Monday, January 30, 2012

Planet Concedes Robert Felix/Vault-Co Right After A Decade of Denial

Was watching some agitprop on SBS public tonight called "Science Under Attack" with a bunch of marxists hiding behind "scienmajistics." They kept talking about the "consensus." Note - people who care about the consensus are not Neanderthals. There is only one kind of hominid on this planet qualified to practice science and it isn't Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens talks about the consensus. People who can think don't care about consensus because they don't need to. They can think.

Poor Sapiens walnut brain is ready to concede to thirty years of cooling. I got bad news for you, you carb-eating baby-killing halfwits. This is Neanderthal weather coming up. Sapiens need not apply. It's going to be cold and it's going to be tough. Light boned large tribe fast-maturing species do not fare too well in this sort of climate. It's the hard yards. More the sort of weather you'd expect to find muscular, beefy, thick protein eaters with big brains wandering around in. There will be no Oprah specials to combat this one as a collective effort. Putting your brains together won't do you much good, as Nietzche said it is impossible to multiply by zero. The multikult in this kind of climate merely concentrates the babies for larder so the cannibals can find them more easily. Sapiens is Cain. He's no herder like his brother Abel. When the temperature drops he is out of ideas right about the time his brother Esau is just getting started.

If I was going to recommend you a destination I'd tell you below the equator in a country that does not suffer glaciation. If you can find an industrial western nation with modern amenities located thereabouts you should go there. Just don't come to Australia.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

USDA and FDA Folded Into The NWO Overnight

This is to support the Codex Alimentarium by merging a national office directly into the arms of the U.N. overnight with no representation.

I think this reflects their immediate plans for accomplishing these things. Quick little surrenders of sovereignty to the U.N. with no debate to instantaneously give them authority in these matters.

They need a war now to serve as a distraction while this proceeds under the table. Misdirection is the primary ruse of magicians and wizards. Keep people busy looking over there while your hands are at work here. It really helps if lots of people are occupied just trying to survive while your agents sign off on these kinds of actions.

One morning you wake up and realize you are living under the yoke of a supranational global authority. That is how it is supposed to happen.

Globowarmthinkery Is Rebranded Druidism

There is no science to be found in this "science."

People never change. If they aren't defending one religion, it's another. The same kind of people who wanted to burn heretics a few centuries ago are busy dehumanizing opposition to global warming now. Homo Sapiens will never change. He is incapable of making anything better. Sapiens is the literal incarnation of decay and decline.

Sapiens picks an orthodoxy and then he persecutes those who he perceives as challenging it. He is a monkey in manpants and will never be anything more.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Sheldon Adelson: "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform."

Sole financial magnate funding the Gingrich campaign.

Er, who was stopping you from serving in the Israeli IDF instead of the American Army?

I don't comprehend this ... individual. He doesn't make any sense. Live in one country, have loyalties to another. Most people would call that bastardry of the highest order.

The Elections In The U.S. Are Worthless Frauds

Proprietary voting systems not subject to public audits? You gotta be kidding me. That's not an election. That's not anything at all. A plebiscite in the Soviet Union was a more credible affair.

Removing The Veil

One of the things that protects the wicked is the sheer mediocrity of the common man. He doesn't have the imagination to envision this kind of evil. He refuses to believe such things could be deliberate because he cannot conceive of such things or the purposeful concealment of these deeds.

There's an agenda there and the sheeple will always be subject to it as long as they lack the capacity to postulate the existence of humans who are not as pedestrian as themselves. There are ends of the spectrum where raw, satanic evil prospers because it remains difficult to believe in it.

The Kwanstain Has Been Doomed For A Century

The fate of the 'Stain has been a given since the first World War.

Once the Federal Reserve (never ratified according to the Constitution) was allowed to stand, the business of politics turned into a looter's free-for-all and had achieved nearly irreversible corruption by the time the 'Stain entered Vietnam.

You see, once you give an inch to the ponerology, you have given a mile. Once they have a mile, they proceed to take it all.

Somehow, I understood this when I was a very young boy. I knew the substance had been replaced with the appearance from a young age. Nobody had to explain it to me, I just saw it in the things around me. I sensed this was the tide going out for my generation by the time I was twelve.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vault-OS : Progress Report

UPDATE : I had a huge breakthrough last night. Worked for about five hours on porting it over to .NET 2.0 to run under Mono. Tested it on a VM running Windows 98 Lite and it ran like a top. There is one piece of managed code that will have to be adapted for Linux/FreeBSD otherwise it is a totally vanilla C# program that even runs it's own server. Modest estimate = [12 Megs W98/2000/XP OS] + [Mono 14 Megs] = Roughly 30 Megabytes installed on hard drive with a memory requirement of at least 16 Megabytes of RAM. This will fit into the majority of 10 year old SBCs, Mini-ITX and PC/104 x86 compatibles with room to spare. This should be installable as a simple unzip of a packed file to disk or a "Setup.msi" program where Win 3.1 Installer is available. I don't know what it would pack up to but it would fit on almost any flash card/USB/Boot CD. Oh and my productivity working in .NET just went up by about 10,000%.

I have been trying to fix a bug with the submit on the ANSI C version. It is driving me crazy. It has something to do with certain configurations of submit text in the HTTP request. I wanted so badly to get a version of Vault-OS out by the end of January but it isn't going to happen. Everything else in the program is working pretty good but this is something really tricky that may be a problem with the socket buffers. I have the most beautiful Javascript/AJAX realtime controllers running, they are not connected to any particular source.

What is really frustrating is these routines worked perfectly a year ago in the C# .NET server I had running back then. If I took my pages I've built up and changed the substitution file tokens a little I could port them back into the .NET version pretty easily and there were no problems with that code at all. I've done a lot of work on the pages and menuing system that could be moved over to the C# server. The VS 2005 environment is a lot more productive than OpenWatcom because of intellisense, wizards and better debug/trace facilities.

Would VOS be interesting if it had the following requirements? :

1. Would have to run on Windows 98SE at a minimum with .NET 2.0 Runtime installed.
2. Would need at least 32 MB of RAM and at least a gig of hard drive space.

I can think of a couple drawbacks :

1. It's Windows specific. Unless I can get it to run on Mono which is a possibility.
2. It is more demanding hardware requirements.

One attractive part of developing in C# was the ease of embedding the web pages in the resource. I was just adding them to the project and compiling them in. I spend a lot of time mucking about with my converters to minify HTML, .JS and .CSS and convert them to .C/.H include files. In Visual Studio 2005 this whole embedded resources thing is a lot easier.

This program might not fit on a floppy but if I got it running with Mono I might be able to fit the installer into something about 8 MBs or so. Would that be useful to people? This would be an instant-on, zero configuration program just like the C version, the installer would be a little bigger is all.

I burn Windows 98SE onto boot disks with as little as 6 megs for the entire operating system, with networking and other required .DLLs to support the .NET 2.0 library. That is competitive with the latest Linux environments in size if not in reliability. I could muck about with Mono for a while after my first release to see if I could make it run under Linux, React-OS and FreeBSD.

The daemons I am using for debugging would not change. They use the PAWN scripting language to run services to read a barcoder device and a CANBUS node plugged into the USB port. Those would not alter at all. I have gotten those working solidly with a little script library to read/write messages to the VOS server that can be adapted for any hardware you want to attach.

Any feedback appreciated as long as it is constructive.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming To Pass As Vault-Co Predicted

I had a feeling. The sum of everything I have read over the past twenty years. I suspect the end of the interglacial is a spectacular affair. There is something mysterious and beautiful about it, something part of a cosmic cycle. The end of an era and the beginning of another.

Judging from the tiny, miniscule span of my lifetime on this planet, I would suggest that all other things being equal there should not be a biped on Earth who is much brighter than a shiny red button.

There would have to be an as-yet unforeseen factor that works magic on the wicked institutions and corrupt civilizations. Rapid catastrophic change that makes everything new again. Without these hidden forces to drive genes away from inertia they would naturally lapse into lowest common denominator.

Solar Max at the end of this year. Maybe the last respectable solar maximum for a long time.

Kwanstainia At Bottom Of List Of Failed Regimes

The Founding Fathers would be knee-deep in spent shell casings. John Adams would be running claymore wire. Ben Franklin would be hefting a Dragon launcher at Air Force One.

