Monday, January 23, 2012

Greece Is The Upbeat Feelgood Hit Of The Summer Compared To What Is Going To Befall Kwanstainia

Greece is in really bad shape. It is as close to ITZ as you can imagine on a local scale. It is unlikely that Greece will ever return to even modest unemployment. The nation has spent all its money and its brains and capital have fled, never to return.

It is nothing compared to what is coming stateside. The U.S. is going to crater really hard, very soon.


Anonymous said...

How the Dollar hegemony is artificially maintained and what happens when it collapses. The correct expression would be "The Fall of Rome is the Upbeat..."

Anonymous said...

Some facts about Greece:

All the brains as you've said have left or are leaving. At the same time the country is invaded on a daily basis by hordes of illegal immigrants due to laws that invite third world immigration by granting automatic citizenship. A clear social-genetic engineering project to force out the useful human capital and replace it with third world low IQ monkeys.

If you own a gun and defend your life and property by injuring an invader you go to prison.

Recently a law was passed where due to the fact that the prisons were regarded "too crowded" every foreigner (aka illegal alien) serving sentence up to 10 years was free to go and get back at robbing and raping because the percentage of illegal aliens serving sentences was seen as "too high" under "hate crime" laws and decided that the best way to fix this is by releasing them. Of course if you happen to be Greek and own taxes to the state there's is not a chance of getting released. You're a threat because you show disobedience to the government. But if you are useful in terrorizing and murdering the sheeple and keeping them quiet and docile then you're free to go.

I've already posted a link where it shows that the the state actually sponsors and encourages child rape and sexual perversion.

An orthodox monk was imprisoned supposedly because of a real estate scandal that was never proven, and despite the fact that not a single one of the politicians allegedly involved was imprisoned or persecuted by the law. His real "crime" was that he visited personally Vladimir Putin about two months ago and with his imprisonment the state also shows how much it hates Christianity.

A leading figure of the government recently stated that elections should be "postponed indefinitely" until "the situation is resolved", and that even in the event there is a new government this shouldn't come be from electoral process but by mandate (from the Overlords). It's as you've said, Tex. If elections mattered they would be outlawed. This is what happened in this case. I forgot to mention that this government official frequently refers to Russia as "undemocratic" and to the fully legitimate Russian government as "regime" and supports interventions in Libya, Syria and Iran to bring "democracy" and restore "human rights".

So how long would you give such a country to survive? Two months? Three months? About every reason of societal collapse you've described on this blog can be found here. I doubt even the KWA will ever match this.

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2012 7:04 AM
". A clear social-genetic engineering project to force out the useful human capital and replace it with third world low IQ monkeys."

This is how you know you are living in a "White" country:

They Demand massive immigration and forced integration for your country, until the people in it, are blended out of existence.

And it ain't no experiment. It is deliberate genocide. They aren't demanding the same for non-White countries. They want White people to disappear from the Earth and they are doing it.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

IMF has asked Australia to help bail out Europe after 40 years of attacking Australia with now unaffordable protection/subsidies for their goods. I say tell them to get stuffed!