Monday, January 30, 2012

Planet Concedes Robert Felix/Vault-Co Right After A Decade of Denial

Was watching some agitprop on SBS public tonight called "Science Under Attack" with a bunch of marxists hiding behind "scienmajistics." They kept talking about the "consensus." Note - people who care about the consensus are not Neanderthals. There is only one kind of hominid on this planet qualified to practice science and it isn't Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens talks about the consensus. People who can think don't care about consensus because they don't need to. They can think.

Poor Sapiens walnut brain is ready to concede to thirty years of cooling. I got bad news for you, you carb-eating baby-killing halfwits. This is Neanderthal weather coming up. Sapiens need not apply. It's going to be cold and it's going to be tough. Light boned large tribe fast-maturing species do not fare too well in this sort of climate. It's the hard yards. More the sort of weather you'd expect to find muscular, beefy, thick protein eaters with big brains wandering around in. There will be no Oprah specials to combat this one as a collective effort. Putting your brains together won't do you much good, as Nietzche said it is impossible to multiply by zero. The multikult in this kind of climate merely concentrates the babies for larder so the cannibals can find them more easily. Sapiens is Cain. He's no herder like his brother Abel. When the temperature drops he is out of ideas right about the time his brother Esau is just getting started.

If I was going to recommend you a destination I'd tell you below the equator in a country that does not suffer glaciation. If you can find an industrial western nation with modern amenities located thereabouts you should go there. Just don't come to Australia.


Anonymous said...

"I got bad news for you, you carb-eating baby-killing halfwits."

Hey hey hey! Aren't you the guy who keeps telling us to PACK YOUR RICE? :)

I'd like you to explain that dichotomy for us plebeians who are over-contaminated with sapiens genetics.

But all kidding aside, there is a distinction between rice and say, wheat flour. The latter will cause obesity, diabetes, and possibly even exacerbate autoimmune disorders (the body attacks modern genetically modified and over-crossbred wheat gluten, and will in the process attack skin and joints and cause psoriasis/arthritis).

I've been on an Atkins diet before and noticed many benefits from it, but it is such a difficult diet to follow. I think that certain carbs like fruit, rice and potatoes can be eaten in moderation (especially in absense of low-carb food). The problem with Atkins is that he took a "pox on all your carbohydrates" approach and advised a diet that was really unviable (but it works, if you follow it).

I'm getting huge benefits by just strictly avoiding wheat altogether. Don't get fooled by the "Whole Grains is better than white bread" propaganda, it's just subterfuge. All wheat is bad, especially the modern crossbred genetically modified variety. I eat more meat and vegetables to compensate.

Nutritional scienmajistics who have been advising eating "whole wheat" for the past gazillion years are also full of manure.

Anonymous said...

Robert Felix is not only brilliant, he is also a good man, per my definition.

I bought all his books and have E-Mailed comments to him and received replies that were right to the point. He is prompt and courteous in his replies. I really appreciate that in a man.

Try that with most scientists or authors.

We are in a rapid cooling period, to me there is no doubt. A mini or major Ice Age is a real situation for mankind, a "problem" that cannot be expressed by MBA business-type terms like a "challenge" or a "obstacle to be overcome". It is the end of the world as we humans know it.

There is no way to prevent it and no way for the PTB to spin it via their bought and paid for media. The only course of action for us to do is to adapt, which is how we have survived past cataclysms.

Neo's will do well, but it'll be hit or miss with the Sapiens. Most of us will freeze to death or die violently at the hands of other Sapiens because we are herd animals and will tragically stay in an increasingly cold climate until it's too late.

But let's say that the Ice Age, major or mini, doesn't happen at all.

Does anyone believe that oil prices will go down significantly in the future? Does anyone with a mind capable of critical thinking in the 'Stain actually believe that wages will rise to compensate for higher energy and food prices?

If you think that, please share with me whatever you are smoking.

Even if humans weren't basically dumb animals (which they are), and even if the planetary climate wasn't changing to our detriment(which it is), the fact that we are breeding ourselves into oblivion should be patently obvious. We are outstripping the resources of a closed, finite world and civilization is thereby doomed in any event.

Actually, the coming Ice Age will be a blessing in disguise. It will cull the population down to a more reasonable level. It'll be man versus under-man. Intelligence versus mindless brute force.

May the best man win. I think I know who will win.

Anonymous said...

Think We’re Headed for a New Ice Age? You’re Wrong

Anonymous said...

Who are these scienmajistics who are predicting a new ice age? It was 65 degrees here today, in January! The normal high is about 35-40 degrees.

This has been the warmest winter in memory.

If you want me to believe we're in a new ice age, show me the cold weather.

Anonymous said...

January 30, 2012 3:28 PM

Global Warming Cultists mock Skeptics that talk about local weather conditions. They call them stupid, they need an education -> re-education, brainwashing.

Then these same Global Warming Cultists, talk about local weather conditions, as proof their Global Warming Faith is "true talk".

Global Warming Cultists are manboons. A different and inferior species of man, that practices Cultural Marxism.

Yes folks, Global Warming yet another manifestation of Cultural Marxism.

Like all their silly schemes, they push it to give them power over others and to employ their own unemployable, worthless asses.

My solution: Use DNA testing to identify these manboons, so we can eject them from the tribe of man for good. They are human undertow and they have got to go.

You know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

This is why you can't trust Conservatives or Liberals. Both are anti-White.

Ann Coulter attacks the “racist scumbag” Andrew Jackson

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just thinking, since Robert Felix is an architect I wonder how many "Ice Age Bunkers he's designed and what the features may be.


Anonymous said...


This video won't be up long. Youtube will ban it.

Anonymous said...

@January 31, 2012 12:39 AM

That's because Jackson had declared war to the favorite people of faux news type cuntservatives like Coulter aka Jewish Bankers.

Anonymous said...

Strange Sounds 2012 debunked into oblivion

Solsys said...

Anon 9:30pm

"My solution: Use DNA testing"

You must learn that every invention, method, object you see as a solution will be used against you. On a massive scale. It often creates a even worse problem (see )

There is no miracle solution to all this. Save yourself and those you can, build a better future for them.

Chad Z from Wisconsin said...

Higher air temperatures in winter mean more moisture evaporating into the atmoshere.

Greater air moisture can lead to greater precipitation in the form of snow and ice. Especially since the ground is frozen in many areas.

Pretty simple how warming temperatures can lead to huge snowfall.

Anonymous said...

I like your theory on Neanderthal/sapiens and it explains a lot but, if true, doesn't that contradict with a belief in the Biblical God? The worst damage done to humanity by religion, theology and philosophy is that notions of spirits, unseen Gods and heavenly creatures are taken as real by the majority of the population while any mentioning of real flesh and blood, rapist and killer "Gods" is met with ridicule and dismissed as fantasy. Plato hated Homer exactly for that reason. Because Homer presented the "Gods" as they really were, ie ruthless, amoral tyrants oppressing the humans, and not as the idealized heavenly spirit found in Plato's work, that influenced later the early Church Fathers and Christian theology.

Anonymous said...

Like all their silly schemes, they push it to give them power over others and to employ their own unemployable, worthless asses.
end quote

excellent. if only everyone could wake up to this fact.

Anonymous said...

Update: No rise in temperatures in the last 15 years:

Anonymous said...

65 deg F here too today, but the temps up in Canada and Alaska are at record cold. The overnight low at one location in AK went down to -79 deg F before the thermometer stopped reporting. - 80 deg F is the all time record low, and it was probably exceeded.

Anonymous said...

I thought part of your theory was that the ice age killed off the neanderthals because the high octane food their ubermensch bodies needed became too scarce, and only the cheap and plentiful homo sapiens managed to pull through.

Anonymous said...

a super PAC supporting Ron Paul for President, announced today that influential leaders from the technology industry have joined the group’s mission to send Ron Paul to the Oval Office in 2012. Tech industry leaders who are advancing the cause include entrepreneurs and investors Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Scott Banister, Stephen Oskoui, Jeffrey Harmon, James O’Neill, and Jonathan Cain.

Anonymous said...

"If you want me to believe we're in a new ice age, show me the cold weather."

Take a look at Eastern Europe. The poor sods are freezing to death at the moment.

- deadman.

Rowan said...

Do you have a occipital bun Tex?

I have one about an inch in diameter at the base, but my housemates do not.

Rowan said...

Want to check your Neanderthal Ancestry?

Anonymous said...

More evidence. There is always more.

Anonymous said...

More bullshit. I wish there was a comments on this, save me ranting to the converted.
Funny thing is, when I want to heat water I don't warm the room a little and expect the water to become 3 times hotter.
And if I'm in a room with heated water I notice it's a heck of a lot warmer.

Solsys said...

Rowan : OMG, I do have an occipital bun.

I'll start looking up that feature on certain people (as a biased confirmation bias ! ^^ )

Next I'll be measuring craniums with weird instruments ! Only joking : it's a very interesting thing, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Last year, we read about one violent mob attack after another in that city. In just the past week or so, the violence has really gotten out of control. A young white man was beaten to death downtown for trying to hail a cab; some diversities thought he was yelling at them and jumped out of their car and pummeled him to death for his act of “disrespect.”

Three teenage diversities were robbing elderly people on a bike path last Wednesday, but they picked the wrong 65 year old white man to mess with, and he exercised his second amendment rights, killing one and putting another in the hospital after they brutally attacked him. Another gang of diversities jumped a Vietnam vet who was downtown to pick up his wife, beating the 64 year old man nearly to death.

