Friday, January 20, 2012

Julia Gilliard Running Australia Into The Ground

Another person who has never held a day job running both military strategy, economic policy and foreign relations. Was never elected by a majority and has never held majority support. You can see she is a deliberate NWO plant, right? It's so obvious even an Australian could figure it out. America and Israel were informed long before Australians that the elite would no longer requires the services of Kevin Rudd. The peasants were only told after all the important people knew.

She was installed for this purpose just like her fellow illuminatist nut across the pond in New Zealand, suitably occult-named "John Key."

It's a tag team of destruction. Key and Gilliard are working hand-in-hand to wreck the Asia-Pacific Western nations in the shortest time possible, preferably by the end of this year. To so weaken them and degrade their societies they will be easy fodder for tyrants when they appear. The glove has come off the naked fist of power and it no longer bothers to try to disguise the West as a "democracy." If voting were any danger to them they'd have it outlawed.


Anonymous said...

Leftards do it every time they get into power.

The left go nuts with government debt and immigration.

When the debt gets out of control, the Aussies get scared and put the Conservatives back in power, to save Australia from a certain train wreck.

The Conservatives proceed to sell everything, that isn't nailed down, to pay back the debt.

Then when things are set to rights, and we have lost a lot of government assets that belonged to the people, the Aussies vote the leftards back in AGAIN, so they can do it again.

Seriously, I am starting to think we NEED a nuclear war, to cull all the silly fuckwits, off the face of planet Earth.

Now you can't tell me, there will be one leftard outside the direct protection of a military bunker, that will survive a nuclear war, so the planet's average IQ, is going to skyrocket.

Its something to think about.

Texas Arcane said...

Ditto all.

I have noticed the hysterical seesaw bipolar swings between parties myself while I have been here. Each time the people elect somebody who promises them something for nothing, somebody has to be elected later on to find a way to pay for all that stuff that turned out not to be free. The net result is Australia has less and less to work with over the years.

Anonymous said...

Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Soros (Rothschild frontman) and Co. Legislation is being passed to tax buildings for not being "sustainable" (whatever that means in the crude Marxist speak) and soon it will be an offense to OWN such a building or house. Land property will soon be so expensive to keep due to taxation that the owners will be forced to hand it over to the GOVERNMENT. Basically if you own anything you should be punished. Apparently the elites believe you're not entitled to own anything because this would improve your living standards and increase your chances for better health and education. And they don't want that. They think that by improving your living conditions you add more waste to the planet. That's what they think of you. "Waste". They want a world of proles and slaves who own nothing and hope for nothing just as it was predicted in Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS 80 years ago.

So we know they don't want people to own property. They hate Christianity and have almost completely expelled it from public life. The two things the Bolsheviks went after first. What makes them think they will succeed this time?

Anonymous said...

no australian government runs anything, we are fully foreign controlled and will be until such time as we control our own finances - leading to control of our own military, media, industry, laws etc. tar and feathers for lobbyists would be a step in the right direction too.

please cease and desist with this left vs right squabbling, it's beneath you and assumes the superiority of one stooge party over another.

Anonymous said...

Australia’s High-Risk Economy

' With its housing bubble popping, and world commodity prices falling amid global economic crisis, Australia enters a year of high risk for its economy. '

- deadman

Anonymous said...

January 21, 2012 2:14 PM
"please cease and desist with this left vs right squabbling, it's beneath you and assumes the superiority of one stooge party over another."

Not everything is the result of some international tribal conspiracy. Some things are due to the mind numbing stupidity of the masses.

You have no idea, of the political history of Australia. Its not like America, with your Big Govt Welfare/Warfare State, of the Zionist Republicans and Democrats.

We still have financial conservatives here.

As I said, the left do this EVERY TIME they get into office in Australia and the people expect it and vote for it.

One of the first things they did, when they got back in this time, was write everyone a check for $1000. WTF???

The Conservatives handed them a 50 billion dollar surplus, after paying back the last 200 billion dollar debt, they ran up in the 1980s and 1990s. In less than 3 years, they have spent it all and have put us 250 billion dollars in debt, so far and they are not going to stop, until they are thrown out.

These people are complete fuckwits and have been doing this, with the full support of the majority of voters, since the 1970s and who knows how long, before it.

International Kike Conspiracies, have nothing to do it. It is their behavior.

Not everything is the fault of an evil genius. Sometimes it really is OUR OWN damn fault.

Texas Arcane said...

I have to agree.

With the rejoiner that many of those "conspiracies" you mentioned are really just cunning people taking advantage of the breathtaking stupidity that is out there.

If you knew a pig was worth a $1000 at the butchers and you saw a pig wandering around on the road, would it be a conspiracy if you caught it and drove with it to the butchers and sold it to him? That's the nature of most political lobbying in Oz and the US.

People are really violent and simpleminded and eager to go to war. So Israel steers the goyish flesh puppets into wars against their enemies.

Is that evil on the part of Israel or evil on the part of the flesh puppets? I think it is sort of a tie. Goys are gonna goy. They're going to do really dumb things, whether or not the jews are there to give them a shove in a particular direction.

Sorry but I have been thinking about this a long time, decades in fact. I don't know if the bad guy is as cut and dry.

Goyish types without the DRD4-7A genes are natural born slaves. 8/10ths of them were born to take orders and not much else. The question is, who gives them these orders?

In the US, the kosher krew has found these beasts to be easily herded into doing anything with a couple swats by a whip or blowing a whistle. I'm not sure the fault lies entirely with them.

Anonymous said...

8.07 and 12.07

it's not easy to find fault with your replies, you are correct in that is our own fault. we've been stupid, too tolerant, too kind. the media does its bit - just tonight i nearly died of exposure to it, three stories run in series eg heidi and seal are splitting up, george the turtle has been released, and the 'gender neutral' child sasha is revealed as male (but still sleeps in gender neutral bedding, without judgement, etc).it's hard to function on any level after being subjected to that. yes i'm traumatised and had to share. this is what passes for news, we've seen what passes for an education system. where to from here? really?

back to politics, i'm australian and i know for a fact that the country, politically, is toast - for the same reasons as america. corruption and the failure to adhere to a meritocracy, to point out just a sliver of our woes.

even if the only truth talker in the upcoming presidential selection in the u.s somehow won the vote and had to be installed, how could he lead?, among the fifth column, who could you trust? how do you implement sound policy in an environment like that?

keep arguing left vs right, labor vs liberal, etc. it's just a show. the answers aren't in politics, you're not involved, you're not invited and you don't matter to them.

Anonymous said...

Making yourself a smaller target by pretending not to care about race is a kind of stupidity. Others take advantage of it but even if they didn't the truth is that the white race today has mostly really stupid people in it. A couple incredible geniuses does not make up for all that dumb. The few people smart enough to want to fight back are pegged as evil by the others so jokem if they cant take a fuck.