Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Perfectly Natural Cooling Trend

It's called a Maunder Minimum.

World temperatures are going to decline for the next hundred years. Before glaciation begins, people will be fighting in the streets for food.


Anonymous said...

America could probably live through an ice age with enough nuclear power plants and indoor LED farms if we had the leadership and the quality of people we had in 1950. Today's America will freeze to death while watching American idol.

Anonymous said...

The Civil Defence concept could have been expanded and covered this. Preparing people on a mass scale with government resources. Shelters would be as common as mail boxes and a minimum food storage would be expected of all and aided by government bulk purchase schemes.

Anonymous said...

Well, so far this winter has been extremely mild, and that's after a scorchingly hot summer. Not sure why you are so certain we're about to enter a new ice age.

Even if there is a pattern of an ice age every 11,500 years, we don't know exactly when the last one ended and we don't know how much variance there is in that 11,500 number. You're relying too much on inexact numbers.

Anonymous said...


And you are of course an expert having read up on this subject extensively before claiming these things?

Anonymous said...

The "ICEAGE" is no longer coming!
I been watching carefully for a few decades now.
I have been watching the raw data not reading retards opinions of that data!
The Iceage is here NOW!
Watch it build momentum and start accumilating ice!

I love it when I am right!

Anonymous said...

The cycle is 26,000 or so years long with every fourth peak being strong enough to be an "INTERGLACIAL" 11,500 years worth of warm climate!

Time is up chaps we now got 90-110 thousand years till the next one!

Deny it if you please but deny it in thermals ok!

Anonymous said...

"Deny it if you please but deny it in thermals ok!"

I'll deny it because it's not here yet. You don't have 65 degree days in December where I live and claim you're in the middle of an ice age!

It's as simple as sticking your hand out the door to determine if it's raining. It's not "all the data according to this fringe theory I believe indicates it is raining now."

Seriously, until we see the cold weather that is supposed to be part of an ice age, it's not an ice age.

Anonymous said...

up until 3 years ago i was burning up to 8 tons of wood/year, max.

the last 2 years ive burned 15 tons/year.

my creek used to be seasonal. it now never stops flowing.

my paddocks used to 'brown off', they're now green thoughout the year.

we havent even had warm or long enough summers to ripen tomatoes in 3 years.

sure the winters may not be any colder but by hell they're definately 'months' longer.

notice in the media how they dont mention global warming until there is a few heat waves around the country. they rarely mention the fact we've had the coldest start to summer in 'x' years.

Anonymous said...

Arh a denier!
it only needs an drop in your AVERAGE temps to put you in an "ICEAGE"" daily changes as in weather will still exist!
The average retard/sheeple wont notice it!