Another bunch of diversities attacked and beat two Temple University cops for their “lack of respect.” Now, a white taxi driver and his white passenger have barely escaped with their lives after 15-17 diversities surrounded the cab, started yelling racial slurs, and then began punching the passenger through the open window.

This is bad, even for Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail Slammed for Ignoring Scientific Truth We’re Still Warming and Human Emissions Will Dwarf Any Solar Changes

Anonymous said...

Rowan,I checked out your link about the occipital bun,and I have one.

I also have an account at wrong planet but I only made about half a dozen posts because I'm so introverted.

Article on people who want to be left alone

Cindy is one of a large number of underground home schoolers but the secrecy and distrust has made it difficult for researchers to get hard data on whether home schooling produces a better or worse education.

"There is this sense of distrust; this general sense that 'the Government doesn't tell us what we need to know. It's like they don't want us to exist'," said Glenda Jackson, who did her PhD on home schooling at Monash University.

"They're simply opposed in principle to state authority over their children, which they extend not only to a school environment, but even to state hospitals or regulations of another sort."
I wish they'd just leave us alone...
Chris from Sydney

Solsys said...

Anon 2:40

I'm a teacher, and as well as I understand the principle behind home schooling, it really is a double-edged sword.

First, on the knowledge aspect, each teacher has made specialized studies and has undergone several selections processes (at least it's like that in France). There is no way a parent can substitue for that on all subjects. Those who think they can are having a very idea of themselves and their children are generally dramatically undereducated.

Then there is the act of learning itself. There are a number of methods a teacher accumulate through experience. This is why teachers' children are often very good at learning : they're not gifted, they're just receiving better coaching.

Why then can't the teachers do that to all their pupils ? First, numbers. On an average, the number of pupils in my classes has gone from 24 to 28 in seven years. (Some classes reach the threshold of 31. My classroom has only room for 31 pupils). This is an increase of 17%. I didn't get a raise of 17% (rather the contrary, the purchasing power has declined int he same time), and these pupils have a significantly higher proportion of dysfunctional pupils (bruised family history, incivility etc.)

The other thing is that parents live continuously with their children, meaning that methods and intellectual abilities are being transmitted continuously. This is why until the industrial age a son would learn the trade of his father. The teacher's son becomes good at learning & explaining.

Many parents are dysfunctional at this because they're not very logical (a lot of emotionaly based actions and reactions - and a hatred of school and intelligence that leads to homeschooling their children), or just plain stupid.

Lastly, the system has its own language. Some level of formatting is necessary for a child to understand what is required in specific tests. Not knowing "newspeak" as a second language can really become a problem in most post high school environments (graduate school, faculty etc.), and worse, if you haven't witnessed the beast's workings, the beast will get you.

Anonymous said...

In Malmö city with highest pecentage of immigrants in Sweden, residents will have to deliver their own post

Bomb attack rocks Malmö police station

Anonymous said...

February 1, 2012 7:18 PM
Sorry teach, home schooled kids outperform state schooled kids, on every measure. Its a fact.

"Home school students do exceptionally well when compared with the nationwide average. In every subject and at every grade level of the ITBS and TAP batteries, home school students scored significantly higher than their public and private school counterparts."

"How Do Homeschool Students Score On State Tests?

Do homeschool students do well in comparision to their traditionally schooled counterparts? The answer is yes! In the same study cited above in Spring 2008, homeschool students scored exceptionally high on test scores, in the 80th percentile, in comparison with the public school average of 50th percentile.

Also, a study done in 1997, of 5,402 homeschool students showed that on average, their scores were 30-37 percentile points higher than their public school counterparts. The study also showed that the longer a child was homeschooled the better the score was. For example, a first year homeschool student scored in the 59th percentile, while a student homeschooled two or more years prior to taking the test score int the 86th to 92nd percentile ("

And whats more, homeschooling keeps kids out of the clutches of Cultural Marxists for longer.

Win! Win!

If you really care about children's education, you would STFU and resign now.

Anonymous said...

White People don't taste that good according to the experts, the Papuans of New Guinea. Too dry and salty. Might this be a adaptation against becoming a victim of cannibalism?

Anonymous said...

"...a hatred of school and intelligence that leads to homeschooling..."

You equate public schooling and intelligence? Never have looked at the homeschool data, have you?

Are you smarter than a homeschooler?
Probably not! Group's composite ACT scores beat average again

Texas Arcane said...

I didn't have the strength to respond to that left wing idiot talking about homeschooling. Thanks for those of you that did. Reading his stuff just made me feel tired and weepy. That's like deep, deep stupid. No point in talking to somebody like that. Most people would know better even if they had been living inside a cardboard box for the past twenty years. Every spelling bee is nailed by a homeschooler shutout. Every single test of aptitude and understanding, homeschooled kids blow the opposition away completely. Of course, anyone who has been outdoors in the past fifty years would know about this.