Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interesting Idea For Long Term Storage

Pretty cool idea. I'm going to see if I can source these in Australia. Looks to be a safe bet for caching. I think I have passed these up at a construction site in a couple of instances without realizing what they might be used for.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful. The top cap used in the video on this sort of pipe is not water or air tight despite the comments. This.type of pipe is normally joined with gasketed pipe collars much like the collars you used on your connection between your two chambers in your vault. Normally on drainage pipe, air/water tight is not a huge requirement due to the lack of pressure and if a bit of water leaks out it usually is not a huge deal. The only reliable/permanent method of sealing HDPE is electrofusion (ie melting the pipe). I'm not aware of a glue that will work on it. The blue PVC glue will not work.