Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Like I Thought It Would Be In 1992

I knew this is what the country would be like in twenty years.

If any of this is taking you by surprise it is because you have no idea what is going on. You're sleepwalking. This blog is for people who are awake.

Nations don't get like this unless they are being run by people who want to destroy you. The problem is, in many cases you voted for 'em. Or neglected to vote at all.


Anonymous said...

It's not like we really have a choice in in America. We either vote for the inner party for the outer party. A honest man like Ron Paul will never be elected because the state propaganda is too strong.

I've seen the propaganda in action. I watched an legalize Maryjane initiative fail in California. All of my friends who supported legalizing MJ voted against it. Hell one of them was a sysadmin for HPUX servers, these aren't stupid people. When I asked them why they repeated almost verbatim what the attack ads said about the initiative. Most people are simply too strongly influenced by propaganda to effectively vote.

Anonymous said...

The kahnservertive media could pounce on this. Why aren't any of the Faux News anchors and commentators saying anything about it?

They're controlled media. They'd rather talk about everything else in the room like Muslim terrorists instead of the big elephant standing right there.

Anonymous said...

I live in an urban area and I read the bus all the time. I'm white. I've never once been part of or witnessed an incident.

But guess what? In a nation of 300M people with lightning fast reporting across the internet, lots of things happen that get a lot of air time.

I know you want to think otherwise, but the U.S. is a civilized, peaceful place. Sure, things happen, but things have always happened.

You knew what the U.S. would be like 20 years ago because you only read these conservative, racist, fringe websites. You're living in an echo chamber where everything you hear is what you expect to hear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42

Does a unicorn drive that bus you "read"?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:42

Tell me your city and state and I will tell you why you have never had a problem on public transport if that is the truth.

Anonymous said...

quote bus reader-

You guys read fringe websites that themselves cherrypick stories to illustrate their agendas.


...and you and your cronies, what websites do they let you read?

Texas Arcane said...

I've begun to delete posts that are just a chain of insults. If the poster has nothing to say except ad hominem I'm not approving it.

I deleted a couple of comments by the guy who lives in the fairy land where the buses only have well behaved enrichers on them. I still wish he would've told me where he lives so I could emigrate.

Anonymous said...

a couple of anti-white enrichers wanted to kill me because id suggested to them that they should thank every white person they met for their lucky and blessed existence in a western country.
they laughed and called me a cracker, pedo, rapist, freak etc all while wearing a watch, sports shoes, leg coverings that had a place for each leg(pants) which probably held a mobile phone in a pocket. the pants probably had a zipper too.

i then informed them that modern medicine, electricity/electronics, the refinement of oil to plastics, air and space travel, all developed in the west, was made capable, not because of some 'MAGIC' but from ingenuity, imagination, hard work and intelligence.

they laughed some more and so did i, the rot had well and truly set in.

Anonymous said...

"I deleted a couple of comments by the guy who lives in the fairy land where the buses only have well behaved enrichers on them. I still wish he would've told me where he lives so I could emigrate."

I told you. St. Louis.

The bus rides are fine. I have never witnessed an incident. In fact, people mostly keep to themselves. I read usually.

But go ahead and believe that the buses are full of killers and that everyone is afraid to ride them.

Texas Arcane said...

St. Louis :

You're living in a candy-ass dreamworld, soon to be disrupted by reality intruding.

Just another punk liberal counting down the days until his dizzy cranium is pounded to hamburger by diversity pals. Be sure and weep with guilt as you do nothing but cover up. Remember I will pay cash for photos of your crushed mug, so get your friends to take cell phone pictures while you get hammered into paste.

Texas Arcane said...

Muh dikking in St. Louis: