Friday, January 20, 2012

Gingrich Confesses In Public He Is A Traitorous Draft-Dodging Amoral Quisling Working For Another Government

He was not coy. I will give him that. At least he didn't try to dodge the question like most of the others.


UPDATE : Gingrich sweeps South Carolina, despite no Gingrich supporters to be found in South Carolina! Another victory for Diebold Voting Machines! It's amazing what a billion dollars can buy nowadays! Like an election, for example!

The creepy Lewis Carroll world where Gingrich is "surging in the polls" despite the fact nobody is showing up at his rally halls. Wait, will Diebold machines show this grifter was elected by a landslide, even if nobody can be found who actually put a ballot in the box for him?

Here is another closet cocksucker getting paid to betray his own nation in exchange for keeping his queer exploits a secret. Bauer was apparently the target of a Mossad honeypot sting (with a young man) while visiting Israel on a paid junket (complete with hidden video, perhaps) and has been on a very short leash ever since. Very similar to curious swayback traitor Lindsay Graham.

Israel no longers bothers to conceal how it does business in the 'Stain since JFK's murder-for-hire. Are you a patriot who worries about the welfare of your own country? Then Mossad may put a bullet in your head.


Anonymous said...

The Secret Service said it is looking into a recent op-ed from an Atlanta publisher that floated the idea of green-lighting Israeli Mossad agents to assassinate President Obama in order to improve Israel's security against enemies like Iran.

Anonymous said...

"Are you a patriot who worries about the welfare of your own country? Then Mossad may put a bullet in your head."

Being a leader looking after national interests is verboten nowadays. If you do so you are being smeared as "dictator" and "tyrant".

Anonymous said...

5-Year-Old European Girl Attacked While Camping In New Zealand | Fox News

A 16-year-old male youth was charged with sexually violating a five-year-old girl in Turangi
Tactless judge horrifies parents

The parents of a five-year-old European girl who was raped at a Turangi campground are horrified by a judge's comments that her alleged attacker looked "very smart".

The parents urged Judge Jocelyn Munro to consider their daughter's feelings after the judge also invited the alleged attacker's mother to read out a prayer by her 16-year-old son that asked God to make him a man.

In a statement, the parents, who have had to remain in New Zealand until their daughter is well enough to travel, say the remarks, made at a court hearing last week, were out of place. "We urge the court to consider the impact this has had and will continue to have for years on our daughter and our family," they said.

"We find it difficult to believe that this boy who did this to our daughter three weeks ago can write beautiful prayers to God now.

"Our daughter was fast asleep when this boy violated her and stole something from her that can never be returned.

"We felt the judge's comment about the offender's smart looking [appearance] was out of place. We were concerned when we read them. We hope that we will be represented well in the court."

Officials also confirmed for the first time yesterday that the girl had lost some of her teeth in the attack.

The December 21 incident at a Turangi campsite led to an outpouring of national shame.

Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar said New Zealand had been "disgusted" by the case. "The outpouring of donations and shame reflects how New Zealanders are feeling and the judge has got it wrong."

Judge Munro's comments provoked widespread concern on internet forums and social networking sites.

The little girl had to undergo four hours of surgery at Waikato Hospital. The surgeon who performed facial reconstruction surgery on her was disturbed by her injuries.

White anti-White, Judge. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

953 dead people voted in SC primary