Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magnetic Reversals : Changes In "Handedness" (Polarity) Can Cause Radical, Massive Evolutionary Changes

Theory of punctuated equilibrium belonged to Niles Eldredge, not legendary charlatan Gould. Imagine a guy getting his name attached to a paper at the last second before publication and afterwards getting credit for the ideas inside. That's the fake Gould for you. He did it three times and each time he publicized his association with the paper so widely that people now err in assigning credit for the work of others to this loudmouth.

Gould was a self-promoting flimflammer who never had the patience, sufficient enthusiasm, presence of mind or intellect to come up with any original ideas of his own. So he ripped them off from others.

These ideas are so important that it is critical to see to it that credit goes to the right person.

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Rowan said...

I've started looking at Niles Eldredge work. Thanks for the reference.