Monday, January 9, 2012

Reign Of The Anti-Christ

1200 years of European law overturned in a few short years by a single Kenyan.

Robert Welch was right about everything.

You can't describe one prophetic word by Robert Welch that didn't turn out to be uncannily accurate. The Birch society had the next forty years nailed down in print in 1958. Every single thing the Birch society ever printed has turned out to be eerily clairvoyant.

Read "The Blue Book" by Robert Welch. It's in the public domain on the internet.

Every time that men have achieved a little freedom from the clutches of their superpredators, they have basked overconfidently in smug self-satisfaction at how secure those freedoms were. Each time, they have rapidly been rounded up and chainganged again with the bonds of slavery.

The son of the jackal has been leading the spearhead, commanding the blitz since the day he got in office. Tell me this down-low brother doesn't hate the family unit. He hates it because it makes him think of everything he never had in life. The Kenyan hates all organic life. He is the enemy of all living things on this planet.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing meaningful to add to your view Tex, other than to agree 100%.

Bam-Bam will certainly be re-elected in November. I like Ron Paul as much as I've liked any decent and straightforward man I've known, but he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of become POTUS.

Bam-Bam has a lot of evil left to do and he and his gang will be busy as demons during his second term.

A second term, BTW, which may not ever end. He could easily become Dictator for life.

A false-flag nuke goes off, martial law is declared, and the Zionist's errand boy becomes Fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

eh? where'd you get the idea that the all singing, all dancing, hopeychangey, nobel peace nigger was responsible for anything? it's a mouthpiece for foreign interests, like all western 'leaders'. a stooge. a plant. a newsreader.

strategically placed to capture the white guilt and/or imbecile vote. politics attracts the scum of the earth, haters of men. seeking noble qualities in them is akin to asking a bushfire to stop at your fenceline.