Thomas Jefferson would be stripped to the waist revealing a massive buffed physique brandishing a Ka-Bar with Barack Obama cornered in the White House, who would be using Barbara Pelosi as a human shield. Thomas would shoot Barbara, slowly lower his gun and stalk towards Obama. "Put away that chickensh*t gun, Barack. You know you can beat me. Don't you want to see the look in a man's eyes when you sink in the blade? C'mon Barry, let's party."

(The above is purely intended as idyllic satire)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Failed Regime : Kwanstainia The Schizoidal

President Bruthah Man speaks of things that do not exist, his audience nods their heads at things they do not understand, his viewers see no relevance in what he is saying to the nation they can see out the window.

The 'Stain is a Lewis Carroll Wonderland of dope-addled dreamers lollygagging themselves into oblivion. It's a sad, dismal kind of death. It is the long ache that ends in darkness. Even when they are destroyed in war, there will be no glory in it. The vital spark that once animated the American spirit has been gone a long, long time.

The John Birch society was right. This is the future they foresaw and it is a horrible one indeed. If you ever wondered what those guys were worried about - it was this.

Israel Chooses Masada Option

Anybody who know what is coming in the Gulf knows this is not going to be anything like the "wars" (massacres) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.

Whole different ballgame this time around.

Doctors Are Worse Than Useless

Notice how about fifty years ago the medical cartel closed it's power completely over health care, right about the time everybody started to get cancer? Do you know that it is much worse than simply a complete lack of innovation for a half century? It is active steps to make people sick and assist them in dropping dead.

Whoever constitutes the membership of the medical monopoly, they are very bad human beings. You should never let them touch you unless it is life-threatening or a mechanical problem like a broken bone.

Be 'Bout De Edjamafacashun

Kwanstainia. Oh Kwanstainia. My heart be pinin' fo dee. Oh Kwanstainia, de bootyiful, yo crakheds grabbin' de car stereos, fo spacious hos, with malt likker fo all, frum see to shinin' see.

Yo can't be gettin' nowheh in dis wurld widdout de demm edjamafacashun.

Interesting Idea For Long Term Storage

Pretty cool idea. I'm going to see if I can source these in Australia. Looks to be a safe bet for caching. I think I have passed these up at a construction site in a couple of instances without realizing what they might be used for.

Magnetic Reversals : Changes In "Handedness" (Polarity) Can Cause Radical, Massive Evolutionary Changes

Theory of punctuated equilibrium belonged to Niles Eldredge, not legendary charlatan Gould. Imagine a guy getting his name attached to a paper at the last second before publication and afterwards getting credit for the ideas inside. That's the fake Gould for you. He did it three times and each time he publicized his association with the paper so widely that people now err in assigning credit for the work of others to this loudmouth.

Gould was a self-promoting flimflammer who never had the patience, sufficient enthusiasm, presence of mind or intellect to come up with any original ideas of his own. So he ripped them off from others.

These ideas are so important that it is critical to see to it that credit goes to the right person.

Dave Chappelle On White Collar Criminals

Chappelle rules. If he were white he couldn't get away with it.

Ron Paul Smashes Stephen Baldwin's Spine With Reason, Proceeds To Mop His Remains Into A Paper Bag With Logic

Random sample of the genius of Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers.

The majority of all the talking heads you see on the televitz have fewer brain cells in their entire head than Ron Paul passed in his last bowel movement.

People who use drugs are losers. Why should I pay the government to regulate their behaviour? I don't use drugs and have never even experimented with drugs. Why does the government use my taxes to try to eliminate substances that were widely available in pharmacies at the turn of the century?

Drug laws create drug cartels. They fund organized crime. Legalize drugs, eliminate 90% of organized crime overnight. Bam. They're gone.

I don't need drugs and I know the folly of trying to intervene with people who do. It's just another excuse for the government to extend their sphere of power until they control every aspect of human life.

The clip above is just an appetizer for the main course below. Ron Paul speaks better off the cuff than the most rehearsed speeches of any of his rivals.

Disposal Of Resources Once They Are Expended Is A Burden On The State

This is why they are pushing that liquification technology.

When they are done with you, they intend to do away with the old fashioned notion of funerals and ceremonial rituals to commemorate humans as if they were anything but meat. The secular view is that they are now outside their usefulness and the most efficient form of disposal would be to convert them into a brown paste and flush them down the sewer, with no evidence they ever existed.

Of course, you could always feed them back to other livestock when they were done, as was the practice for decades in Britain. This way you are still able to squeeze a few more pennies out of their corpses even after they have passed their working span.

All the notions of the stock animals that they are unique creations of this imaginary "God" and the derived rights of man are being swiftly stripped away. Freedom of speech and association, any notion of privacy, these are all reserved as rights of the elite. The beasts shall work until they die, as quietly as possible. They shall be branded as property of the barnyard they are assigned to.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 25, 2012 : IT IS STARTING

Fun with solar max. This is just a burp to clear its throat in preparation for it to strike a couple of high notes.

Kwanstainia After Dark : Hell On Earth

Like the adult version of DOOM II. Get the shotgun powerup and the armor or you will never survive the first five minutes.

I'm just relieved we've transitioned from 2,000 years of Christianity to this marvelous new secular paradise. Wow, atheists were right. We won't know what we are capable of until we abandon the stupid restrictions of religion. Owe you all a coke.

Agenda 21 : Planned Depopulation Strategy

Everything that is too successful sows the seeds of it's own destruction.

The freedom present in the United State created the economic wealth and sheer prosperity needed for utterly corrupt subversives to fund the victory of international Marxism and socialism. When you've got that much to eat, you barely notice when somebody steals your country right out from under you.

With humans, it doesn't have to make sense. Humans do plenty of things that don't make any sense. You won't understand the world until you understand that humans often do incredibly stupid things that contribute directly to their own demise.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul Makes Way Too Much Sense For A Country Like The Kwanstain

Temperatures Plunging Like A Stone Worldwide

The interglacial is nearly over. The Holocene only lasts 12,000 years anyway. We were long overdue to go back to normal on this planet.

People will be fighting in the streets over food before glaciation begins anew.

The False Flag That Will Kick Off WW3

I agree with the writer's analysis. The Enterprise is just an old piece of surplus crap nobody wants and sending it to the Persian Gulf for a provocation similar to the Gulf of Hanoi (fake attack that kicked off Vietnam) is a great way to start off the third world war.

They don't even need Iran to attack it. They can blow it up themselves with a torpedo at night under cover of darkness, sending a couple hundred navy stooges to the bottom and then scream their outrage. In fact, they'll be pleased they did not have to go to the trouble of decommissioning this toxic junk barge. It's a win-win situation for everybody except the population of the planet.

As Henry Kissinger said, the military man is a beast who will do as it is told. If some of them have to be sacrified like pawns to support policy, it's a small price to pay for the achievement of the long range goal - massive depopulation of the useless eaters worldwide.

China and Russia must enter into an alliance to destroy the United States. The neocons have left them no other choice.

Greece Is The Upbeat Feelgood Hit Of The Summer Compared To What Is Going To Befall Kwanstainia

Greece is in really bad shape. It is as close to ITZ as you can imagine on a local scale. It is unlikely that Greece will ever return to even modest unemployment. The nation has spent all its money and its brains and capital have fled, never to return.

It is nothing compared to what is coming stateside. The U.S. is going to crater really hard, very soon.

Double Relaxation of Selection

Very possibly the most important thing we have ever linked to on Vault-Co.

Britain, Europe and America have no critical mass of human capital left and to quote Lothrup Stoddard ... we could lose all our bridges, buildings and infrastructure to rubble and yet we would rebuild it in ten years if we still had our best genetic stock. If we lost those sharp faculties of perception and problem solving to dissolution then we could not rebuild any of it given ten thousand years. There is no positive thinking, good intentions or beautiful platitudes that would change this outcome by an iota.

New Age Inquisitors Sweep on Estate And Steal Everything In The Name of the Law

What was this guy doing? Kiddie snuff porn? Organ harvesting? Nuclear materials smuggling? Arms sales? White slave ring? No, for that kind of stuff you have to go to Israel.

This guy was running Megauploads, a file sharing site that is notoriously strict on removing any file it discovers may fall under copyright. Notorious. You'd know that even a zipped .PDF file of a computer manual that is over thirty years old will get removed by Megauploads within 24 hours.

The government is calling this guy "Dr. Evil." They made that name up today. Breathing while goy and making money. An outrage, itz!

