Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Mercury Implicated In The Cyclic Mass Extinction Event?

A new angle that nobody has ever considered much, despite it being a well known product of volcanism in the past. It is possible they had not made the connection because volcanos pour out so many toxins it is difficult to pin the blame on any particular poison. Sulfuric acid is obvious and its effects clear to the naked eye whereas mercury is far more subtle and also far deadlier than acid rain could ever be.

You may be present on a paradigm buster at Vault-Co. In ten years, I don't think we ever factored this into the extinction cycle. After all, it is the most lethal toxin on earth even in very small concentrations. With mercury you're lucky if you only go blind and sterile.

Obviously, the only place you'd be safe from this kind of mercury is in a Vault. Anywhere else would be unsafe. Of course, mercury exposure makes humans violent and crazy when it builds up in the body. "Mad as a hatter," in fact. So you'd have to watch out for the mercury zombies.


Anonymous said...

I remember handling mercury in my 9th grade science class. Our teacher went around with a container and put a drop of it on each one of our desks.

I batted it around with my bare hands while our teacher explained the properties of it. This happened in 1968.

It wasn't until years later I realized that I was the reincarnation of Augustus Caesar. :)

All foolishness aside, maybe a measurable amount of mercury is currently escaping into the atmosphere due to the increase in volcanic activity.

That would help explain the current global madness.

Hmmm....mercury induced killer zombies....I like that!

Anonymous said...

I too remember when mercury was treated as a novelty and a toy at times. A curiosity for kids to look at in class.

I'd imagine that such short term exposure would not be the real danger. The constant background dosing over years is the real problem, just as the hatters had and the world would have if a volcano pumped out enough.

Anonymous said...

Botulinum is the most lethal toxin, not mercury. 4kg of it is theoretically enough to kill every human on earth.