Wednesday, January 4, 2012

India Experiencing Mass Hysteria and Doomsday Madness From Ongoing Quake Activity

Whole country shaking up like Christchurch, just vibrating constantly. Apparently has tipped towards the ocean a little, who can blame them for being afraid?


Anonymous said...

The venue of the Olympic Games in London is to be lit by floodlights placed in the capstones of pyramids:

Notice all the illuminist blather about "Light being one of man's greatest achievements":

I expect a major event - probably a false flag - to take place around the time of the London Olympics.

Anonymous said...

The masses really believe people are turning into stone statues?

Societies that believe in magic and the power of the evil eye, stagnate and never progress. This is why brown countries are always poor - they believe in magic, not science.

Logically, Tex's Melon Heads, would want to replace white people with brown people, because brown people would be no threat to the Melon Heads.

People that stagnate, don't revolt against their masters. They make good long term slaves.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people the media always try to make look superior to whites every chance they get.
You can't go anywhere on the planet and find a white person, let alone thousands of them that would believe that people are turning into statues. Yet, somehow importing people like this into our countries will make those societies better...