The government has not changed in 500 years. This is just a modern day inquisition. Under the inquisitors, anyone could accuse someone of "evil" and seize their lands, their property, their wives, their cattle, their possessions. After all, they were "evil."

Sapiens. Sapiens never changes. The bungled animal. The little genome that failed. Sapiens likes to steal sh*t and claim his robbery is lawful. Might makes right, you see. If you've got the numbers you can say anything is right and anybody who is outnumbered is wrong.

Worst of all, the guy had firearms. Probably one of those paranoid nuts who thinks the government is out to get him, come and steal his stuff on some pretext. All peasants who have arms are "evil" because self-defense is illegal for peasants. Especially guns as good as the po-leesh have. That's unacceptable.

I think these new piracy laws enacted under anti-christ Obama are the spearhead for a whole different kind of world we are moving into now. Makes me wonder if I should continue blogging with this kind of crap happening. How soon before I am "evil" incarnate for thinking doubleplusungood thoughts? Like Galileo and Giordano Bruno.

I am a digital provider of sorts and in the future likely to provide much more. I do not condone any such action like this by government on my behalf and approve of full prosecution of all government officials who took part in it as the common run-of-the-mill gangsters and thieves that they are.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another All-American Monstrosity Prepares To Take A Hard Dirt Nap

I don't care what a man's story is or what sort of apologies are made on his behalf.

If you see an orphan getting raped in a shower you need to stop it. Doing nothing for the past twenty years while this animal operated with impunity buggering babies makes you as bad as he is or else worse.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, pound a spade on him when he's done to make sure he can't crawl out again. Nobody is going to miss him after what he has done.

When you see that nearly every person held up as a role model in America in reality is a subhuman psychotic beast you can expect to understand how they got that messed up as a nation. When a people loses it's virtue all else follows. A man who won't protect children from the predations of rapists is no role model - he's a cowardly, contemptible bag of sh*t.

I won't be needing any character references on Paterno to know what kind of person we are talking about. Give him a cheap funeral in an even cheaper box and forget him.

Chinese Tunnels : While America Slept

Seriously, watching this video makes you wish you were Chinese. My "own" race (of course, they are not really my race at all) is so utterly batsh*t insane they are an embarrassment. The Chinese are men who think about geopolitical realities. Our nations are run by trannies, lesbian tyrants and crazed stealth horse neocons.

Notice how as IQ goes up, preoccupation with preparedness increases exponentially. Stupid nations and stupid people never think far enough ahead to bother with civil defense. They can't see the point of it because they can't see beyond the next fifteen minutes in terms of planning.

The white race of Europeans has no future. They think if they put on their David Caruso glasses and pitch some one-liner that will make up for having no civil defense program. This is about the real world, Kwanstainians. You ain't gonna cool your way out of this when it hits.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vault-Co Was There Twelve Years Ago

Notice how one of these articles is never complete without rolling out some academic hack described as an "expert" who then explains how people to want to go on living are suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is always accompanied by a couple jabs at Christians and religious faith, as if to worship anything other than the State is so irrational it is prima facie evidence of disordered thinking.

Examined closely, nearly everything printed in the mass media is ambiguous gibberish. You have to peer between the lines to figure out what the journalist is trying to conceal by writing the article. That's where the real news lies.

Where Will The NWO Get The Money To Rule The World After WW3?

If you've thought about the question, you've probably wondered ... where will the elites get the money to staff their occupational armies and fund their infrastructure after the third world war?
This is where. They've stashed all their stolen loot into banks that will survive and issue them credit long after you have even lost a currency to exchange. Bernanke and front men just like him have tapped off the world's treasuries and stripped their nations of all their wealth to fund the NWO when it introduces it's own regime.

This is also the reason they built the seed bank (biowarfare may corrupt existing agriculture) and have been busy putting the majority of the world's rare art and literature into underground repositories. They have been planning for a bright future - one that doesn't have you in it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gingrich Confesses In Public He Is A Traitorous Draft-Dodging Amoral Quisling Working For Another Government

He was not coy. I will give him that. At least he didn't try to dodge the question like most of the others.


UPDATE : Gingrich sweeps South Carolina, despite no Gingrich supporters to be found in South Carolina! Another victory for Diebold Voting Machines! It's amazing what a billion dollars can buy nowadays! Like an election, for example!

The creepy Lewis Carroll world where Gingrich is "surging in the polls" despite the fact nobody is showing up at his rally halls. Wait, will Diebold machines show this grifter was elected by a landslide, even if nobody can be found who actually put a ballot in the box for him?

Here is another closet cocksucker getting paid to betray his own nation in exchange for keeping his queer exploits a secret. Bauer was apparently the target of a Mossad honeypot sting (with a young man) while visiting Israel on a paid junket (complete with hidden video, perhaps) and has been on a very short leash ever since. Very similar to curious swayback traitor Lindsay Graham.

Israel no longers bothers to conceal how it does business in the 'Stain since JFK's murder-for-hire. Are you a patriot who worries about the welfare of your own country? Then Mossad may put a bullet in your head.

Julia Gilliard Running Australia Into The Ground

Another person who has never held a day job running both military strategy, economic policy and foreign relations. Was never elected by a majority and has never held majority support. You can see she is a deliberate NWO plant, right? It's so obvious even an Australian could figure it out. America and Israel were informed long before Australians that the elite would no longer requires the services of Kevin Rudd. The peasants were only told after all the important people knew.

She was installed for this purpose just like her fellow illuminatist nut across the pond in New Zealand, suitably occult-named "John Key."

It's a tag team of destruction. Key and Gilliard are working hand-in-hand to wreck the Asia-Pacific Western nations in the shortest time possible, preferably by the end of this year. To so weaken them and degrade their societies they will be easy fodder for tyrants when they appear. The glove has come off the naked fist of power and it no longer bothers to try to disguise the West as a "democracy." If voting were any danger to them they'd have it outlawed.

Real Problems and Supervillains As Leaders

The real Dr. Doom (super nemesis of the Fantastic Four) would have considered Obama's accomplishment to be his most outrageous wet dream seizure of power. A James Bond style ultravillain actually getting himself declared President of the United States? Is it any wonder our leaders are waging war on the people who (very foolishly) elected them?

Can you blame them for regarding these idiots who voted for them as nothing more than beasts deserving to be culled?

Real World Crisis. Really evil leaders who are stealth subversives deliberately spraying rocket fuel on the fire to destroy their own people. That's not a good combination.

GFC? You Have Not Seen A GFC Yet.

This "GFC" neat little media tag on the worst depression in world history is just another way of diverting real concern by making it into a cute catchphrase. Whenever I hear people using it I regard it as the sort of word games played by children going through a dark alley alone. It is self-comforting self-grooming vain nonsense to define this situation this way and just more proof that this generation cannot cope with the problems they have created.

The second a little reality starts to bite, the sunglasses come on and they go for the David Caruso one-liner. They think they are going to cool their way out of real life. Real life is a little bit harder than all that, fellows. Being capable of making all these problems doesn't imply the wisdom to then fix them all up. The opposite, in fact.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

112 Questions for 2012

Really good article. Read it and realize what is going missing nowadays. Anything of value, as a matter of fact.

This crappy Illuminati world and value system is the sorriest pile of junk baubles and glass beads ever sold on this planet. We're looking at the Louisiana Purchase of the Earth. They have stolen everything you had and everything your ancestors left you and replaced it with shoddy carny goods like those cheap consolation toys they give suckers at the rigged booths. This paltry garbage is much like the secular utopia the bolshevists promised the fools of Russia if they would surrender and accept their coup of the continent in 1918. Now they're shooting for the whole bag of marbles and the way things look, the rubes are going to give it to them.

All good things begin by laughing at these idiots. Underneath their apoplectic sturm and drang they are really a ridiculous bunch of clowns, a poor effeminate subhuman race of failed men. All their clash of empires and neverending war is to conceal the fact they never had the courage to do any of their own fighting. Their specialty is backstabbing and poison. They couldn't win an honest battle to save their lives.

All over Eastern Europe, the shield of the Khazars is cut in stone being trampled by the hooves of the courageous. They were never much at real life. It is just another thing they stink at. A thousand years of getting their asses kicked didn't do much for their character, proving they never really learn anything from experience.

Fluoride Linked To Severe Cases Of Death

Thank heaven it is protecting you from tooth decay. Oh wait.

Scared Little Chickenhawks : Ron Paul Smashes The Competition So Badly He Is Left Out Of Coverage Altogether

Don't watch Fox News. Ever. Even accidentally. For any reason.

If you see this creep John Roberts in the street, smear him with butter and see if you can squeeze him through the Fox News complaints mailbox, one slice at a time if necessary. Don't feel sorry for this idiot. Shabbas Goy are well compensated for their suck-poopery and anus-licking submission and treason. Who needs the voters if you've got a proper kosher sponsor? To hell with them I'm getting paid. Those schmucks are all going into the internment camps soon anyhow.

Below, Paul smashes Neocon scum through plate glass window of reality and proceeds to pistol whip him to death with the horrid, dreaded facts.

Dr. Doom On ITZ In Next Five

If you want a date and time, talk to a New Age guru.

If you want ironclad certainty as to what, not when, read Vault-Co. We agree wholeheartedly with this analysis and we don't see any way this will end on an upbeat note. That's Mary Poppins feelgood euphoric nonsense.

We've seen the future - it gets worse, then it gets bad, then it starts to really suck. Then it all goes to hell. After that, it might start to get better. Just talking about geopolitics. Not even factoring in what is happening in the natural world. If you look at where that stuff is going, you'll realize that you need to PACK IT.

If you accept it, it might mean you won't be scared when it gets here. Acclimating yourself to the nightmare, so to speak. The scariest part of any nightmare is what you can't see.

The reason a lot of people that you know are going to completely fall apart in the near future is that they keep cultivating that Pollyanna drivel that Oprah told them to expect, despite knowing subconsciously that things were not well all around them and bound to get worse.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 : Something Wicked This Way Comes

Strange noises heard across the globe of unknown origin. Now being reported at regular times and intervals and recognizable patterns.

I thought of the eerie horns of the tripods in H.G. Wells WAR OF THE WORLDS when I was listening to this collection of multiple reports from all around the planet.

I'd heard some of these, most of them are the first time for me. If this doesn't creep you the hell out, we give up. A lot of them sound like a chorus of voices. Or perhaps unearthly trumpets.

This is a four-bagger concrete job on Saturday for sure.

The Truth About Martin Luther King

If you worship comic book supervillains and depraved beasts and call them heroes, you yourself will grow up unable to tell the difference between good and evil. You will learn to call evil good and good, evil. King was a monster in the shape of a man and like all monsters he cloaked himself in claims to righteousness and selflessness. It's that simple.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brink of Economic ITZ 2012

What the Kwanstain is looking for now is to gin up a major war, one so cataclysmic it will make people forget about how badly they have been screwed in the past ten years. If people are busy enough fighting or trying to survive, they won't be storming the White House with pitchforks and nooses. World War 3 is the easy way out for the chief gangsters in charge. Burn the traces and leave no witnesses to your terrible grievous crimes.

The guilty can scoff at the broken poor sending their children to die and cry out "How dare you look to place blame at a time like this, with our boys fighting overseas? Do your part as a patriotard and shut up! Send us more warm bodies for our military sausage grinders!" The fog of war conceals many evil deeds accomplished prior.

Southern Pole of Planet Seismically Unstable

This is to be expected pending a magnetic excursion or reversal.

25 Volcanos in Indonesia now put on watch for eruption

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Identical to preparations for invasion of Iraq.

Pouring concrete today as quickly as I could.

I don't know when to tell you this will escalate. It could be tomorrow. It could be in the next ten minutes. Good time to finalize your preps and stock up the Vault.

Europe Leaves A Smoking Crater

Bam. Bam. Bam. Another one bites the dust. Watch the dominos fall. It is Friday The 13th for this pile of marxist crap called the European Union. The world is a museum of marxist failures. The true definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing and to expect different results. Man (Homo Sapiens) is not a learning animal. Amuds are another matter.

Vault-Co told you, we just told you early. We thought this would definitely take place in 2009. We were wrong about when it would happen. I'm not sure how they were able to stretch their bad credit and bankrupt economies until January 2012. That's a crime in itself.

Communist Idiocracy

The lead sculptor thought it would "read better" with "fewer words." Reading is teh hard. But seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up. Since when does the sculptor get carte blanche to make arbitrary changes to a historical monument in Washington on the fly? Think about the average intellect in a country like that. Third world nations have smarter people living in them.

Reverend Martin Luther King wasn't a reverend, should have had his doctorate withdrawn for plagiarism and was a communist subversive who was shot after stepping out onto his balcony to enjoy a post-coital cigarette with two underage white prostitutes he had just finished having sex with in the hotel room behind him. Martin Luther King was lower than scum. I've seen scum and most scum would not want to be associated with somebody of Martin Luther King's character. What is really tragic is that most Kwanzanians have some idea of who this ratpig marxist traitor was but almost none of them know who Martin Luther was. Martin Luther was the real deal. He was a great man who needed no apology. Martin Luther King was somewhere between pimp and human roundworm in the scheme of things.

Everything about 'Stainia is fail. It looks exactly like when Luke Wilson looks out the window in the hospital after he realizes what year it is.

Consult with Dr. Lexus.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Beast Begins Placing His Mark On The Sheeple Of India

If Hinduism is a legitimate religion then why didn't it warn it's followers 2000 years in advance not to take this mark?

After the Illuminati have branded all of India, how soon before they introduce it in the Western nations? They are being prepped up for it as we speak. With the new casual atheism what will be the objection to it? The great falling away has left a hollow shell of a church that will be completely cooporative with anything the zionist regime requires of it.

According to the Bible, if you take that mark you will absolutely, positively burn in hell. Anyone refusing the mark will be isolated and persecuted.

Movies like ZEITGEIST were produced for the explicit purpose of globalizing hate speech against Christianity everywhere, to prepare the sheep for this phase of the operation. You can see the coordination behind the scenes is comprehensive and working many years in advance of each step of the implementation. Creating a huge massive audience of atheistards is as easy as whipping up a little self-righteous fervor. The common man is too stupid to know what he thinks on any subject.

For those of you hedging your bets, you should know that Revelations says that anyone receiving that mark will be vulnerable to a terrible flesh rotting disease, "plague of boils" that will be so unbearable men will go mad and try to tear off their own skin. RFID frequencies later turn out to weaken the immune system or compromise the epidermis? I don't know. I do know, whatever happens, do not take the mark or allow anyone you love to take that mark.

Scripture is explicit on this topic. You will never see God if you accept this mark. Even if you lack faith, recognize that perhaps this is part of some collective consciousness that sees thousands of years into the future at things that have not happened yet. If you are willing to consider this possibility you will see you must resist this mark at all costs.

In other news, this will almost certainly result in billions of RFID flesh rotting zombies. There's also a downside.

Van Der Sloot Learns About Jail Showers

28 years is such a light sentence. Only the death penalty would be fair. Some whisper he has killed many women but has always gotten away with it.

The 'Stain Is Run By Hardened Gangsters

There was greater law and order during the worst part of the Dark Ages. Men had more rights to redress their grievances in the 1600s than they have today in the cesspool called the Kwa. The entire country is run by the hardest of criminals with impunity from prosecution.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superb Summary of North American Ruins

The documentary points out that Manifest Destiny was humbled by the sheer amount of artifacts turned up by farmers plowing their fields in the 1800's and 1900's.

The only narrative that was permitted was to insist that North America was virgin wilderness populated by savages. Clear evidence of complex writing and hieroglyphics with obvious influences from Egypt and Sumeria were discarded time and time again. The sheer size of the mounds all over North America suggests innumerable settlements of great sophistication and technology. Finding copper and iron remnants especially tools in the soils of North America made the Europeans feel like they were simply one of an endless series of colonizers who had been there before. The official fictions emphasized the uniqueness of the European presence to exclude any and all previous visitors.

Here Beck demonstrates the ancient language identified as the common denominator is Hebrew, over and over again. Was Hebrew the language of the slaves or of the masters? You think about it and draw your own conclusion. EDIT : I think Hebrew was the language of the slaves. The masters spoke Sanskrit. I did not want to just say it because it is such a sensitive subject it is better figured out by people for themselves.

One of the biggest obstacles to understanding more of the ancient world is all the atheistards who insist we all adhere to paradigms largely finalized in the early 1900's. Any other inquiry is forbidden. Atheists stifle all honest examination of subjects. They are the secular Catholics who are instituting a new inquisition.

