Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pentagon Is Ginning Up World War III

That recent Obama crap is carefully timed before the next big war breaks out so that Obama can tell people what a peace maker his Nobel peace-prizin' ass is.

As one visitor to Vault-Co pointed out, the next war will be nuclear because nukes are the only thing left the U.S. military has that actually work. The orbital platforms and space planes are where most of the money is being spent. The reason they have been doing press releases about these things recently instead of keeping them secret is to try to intimidate their enemies with some of the last crap left over from the Cold War that hasn't rusted out or fallen apart from lack of maintenance.

I have this feeling I have gotten from twenty years of reading everything I could get my hands on about this subject that this last stuff is nightmarish. It's death shroud cobalt-60 salted weapons and other devices for wars where nobody gives a damn anymore about how many civilian casualties. The point becomes civilian casualties. If you don't attend to your own civil defense you should not expect your government to expect that you will survive the use of these weapons. When they were first put up there, it was intended seriously that they should serve only as the ultimate deterrent, never to be used. The current administration is a wholly different group of men, with wholly different psychology. They are going to use them.

Amerkwa has no future. It can go out with a bang or it can go out with a whimper. At Vault-Co we have always felt certain it would be a bang. Perhaps given the alternative it is the preferred option.


Sam said...

Is 3 feet of earth enough to protect from cobalt-60 salted weapons? If not what level is needed.

Rowan said...

Have you read Earth Abides?

My dream is to one day see my grandchildren hunting deer in a natural sane world.

Anonymous said...

Sam, Tex has given some good information in the past entries here for what kind of length of time you'll need for different attacks and what kind of barrier to endure it. Cobalt-60 means long term apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated.