Sunday, January 29, 2012

Globowarmthinkery Is Rebranded Druidism

There is no science to be found in this "science."

People never change. If they aren't defending one religion, it's another. The same kind of people who wanted to burn heretics a few centuries ago are busy dehumanizing opposition to global warming now. Homo Sapiens will never change. He is incapable of making anything better. Sapiens is the literal incarnation of decay and decline.

Sapiens picks an orthodoxy and then he persecutes those who he perceives as challenging it. He is a monkey in manpants and will never be anything more.


Anonymous said...

"The same kind of people who wanted to burn heretics a few centuries ago"

John Calvin? Was he sapiens?

Anonymous said...

Greenland map used as "proof" of accelerating melting ice due to global warming found to be a FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

The Great Purge: Global warming activists seek to purge 'deniers' among local weathermen:

Ghostwriter said...

This is Human beings pretty much in a nutshell. I have observed that peoples worldview will inevitably become their Religion, The Truth, carved in stone. And it will be feverishly defended. There is no schooling such MoFos. Sad but True.

Anonymous said...

Ghostwriter: The pursuit of truth is in the nature of most men, and the truth(pun intended) is that most truth is relative. Every idea of truth is an individual concept. The inquisitions and persecutions of old relied on that because by reason or instinct man knows that dissent is not always the means to end the lies and begin the truth... many times it is merely the way to create multiple and conflicting truths.

It turns out that even the guy that claims to be a wild free thinker ends up embracing an orthodoxy of his own, willingly or not. Actually, you can say the the pursuit of truth is the pursuit of orthodoxy. Once you find something to be true, it becomes a rule, and by those rules you become orthodox. The author of this blog is an example. He has cemented rich(and perhaps insane) truths and adhered to them passionately. They have become his orthodoxy.

If you doubt me just look at the thousands upon thousands of bickering Christian denominations spawned since the division of the eastern and western churches. Freedom of dissent is very nice, until minor theological disagreements cause bloody wars and brotherly division. It is a phenom that is not exclusive to religiom. It is actually more frequent in politics and social norms even.

Sometimes I wish the inquisition had been successfull. Maybe we would be better off, even with blood soiled hands. We would certainly be free from the common infiltrators and traitors we have eating away at our civilization. Maybe the innocents that were burned by the catholics and protestants are compensated by the satanists, defilers, crypto-jews and blasphemers that were righteously turned to ashes by them.

One Angry Goat said...

Hey Tex, interested in what you might think about this.

Watched a show recently called 10000 years after humans. Basicly its a show about if man totally vanished from the face of the Earth and what would happen to our structures. Basicly it came to the point that all our building would collapsed. Ironically it showed a picture of New York in 10,000 years of green fields and new hills. The hills of course being the rubble of collapsed steel and concrete structure. Quite serene. Anyway.. I have often thought about the iron ore resources in WA's Pilbara. I saw a 12 ton boulder of iron ore. What struck me was how it was all in nice clean layers.. compressive layers.. kind of like the rubble from 911. I know you have mentioned we werent the first advanced civ and one cant wonder.. are all these dense iron ore deposits actualyl the remains of collapsed 10 or 15000 year old civs.. Be interested in your thoughts mate.

Texas Arcane said...

Would be hilarious if it turned out successive civilizations have been mining and building with the "raw" resources left behind by the collapse of previous societies. It would be the last word in recycling.