UPDATE: It helps to imagine many glaciations rumbling across North America grinding it to powder beneath the sheer mass of ice sitting on top. Whatever we find is what can survive that sort of industrial press and emerge with enough details to recognize it as manmade. It is highly unlikely that a melonhead USB stick or a laptop would survive the passage of a million ton ice pack grinding over top of it, although a stone tablet might.

Protesting Illegal Arrest/Torture Under The NDAA Leads To Illegal Arrest/Torture

The 'Stain is a totalitarian society wrapped in just enough obscurantism to keep the sheeple guessing while they clamp down the final stages of the second Bolshevist Regime.

Next the boxcars start up.

Critical Medicines Vanishing Off Shelves In Greece

If there is anything worse than food shortages it is shortages of medicines you need. Simple things like anti-diarrhetics and antibiotics can spell the difference between life and death for people who are struggling to simply feed themselves.

Hunter-Killer Drones For Skynet Proliferate

It's all about machines hunting humans. In the beginning there was a human operator. Next they gave the drones a bit of autonomy. Now they are talking about the drone doing most of it's own target choosing and humans simply checking the logs. Soon they may cut out the middleman and the drones will just hunt people, period. This sort of thing is not cost effective until you can cut the robot loose and let it operate itself.

If they can get matching ground forces working together with the drones we will be able to do away with the human element altogether. What is needed is robots that are unstoppable by the people they are hunting.

A Perfectly Natural Cooling Trend

It's called a Maunder Minimum.

World temperatures are going to decline for the next hundred years. Before glaciation begins, people will be fighting in the streets for food.

The Vials of the Wrath of God

Revelation 16

1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, "Go, pour out the seven bowls of God's wrath on the earth."

2 The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image.

3 The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.

4 The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. 5Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say:

"You are just in these judgments,

you who are and who were, the Holy One,

because you have so judged;

6 for they have shed the blood of your saints and prophets,

and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve."

7 And I heard the altar respond:

"Yes, Lord God Almighty,

true and just are your judgments."

8 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. 9They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

10 The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony 11and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.

12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.

13 Then I saw three evil [Greek unclean] spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

15 "Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed."

16 Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

17 The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, "It is done!"

18 Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake.

19 The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.

20 Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found.

21 From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.

Just Like I Thought It Would Be In 1992

I knew this is what the country would be like in twenty years.

If any of this is taking you by surprise it is because you have no idea what is going on. You're sleepwalking. This blog is for people who are awake.

Nations don't get like this unless they are being run by people who want to destroy you. The problem is, in many cases you voted for 'em. Or neglected to vote at all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Passion Play" - Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox

I saw this film last night. I didn't know what I was watching for the first 90 minutes.

One of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a long, long time. A very Christian theme and an incredible ending. Moves very slowly to an awesome climax when all becomes clear.

Some nudity and drug use but not graphic. I'm no fan of Mickey Rourke but he was cast perfectly for this role. This movie got terrible reviews and it is obvious why - it is unbelievably good. Hollywood hates movies that are uplifting at the end.

Ron Paul Is One Of The Good Guys

You pinheads who keep suggesting Ron Paul is working stealth for the illuminati by staying in character for the past 70+ years make me sick. If you're that stupid you shouldn't be voting, period.

Media termites talk about what a sorry collection of candidates are in this year's race whilst carefully avoiding mention of the most amazing candidate who has ever run for President in the United States since Thomas Jefferson.

Guys, I don't live there anymore. I am never coming back. I do not think you will elect Ron Paul. I don't respect you. You're all dead to me because you died to yourselves a long, long time ago. I believe with certainty that this is the end. I just want you to know as you prepare for the long night that you had a chance to elect this man Ron Paul for the past twenty years and you didn't. A nation is no better than it's leaders and you have all had Stockholm Syndrome for decades. You want a criminal to screw you out of house and home and finally your lives. You chose this for yourselves. It is in the absence of the Holy Spirit that every unclean spirit enters into a man. It was folly to assume that those creatures would be urging you to act in your best interests. They have prompted you to your deaths.

Medical Cartel Is A Severe Threat To Human Health

More commercials on television tonight. "THERE'S NOTHING HEALTHY ABOUT A TAN" is the catchline.

Er, no. Sunlight can be the difference between life and death, literally. Living without Vitamin D is lethal. It kills people. Unless you want your kids to look like that Neanderthal troll skeleton that stood in the front hall of the British Museum for 150 years, get your kids into the sun. Just don't bake yourself lobster red, obviously.

Who supports an international class action suit against Western Medicine? They are murderous killers with a higher death toll than Auschwitz. Tell me again about how important it is for young women to get their breasts X-Rayed once a year. There are still a few women who have not had mastectomies yet.


Everybody getting their nuclear ducks in order. They ain't planning to beat them into plowshares. They are swords and will be used accordingly.

War. War never changes.

I was pouring concrete all day long. Got to get my vault in order. Looks to me like something is going to happen in 2012.

Stainians Back Into Bondage Very Shortly

We will no doubt see the return of the debtor's prisons and workhouses in the very near future. Time for the peasants to put their leg irons on again. Slavery and indentured servitude are a natural progression afterwards. You can always count on a slave to rat on his fellow slaves. They are training up the young slaves to get used to enforcers nearby from a young age.

Your new masters like to fire people. Once out of work they will be able to do with them as they wish.

Seriously, anyone voting for zionist shill Mitt Romney, assuming it is not all Diebold hocus-pocus, needs to have their head examined. Just kill yourself and get it over with. The founder of Mormonism wore lipstick and sold magic underwear to his followers.

Commie Clock Just Got Bumped A Minute

This thing became a sideshow a couple years back when it was put under new management. Still, even crypto-marxists can tell ITZ COMING.

The War On Evil : Kill Smart Gentiles

I seriously doubt this guy was working on a nuke. More likely just trying to get their reactors operational so they can tell the oil sheiks to kiss their ass. The people of the Middle East deserve to be able to opt out of the system set up by the imperialists to keep them in their place. Israel begs to differ. Furthermore, don't major in nuclear science if you're an Arab in the Middle East. Kosher central forbids any Arab from learning about anything. Nuclear weapons are dangerous and that is why only Israel is permitted to own them. If other countries owned them they could put an end to arbitrary terrorism, bombings and assassinations by Israel. That's just not right.

Diebold Tries To Head Off Fraud Charges in Iowa

Rick Santorum rocketed from nowhere in 48 hours to win Iowa, despite being a polling non-event for the past six months there. Yes, that really happened. The televitz said itz true.

Diebold probably started sweating over increasing talk of fraud so they decided to close the matter by simply making Santorum fall out of the campaign. I do not believe for an instant he even got 9%, that's baloney.

Join me in calling for international observers to supervise elections in the Kwanstain the same way they do in third world hellholes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cobalt-60, Radiation Shielding And Preparations

Several posters have asked in the comments section about how to prepare for a real nuclear war instead of the fake one we were told about fifty years ago.

Here are a few basic assertions:

1. Cobalt-60 and other dirty bomb salts will definitely be used in the coming war.

2. Salted nuclear weapons are worse than you have been told and not as bad as you might imagine.

3. Three feet of overhead cover, in particular crushed rock, will protect you from intercontinental fallout for extended lengths of time in 75% of the locations you might shelter on the planet. This is a real Vault situation. You can't take shelter from the cobalt death shroud by piling up some suitcases around you in an inner room.

4. You will require some air filtration in order to avoid breathing in fallout. It doesn't have to be war grade filtration but it wouldn't hurt. It is not getting a couple bad whiffs in a single day that will hurt you - it is breathing in cumulative minute doses of radioactive salts over the course of months that is the problem.

5. In reality, cobalt-60 won't make the surface of the earth uninhabitable for five years. It will make the surface unpleasant for a minimum of three months. You might be able to journey out during this time for emergency errands but you'd be a lot better off staying buttoned up for at least three months underground. Proper blocking of entryways into the shelter will be essential during this time. Correct monitoring of individual dosimeters will track radiation exposure and tell when somebody has acquired too high a dose and needs to rest for a while to recover. Sometimes people who sleep near entrances or are in parts of the shelter too close to the surface can silently get radiation poisoning unless each individual is monitored. It is impossible to know what kind of radiation levels to expect, save to say that places in the wrong wind patterns could see brief cycles of 100,000 rads or more aboveground. Some areas might see little or no fallout at all, no matter how dangerous the salts used in the warheads are.

6. The natural forces of weathering, water and wind will begin to decontaminate the planet immediately, mostly by washing off and concentrating radioactive particles in sumps, lakes and runoff areas. These areas will be deadly for any length of time if you encounter them for at least ten years after the death shroud. Most places with some drainage will see a gradual reduction over ten years that will result in livable areas and soils that can be cultivated again.

7. The biggest problems in surviving the cobalt death shroud after shelter will be access to clean drinking water and food. I would recommend you expect to store one year's worth of water at subsistence levels before turning to filtration of rain as a source. It is hard to beat water distillation for cleaning out radioactive contaminants.

8. Protective gear is advised aboveground for several years following the war, at least until you can secure a plot of land that radiation survey shows is clean and safe without wearing protective measures.


Pack it up good. Pack it deep.

Everything mixes with rice. Rice plus anything else can become a filling meal. People have survived terrible famines by pulling up a handful of boiled shoots and adding a little meat or protein to rice. It's not an ideal diet by any stretch of the imagination but it will get you through.

I have also recommended oats many times on this blog. With some brown sugar mixed in, you almost get enough calories to keep your body heat and energy levels high enough to last to supper. The people who emerged from the Ukrainian Holodomor did it with the help of oats, honey and salt.

If you can appreciate how little it takes to complement rice you can appreciate the utility of a self-contained, standalone hydroponics rack that can be easily moved or set up in any location, including indoors or underground out of sight of your neighbors. This is why we are always going on about this micro-hydroponics lab run primarily by very low power automation. You can see the usefulness of a modular, simple to maintain mini-garden without soil that could be installed in back of a closet. Especially with all the bizarre demonic attempts going on at the moment to outlaw all private horticulture.

I have worried that I might spend a lot of time cultivating a garden out back and a single storm or unexpected climate shift could wipe out months of work in a matter of minutes. Every time I have considered it seriously it is something I want surrounded by concrete below the surface and out of view from varmints on four and two legs.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Mercury Implicated In The Cyclic Mass Extinction Event?

A new angle that nobody has ever considered much, despite it being a well known product of volcanism in the past. It is possible they had not made the connection because volcanos pour out so many toxins it is difficult to pin the blame on any particular poison. Sulfuric acid is obvious and its effects clear to the naked eye whereas mercury is far more subtle and also far deadlier than acid rain could ever be.

You may be present on a paradigm buster at Vault-Co. In ten years, I don't think we ever factored this into the extinction cycle. After all, it is the most lethal toxin on earth even in very small concentrations. With mercury you're lucky if you only go blind and sterile.

Obviously, the only place you'd be safe from this kind of mercury is in a Vault. Anywhere else would be unsafe. Of course, mercury exposure makes humans violent and crazy when it builds up in the body. "Mad as a hatter," in fact. So you'd have to watch out for the mercury zombies.

Reign Of The Anti-Christ

1200 years of European law overturned in a few short years by a single Kenyan.

Robert Welch was right about everything.

You can't describe one prophetic word by Robert Welch that didn't turn out to be uncannily accurate. The Birch society had the next forty years nailed down in print in 1958. Every single thing the Birch society ever printed has turned out to be eerily clairvoyant.

Read "The Blue Book" by Robert Welch. It's in the public domain on the internet.

Every time that men have achieved a little freedom from the clutches of their superpredators, they have basked overconfidently in smug self-satisfaction at how secure those freedoms were. Each time, they have rapidly been rounded up and chainganged again with the bonds of slavery.

The son of the jackal has been leading the spearhead, commanding the blitz since the day he got in office. Tell me this down-low brother doesn't hate the family unit. He hates it because it makes him think of everything he never had in life. The Kenyan hates all organic life. He is the enemy of all living things on this planet.

Last Christmas For The 'Stain

Probably wasn't much of a Christmas for most of the poor bastards there.

The dogs of war are baying now. Won't be sane for a long time in the 'Kwa, maybe never again, not even centuries from now.

It's So Simple That A Republican and a Democrat Should Be Able To Understand It

Think about it.

There is only one candidate interested in National Defense and that is Ron Paul.

The Pentagon Is Ginning Up World War III

That recent Obama crap is carefully timed before the next big war breaks out so that Obama can tell people what a peace maker his Nobel peace-prizin' ass is.

As one visitor to Vault-Co pointed out, the next war will be nuclear because nukes are the only thing left the U.S. military has that actually work. The orbital platforms and space planes are where most of the money is being spent. The reason they have been doing press releases about these things recently instead of keeping them secret is to try to intimidate their enemies with some of the last crap left over from the Cold War that hasn't rusted out or fallen apart from lack of maintenance.

I have this feeling I have gotten from twenty years of reading everything I could get my hands on about this subject that this last stuff is nightmarish. It's death shroud cobalt-60 salted weapons and other devices for wars where nobody gives a damn anymore about how many civilian casualties. The point becomes civilian casualties. If you don't attend to your own civil defense you should not expect your government to expect that you will survive the use of these weapons. When they were first put up there, it was intended seriously that they should serve only as the ultimate deterrent, never to be used. The current administration is a wholly different group of men, with wholly different psychology. They are going to use them.

Amerkwa has no future. It can go out with a bang or it can go out with a whimper. At Vault-Co we have always felt certain it would be a bang. Perhaps given the alternative it is the preferred option.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


You couldn't make this stuff up.

Country collapsing around their ears. Typical extravaganza for Kenyan political leaders while their nation dies. Idi Amin hosted children's carnivals and flew rock stars in for photographs and command performances while his people starved to death in the streets outside and he ate human flesh.

You can take the Kenyan out of Kenya but you can't take Kenya out of the Kenyan.

Sheeple Work Hard At Sheeplin' And Therefore Deserve To Be Shorn

It's one thing if somebody takes over the educational system and hides most of the important information behind a screen of bullsh*t in the mass media. That's bad. The people who are behind that are exceptionally bad people.

On the other hand, a person who aids and abets them in this endeavour consisting of keeping themselves and their own in the dark is worse than just "bad." They are nothing. If they don't mean any more than this to themselves, how little must they think of God? If they believe they are made in his image how could they regard themselves so cheaply? We are called to be children in our hearts - but in our understanding, we are counseled to be as wise as serpents.

What sort of person, where the future of his progeny is concerned, says "I don't know and don't want to know." They are like sheep to a shearer. They are a resource product to be harvested and must not complain when they are prodded to mount the ramp to the slaughterhouse. It is their destiny.

Government Officials Admit : We Are Prepared To Wipe Your Bum For Seven Days After ITZ Hitz

... after that, you're on your own.

Right there, the general Vault-Co meme of the past ten years confirmed : PACK YOUR RICE so that you will eat when food is scarce. Without clean drinking water you will last three days. Without food you might go a month. Trust me, the reality is that you don't want to go eight hours without either. It will seem like eight years that first day that the guffamint stops returning your calls.

Fembot Chickenhawk Sodomites Get Called Out By Dr. Paul

Notice how evenhanded the mass media treats the issue as if there were two sides to this story.

How in God's name if you have never served in the military of your country could you possibly advocate sending troops anywhere in the world to make war on other people? What kind of down-low sodomite tyrant could possibly fail to realize what awesome faggotry that is? What is this whole "tough guy by proxy" business? First we have chief executives who end up in charge of the armed forces like Clinton who never served their country. After that ratbag we've got two more miserable excuses for men, George Bush followed by Barack Obama, ordering one unconstitutional war after another without congressional approval at the behest of the First Israeli Typing Corps.

This is an insane situation and Ron Paul appears to know it.

Newt Gingrich is one fat, sorry, adulterous, lecherous, treacherous creepy man. How do we end up with the very bottom of the gene pool developing ambitions to get on the very top? Gingrich made his choices in life. He's a draft dodging, fornicating, lying, crooked worm who is lower than bubble gum stuck to a taxi tire. His life has demonstrably disqualified him for political office. Ron Paul is simply an upright and virtuous person. It's not complicated. Here's a veteran who has spent most of his life delivering babies and defending the rule of law against these D.C. scumbags. Where is there any comparison at all?

I swear to God, if I were President my first act in office would be to have every one of the Neocons firstborn children bound head to foot and airdropped into Iran with a malfunctioning M-16 and a candy bar. Let their children fight these wars and let us know how it turns out. Miserable, sorry bastards. You wouldn't piss on Newt Gingrich to put him out if he caught fire. There are starving plants somewhere that need that urine more than he does.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

VAULT-OS : Chugging Along Merrily On Code

Scheduling-rostering-logging screens use flexible date/time calendar display. Works good for setting up daily schedule with routines on recurring time intervals ... "Clean and replace air filter screen the first Monday of every month" etc. etc.

Still have everything running in ANSI C. I tried compiling it for Linux and hit a few minor compile bugs, will work on these problems when the Windows version has been released.

Have stylesheet generated on fly now embedded in page, adds maybe 1K to every web page loaded. All colors and styles configurable in command page. Not too keen on the current color scheme and will probably go with a far more readable version in time, maybe black on white with different shades of green to distinguish things. The most outlandish idea I have had pertaining to stylesheets is specifying a VT-100 terminal format for old RS-232 display monitors. Ancient displays but MTBFs measures in hundreds of thousands of hours. Many drivers exist to browse HTML 3.2-4.0 on old terminal devices.

UPDATE: At present the controllers on the device pages are as simple as I can make them, HTML 3.2 compatible even if desired. The first version of VOS will probably feature admin-selectable service types but will only have HTML displays. Hopefully in the next revision after that I will introduce the Raphael library. I have experimented with a lot of different browsers and dynamic HTML/SVG but Raphael appears to work correctly on nearly anything going back to IE 6.0 or thereabouts. Again, there will be some kind of admin switch to use crude HTML displays for controlling devices (switch on/off, analog gauge, etc.) or Raphael sprites where supported on the client.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bolshevists Require Photo ID To Purchase Household Chemicals That May Give Children Superpowers

Obviously, reading Vault-Co.

Seriously though, a world where you have to present photo ID and sign a register to purchase drain cleaner? Did we lose a war, people? Nazi occupation of Europe and North America would have been worse than this? How, exactly? This doesn't sound like freedom. It sounds like a draconian dystopian regime where every aspect of human behaviour is regulated out of existence. The Founding Fathers would've begged Russia to nuke the continent to help them out. Thomas Jefferson would have run through the streets naked screaming and covered in blood with a machete. Ben Franklin would have burned himself alive with gasoline like a Buddhist monk in a suicide protest on the capitol steps.

It's like that joke about the Inquisition where one of the prisoners thanks God he's not being tortured in the peasant gallery.

Does this mean we can end the "War on Terror?" I don't think there is anyone left who envies us because of our freedoms. We don't have any left to envy. I think the Kwanstain has become a nation that people desire to emigrate out of if it is within their means.

Vault-Co told you to get out over a decade ago. It will become increasingly harder to leave over the years, similar to life in Nazi Germany. The early risers are the ones who left a long time back.

Various Monsters Prepared For Post-Apocalyptic Environment

Apparently most insects retain gigantic growth potential in their genes from prior forms millions of years back (we have found fossils of these earlier forms) so it is just a matter of activating those to make them grow 10x normal size. All we need is Peter Graves to do the exposition and we'll have a proper fifties monster movie.

Luckily those earlier forms required more oxygen than we have available today in the atmosphere so they should be fairly slow and wheeze a lot like they are having asthma attacks.

In Fallout 3 they had been researching a method of destroying the oversized ants and they accidentally gave them the power to breathe fire. That sounds like a typical government project gone askew.

What It Is Really All About With Ron Paul

It's about money. It's about cliques and social groups that support you and finance your lifestyle. It's about artificial industries created using tax revenues to make people think they are doing real work. It's parasites, windbags, bloodsuckers and human remora losing their meal tickets. It's swollen ticks getting buttered and pulled off with pliers.

In the unlikely event that Ron Paul ever became President it would end the wild looting spree called governance in the United States. That's why Ron Paul has opposition. Chief amongst these beneficiaries is the biggest parasite of them all and they have a core that will never tolerate cutting their feed lines.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fantastic Civilization Ruins In North America

Read the article but don't put too much stock in the explanations. That's how it works nowadays. Of course they would say it is Native American, what else are they going to do? Overturn all existing orthodoxy? They have a choice between a future with a rich set of grants and funding (mold results to fit orthodoxy) or tell the truth (lose tenure before end of year and finish career flipping burgers). Which do you think a reasonable person would choose given the economy?

We had several of these "native american" mounds within a couple miles of where I grew up in Virginia. Excavating them a while back revealed Phoenician, Sumerian and unknown hieroglyphics inside a deep tomb which extended three stories above and below ground. Right, the migratory guys in the teepees built these, of course.

Vault-Co says these are classic melonhead outposts and they were more common than McDonald's throughout the entire Americas a hundred thousand years ago. Melonhead strip malls and melonhead drive-throughs. Probably air-dropped in kits with easy-to-assemble instructions for the locals. Build your own pyramid using our easy designs! Get the melonhead product catalog this year and browse the amazing deals at low, low prices! In exchange for mining your local resources we can have a complete melonhead mini-fortress operating in your neighborhood within a few short weeks! Imagine the envy of your neighbors when they see your flush toilets and aqueduct systems! Order now and get your first season's crate of fast-growing hybrid seeds to start your agricultural system! Read the testimonials by one satisfied customer after another! But wait! Pick up your signal horn within the next hour and we'll send you a complete contingent of Nephilim guards to serve as your auxiliary security force! Now sterilized and castrated to keep your native women safe from their depredations! Act now, operators are standing by! Go from crude foraging to a truly rewarding lifestyle with the division of labor in record time! You'll wonder how you ever got by without the benefits of melonhead colonizing technology!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Photo Dump At Sparkgap Page

I uploaded a lot of new photos and technical research pics at the "SparkGap" link to the right under "Research and Development."

The Sparkgap wall is now reaching 7 feet high averaging 8 inches thick after mixing and pouring about a million buckets of concrete. This was a good exercise for my planned book about building Vaults from scrap and salvage but next time I think I will hire a concrete truck and do it all in one day. It was a lot of work for one person. I am completing and capping Sparkgap by the end of January if God is willing.

Get A Backbone

Get a backbone. Our ancestors did these kinds of hard times standing on their heads. The number one power the system has over you is making you afraid of losing what you have. Once you get it into your mind to survive no matter what, even if they take away every single thing you have, you will be free. Keep telling yourself you are going to make it. I've been bullsh*tting myself this way for ten years and it is the best personal habit I've ever formed.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, there is a way out. You may have to alter your perspective. You might have to think in a new direction. But you need to remember that all this sh*t is nothing to you if you have your loved ones and your health, it's all just bluff to frighten you.

The mass media tells you that if you can't drop $1000.00 every Saturday at the mall and own the latest plasma TV and the newest model of car you are a nothing as a human being. Well, that is not the value system of your ancestors, who believed that the only people who are nothing in this world are the people who apportion value to people based on their cash holdings. America was not set up as a secular kibbutz klatch for the sons of the devil to compare pimpmobiles. Those are imported values that never really belonged. America was established by deeply religious freemen seeking escape from persecution in England.

You show me a man who is not scared anymore of having something taken away from him and I will show you a whole different kind of man.

I lived on the streets of New York City for nearly three years and was never stronger, smarter, better fed, tougher and happier than during this time. I had no worries because I had nothing to lose. The past twenty years of largely sedentary meaningless work for companies that are all now bankrupt and a crushing mortgage has done more to emasculate me, weaken me and break me down than the bus that hit me in Brooklyn (walked away without a scratch) or the 8 foot behemoth who tried to kill me late one night under the 59th street bridge in Manhattan. Those were just things. It's the humiliating grind of the commute cattle car and the endless meetings and Powerpoint presentations that has nearly ground me into dust over the past couple of decades. Nowadays I rarely raise my voice above a whisper to anybody, twenty years ago I used to throw a man on the curb if he raised his voice to me. The real stress comes from the fear of losing something you have and having to worry about the welfare of those you love. For their sake, I have stayed in character as a man with an IQ of 95 for about the past twenty years. If it wasn't for the Vault-Co blog I'd never break character from morning to night. It is the path of least resistance for me in the (so-called) "workplace." I used to do more work in the first thirty minutes of each morning than all of the people I have known in Australia have done over the past twenty years.

