Friday, January 20, 2012

GFC? You Have Not Seen A GFC Yet.

This "GFC" neat little media tag on the worst depression in world history is just another way of diverting real concern by making it into a cute catchphrase. Whenever I hear people using it I regard it as the sort of word games played by children going through a dark alley alone. It is self-comforting self-grooming vain nonsense to define this situation this way and just more proof that this generation cannot cope with the problems they have created.

The second a little reality starts to bite, the sunglasses come on and they go for the David Caruso one-liner. They think they are going to cool their way out of real life. Real life is a little bit harder than all that, fellows. Being capable of making all these problems doesn't imply the wisdom to then fix them all up. The opposite, in fact.

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