Friday, January 20, 2012

Real Problems and Supervillains As Leaders

The real Dr. Doom (super nemesis of the Fantastic Four) would have considered Obama's accomplishment to be his most outrageous wet dream seizure of power. A James Bond style ultravillain actually getting himself declared President of the United States? Is it any wonder our leaders are waging war on the people who (very foolishly) elected them?

Can you blame them for regarding these idiots who voted for them as nothing more than beasts deserving to be culled?

Real World Crisis. Really evil leaders who are stealth subversives deliberately spraying rocket fuel on the fire to destroy their own people. That's not a good combination.


Anonymous said...

The question is who is pulling Obama's strings? He may be a genuine Manchurian candidate. Why did he use the SS# of a dead man? Why did he create a counterfeit birth certificate? How did he travel to Ahghanstan while in College, it was impossible with an American passport? Many, many unanswered questions while the MSM air's Newt's dirty laundry over and over and over again. When will we know Obama's past and intent? When it's too late?

Anonymous said...

"The question is who is pulling Obama's strings?"