Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical Cartel Is A Severe Threat To Human Health

More commercials on television tonight. "THERE'S NOTHING HEALTHY ABOUT A TAN" is the catchline.

Er, no. Sunlight can be the difference between life and death, literally. Living without Vitamin D is lethal. It kills people. Unless you want your kids to look like that Neanderthal troll skeleton that stood in the front hall of the British Museum for 150 years, get your kids into the sun. Just don't bake yourself lobster red, obviously.

Who supports an international class action suit against Western Medicine? They are murderous killers with a higher death toll than Auschwitz. Tell me again about how important it is for young women to get their breasts X-Rayed once a year. There are still a few women who have not had mastectomies yet.


Anonymous said...

X-rays are good for you. That radiation makes you better. The radiation from the sun makes you ill. This should be obvious to anyone who understands that animals and humans adapted to Earth developed in an environment with constant natural mammograms and entirely devoid of sunlight.

Anonymous said...

We knew this once upon a time...

This is from a 1950s copy of "Australian Women's Complete Household Guide Illustrated". I picked it up at book sale for 50c because I though it looked interesting.

Under the topic of "Baby's routine" it says:

Because the ultra-violet rays from the sun form vitamin D by acting on certain substances under the skin, sunshine has a most beneficial effect upon health. Vitamin D helps the body make use of calcium and phosphorous, as well as other mineral elements and, in the building of good bones and teeth, these minerals are extremely important. As early in life as possible, regular, graduated sunbathing should be commenced, only a small area of the skin being exposed at first for a very short time. Gradually the time of exposure and the area exposed are increased, until the whole body is finally exposed each day for ten minutes or longer, an even tan being produced.

A sheltered spot on a balcony or porch should be chosen for sunbathing, the spot being protected from the wind. This precaution should especially be taken when the baby is very young and just beginning to sunbathe. Plenty of common sense should be used when giving baby a sun bath and the climate, season, day temperature, and the sensitiveness of the child in question should be taken into account. The fair type of child who will obviously burn easily must be exposed with extreme caution, and in all cases the child should have a shady hat to protect the back of his neck, and his eyes, from the direct sunlight.

Sunbaths should be begun from the time the baby is a month old. His feet and leg, hands and forearms should be exposed for a minute or two only at first, then his upper arms and thighs are included, then, by degrees the whole of his body, until by the time he is two months old he can be sunbathed naked for five to ten minutes.

In the summer the morning sun, before 10 a.m., is usually the best, though in a cold climate at winter-time it will probably be found that the midday or early afternoon is more suitable.

An ordinary glass window holds back the special life-giving rays and therefore sunshine should fall directly on to baby's skin."

How much have we forgotten in the last 30 years?!


Anonymous said...

Note to self: must get one of those sun exposure timers.

(a red) Lucid