Once you are willing to lose everything, the mediavitzim and the bolshevist occupational government will lose all their power over you. The fear will be in their eyes when that happens, not the other way around. Stop being scared of being scared. You'll see when it happens, it is the anticipation and the dread created inside your mind that is the real threat to you. People who don't know how to laugh at this kind of thing don't make it.

This is why I foresee real trouble in the Kwa during the next 12 months. A lot of these people are going to start realizing for the first time in their lives, they have nothing left that can be stolen from them. Then you're going to see some serious sh*t hit the fan. Do you really think an oligarchy of 2 million can keep 298 million pissed-off people under control? I am familiar with enough history to know that they can't. 298 million rifles is not controllable. The hegemon is going to fail, whether it takes the whole world down with it or goes quietly in the night. Most of you reading this blog know I think it will be the former.

I was talking to a guy at the grocery store yesterday about Australia having no military deterrence to stave off China. Predictably, the Aussie I was talking to spoke about how casually he would oblige a Chinese invasion. I hear this a lot from them, on those occasions you can get them to think about it at all. That's a nothing person. He's not a nothing because he doesn't have enough money or doesn't occupy a certain social class or doesn't drive the right car. Such people are nothing to me because they are nothing to themselves. Don't be a nothing to yourself and you will never be a nothing, ever. If you think you are a child of God then you know that you must have been something to God before you were ever born. You will never be nothing no matter what you do or do not own.

Emerging Volcano In Oregon?

Big ground uplift under the Cascades, everybody has known there is some serious magma down there but it has previously been dormant for at least 40,000 years. Looks like another trouble spot on a planet of trouble spots.

India Experiencing Mass Hysteria and Doomsday Madness From Ongoing Quake Activity

Whole country shaking up like Christchurch, just vibrating constantly. Apparently has tipped towards the ocean a little, who can blame them for being afraid?

Just Doing Sh*t

Remember, it was bad when Adolph Hitler and perhaps Stalin did it. Just do sh*t arbitrarily circumventing the rule of law. When they did it. They were "dictators." Obama is a "hopeychangeywhatever." It's okay when he does it.

The 'Stain is on the verge of completely falling apart and reverting back to the Stone Age.

Russia Determined To Build Doomsday Weapons To Counter U.S. In World War III

Russia knows ITZ COMING.


Tried to make it look like a close race between Romney and Santorum. Ron Paul was shut out entirely.

Who wants to bet that Diebold was crediting all Ron Paul votes to Santorum to avoid Paul sweeping in with a landslide at 44% to Romney's 26% ?

Anybody out there dumb enough to think Rick Santorum won anything, much less "by 8 votes" (all night long, every update was that close!) deserves the government they are about to get. Remember, Santorum gave his word he will start World War III. He personally guaranteed it in advance.

The United States is now a third world country that needs independent observers to supervise their elections. The rule of law has failed.

The Entire Iraq War In 17 Minutes

Here's the truth.

It was just Dr. Strangelove black comedy horrorshow from start to finish.

It was using high tech weaponry to come in from the sky and grind a civilian population to hamburger without cause or justification.

It was over 800,000 non-combatants, people like you and those you meet every day, going about their business and suddenly being killed by a bunch of very sick people pretending they were fighting a war and acting like soldiers and doing horrible, terrible things to ordinary human beings.

It exceeded the imagination of Stanley Kubrick and it left in it's wake an America that no longer deserves to exist.

Modern Science Is A Joke

Increasingly I feel as if I live in a madhouse. I'm not being sarcastic.

In any given week, people's appraisal of the Neanderthals ability level depends on what was published the week prior. They have a selective memory that apparently changes from hour to hour.

All through the 1960's the remarkable kilns and furnaces discovered in Neanderthal camps were all the rage amongst anthropologists. They became politically incorrect and were stricken from memory. The new meme said that Neanderthals didn't even know how to make fire or transport it and in fact survived the entire 400,000 years of the ferocious ice age in Europe without fire. This is such lunacy it boggles the mind that a person could say this with a straight face. They kept this up for about 20 years and the evidence demonstrating otherwise conveniently vanished out of the textbooks.

When I was selling books in New York city in the late 1980's, I always set aside any textbooks I found in estates that appeared to be published before 1969. I would put them into a private box of my own marked for me to read. I never put them up for sale because I knew they were too valuable reflecting the period before political correctness took over the universities.

Last year scienmajists announced the opposite like it was a big revelation, apparently completely unacquainted with any anthropology older than the past 12 months.

Seriously, how easy is it to get a degree in anything nowadays? Standards have dropped to the point where the college degree like the U.S. Dollar isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

Simon Black Explains It In Terms Simple Enough For A Child To Understand

It takes a really bright man to write this succinctly and to the point. You should read this article if you want to understand what is happening right now in the world and what will happen in the year ahead.

Excellent followup on the same site by Paul Craig Roberts.

The classic pattern for these situations is always like 2008-2010 ... the dumb majority believe the reigning government when they are told that this situation is transient and a minor hitch on the way to the globalist utopia. Shortly after this, even the thickest ones begin to realize this is the prelude to something really bad that is coming. They may not be smart enough to know what this is but slow as they are their natural animal instincts overcome their compulsive gullibility. The worst dullards know that there is a terrible shadow on the horizon. At this point it is obvious.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bizarre 11th Hour Attempt By Media To Bolster Up Complete Zero Non-Candidate Against Ron Paul

NAKED VOTE FRAUD : "BALLOT COUNTING HELD IN SECRET LOCATION" (Pardon, what sort of government do these people think a "democracy" is? Vote counting is done in public, not in a secluded clandestine location!!!

Notice how all updated counts always feature Santorum with less than 15 votes difference ahead of Romney! Why, it's almost like a Hollywood movie! How convenient that each time 1000 people vote for Romney, 1008 vote for Santorum!! Santorum, barely mentioned until YESTERDAY as noted here!!!

At the same time, suddenly Murdoch emerges from the shadows urging sheeple to consider Santorum as a candidate ...

UPDATE : Wolf Blitzer at CNN orders soldier's feed cut in mid-sentence during his endorsement of Ron Paul just as he is referring to Israel. Try to avoid viewing CNN in the future, even accidentally. Better yet, get your cable provider to block all these colonial occupational network news shows, I'm looking into it now. We may be watching the biggest electoral fraud in American History if they fake the results for Santorum using Diebold.

Wait, we're not done yet. Suddenly a few hours before voting begins, a flood of media stories portraying the formerly ignored Santorum as a candidate potent enough to stage a sudden upset. Holy Cow, are these people talking about Rick Santorum, an election ghost who fell off the polling radar months ago?!? The same Rick Santorum widely regarded as the second most corrupt member of Congress currently thieving from the American people?!? Rick Santorum, the biggest neocon towelboy Israeli-Firster Shabbas Goy in office?!?!? You gotta be kidding.

I'm allowing my spidey-sense to function here ... I am getting a picture here ... it's fear. This is a good thing. If the sons of the devil wait until the last minute and flail about madly trying to gin up some support for a complete unknown, that tells you they are on the defensive and this is a good thing indeed. Normally as smug as the Grinch who stole democracy, this tells you they are genuinely afraid of Ron Paul. Quoting Arnie from PREDATOR, if it bleeds, that means we can kill it. It is good to see that this monster can bleed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Innsmouth Horror Comes to Planet Earth

The Horror.

Jon Stewart On The Blind Spot

This is an old piece but it is more relevant now than ever.

At some point, if people in the 'Stain want to demonstrate any sanity of any kind, they just have to flat boycott the media. Start the revolution by refusing to watch any news broadcast by these shills for any reason.

I have turned on Fox News in the past for the noise to see what the criminals are planning next. I am resolving as of right now that I will no longer change my cable channel to Fox News for any reason whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and make the same pledge. Even if they are successful, let's not have it on our conscience we funded any more of this crap. This is foreign occupational government news and it needs to be leeched of attention until it wanes and perishes. As the Simpson jingle goes, "Just Don't Look!"

Robert Bast With Some Straight Information On the Popul Vuh and the Aztec Sun Wheel

I've been shocked at the laziness of the mainstream media myself. You just read rehashes of rehashes. None of these shiftless bastards does any real research into the subject, they just hit Google and end up regurgitating the same crap. I have encountered this phenomena for so many subjects - self referential sophistry where all the people involved are simply quoting other people as authorities when in fact those people are themselves just leveraging other source material.