Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kwanstainia After Dark : Hell On Earth

Like the adult version of DOOM II. Get the shotgun powerup and the armor or you will never survive the first five minutes.

I'm just relieved we've transitioned from 2,000 years of Christianity to this marvelous new secular paradise. Wow, atheists were right. We won't know what we are capable of until we abandon the stupid restrictions of religion. Owe you all a coke.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of this guys?

Signs of life: Alien ‘scorpions’ found on Venus?

Anonymous said...

You can't bother to worry about the big events that you can't control: only your actions to those events.

10:35 pm right now. Going out for an 8 mile run through the city. Can't run everywhere mind you, but almost. Move quick, change your path. Gives the run a bit of an edge.

UT said...

Jesus Christ was the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. This is why the great libraries (they had backups) of Alexandria were burned.

thnx Caesar, Aurelian and Theodosius.

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