Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Christmas For The 'Stain

Probably wasn't much of a Christmas for most of the poor bastards there.

The dogs of war are baying now. Won't be sane for a long time in the 'Kwa, maybe never again, not even centuries from now.


Anonymous said...

I saw reports that even after all the government and bankster cooking of the books and attempts at short term stimulus the sales were dismal in December in many countries - down compared to November, even, despite all the sales. How long can the economic cheerleaders claim "greenshoots" are saving the day when everything around us is in a nosedive?

Prices of everything (especially basics like food) is going up while wages and savings are going down. It's pretty simple math once you look at that. Now why can't the MAJORITY of kwans and other peoples see this and do something about it? Do they need to be chewing on some baby meat jerky before they think about complaining to the government or trying to sort the problems out themselves?

Anonymous said...

I had a traditional Christmas and was thinking the same thing, that this is more then likely the last one before the dismal tide washes over us all.

My relatives are all clueless, but even they are beginning to be nervous and a little scared. It's not from anything they saw on TV per-say, but more of a evil vibe that nothing is quite right.

They're in for quite an education real soon.