upon them by colonizers to keep them adhering to the correct schedules. If you're going to mine gold you need to feed the miners and to feed the miners you need farmers who need to stick to schedules of planting and harvest.

Texas Arcane said...

Notice again, the melonheads always turned to slaves wherever they are found. They never used robots or energy beams to mine gold because they didn't have any of these things. All they seemed to have had in most cases were a wide variety of slaves to do their work for them.

Rowan said...

This theme of social decay before the end of the world.

Gods or atoms?

Are we being destroyed by God because of our wickedness, the clockwork nature of the destruction merely an illusion for our primitive ape brains?

Or are the magnetic fields affecting our behavior to such an extreme? Study after study has shown how a full moon affects behavior even indoors completely independent of moonlight. Is my behavior being affected too? Why have I been interested in survivalism since childhood? Why do I keep coming back to vault-co even after trying to ignore it for a few months?

Why do I intellectually agree that Tex's assertions have a high probability of being true, but have a deep down instinctual sinking feeling that I know what's happening? Would it not make sense that various life forms particularly higher mammals have evolved a structure in the brain to survive magnetic reversals? Would it also make sense that only a small proportion (the remnant) of a given species would be able to survive? Would group evolution not cause 99% of a species individuals to seek out death or to do nothing and 1% to seek a burrow, a cave or in some way adapt to survive? If you're a higher mammal in an environment which can only support a few million individuals at any one time, would it not make sense to only preserve 1% of those individuals when most of your environment is going to be destroyed?

Once upon a time I found myself here and I don't know what's going on.