Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Pack it up good. Pack it deep.

Everything mixes with rice. Rice plus anything else can become a filling meal. People have survived terrible famines by pulling up a handful of boiled shoots and adding a little meat or protein to rice. It's not an ideal diet by any stretch of the imagination but it will get you through.

I have also recommended oats many times on this blog. With some brown sugar mixed in, you almost get enough calories to keep your body heat and energy levels high enough to last to supper. The people who emerged from the Ukrainian Holodomor did it with the help of oats, honey and salt.

If you can appreciate how little it takes to complement rice you can appreciate the utility of a self-contained, standalone hydroponics rack that can be easily moved or set up in any location, including indoors or underground out of sight of your neighbors. This is why we are always going on about this micro-hydroponics lab run primarily by very low power automation. You can see the usefulness of a modular, simple to maintain mini-garden without soil that could be installed in back of a closet. Especially with all the bizarre demonic attempts going on at the moment to outlaw all private horticulture.

I have worried that I might spend a lot of time cultivating a garden out back and a single storm or unexpected climate shift could wipe out months of work in a matter of minutes. Every time I have considered it seriously it is something I want surrounded by concrete below the surface and out of view from varmints on four and two legs.


Anonymous said...

Panetta admits Iran not developing nukes

Anonymous said...

Rice. Oats. Brown sugar.

Where will you get your diabetic supplies when the SHTF?

Sam said...

If you buy parboiled rice it has more nutrients than polished rice. It's my understanding that whole grain rice spoils faster.
Very tasty.

"What is the difference between converted rice(parboiled rice the same) and other rice?"

Anonymous said...

It is incorrect to believe that diet "causes" diabetes. Diabetes is genetic. A diabetic diet can be used to minimize the symptoms but it won't cure it. And a diet that is contrary to a diabetic diet (such as rice, oats and brown sugar) won't give you diabetes. You catch it from your parents not your food.

Sam said...

I've tried all kinds of indoor growing methods. Hands down best is Hempy Bucket Method. Google it. Lots of links. Most people use it to grow weed but it works well for all plants.
Some of the best fertilizer is Jack’s Professional Hydroponic 5-12-26 and Jack’s Professional Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 in combination. Prices are very reasonable in the larger sizes.

Anonymous said...

Rice with vegetables and a bit of fish: Yes, I'm eating it right now.

Consider an electric rice cooker for use now. The digital timer will allow you to fill it with rice, grains, and a few things that need to soak (beans); then have the rice cooker begin cooking several hours later (say, first thing in the morning).

Also store vegetable oils. Rice + oil gives you your carbo + fat calories. (Animal fats are good; but vegetable oils are so easy to store in a cool, dry, dark place.)

To store rice in plastic jugs: a 50 pound sack of rice fills 7 one gallon jugs. (And a single gallon of rice doesn't last all that long if rice is commonly on your menu.)

Anonymous said...

Honey is good too. I understand unprocessed Honey is a natural anti-biotic.

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Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25

Read recent papers by Sayer Ji on the problems with WAG [wheat-associated glycopeptide]

Celiac patients are the mere tip of the iceberg; subclinical effects are probably WIDELY seen. It's not carbs, it's whaet-based carbs. One of the target sites for tissue damage is the PANCREAS ... which is nothing more than a "specialized-skin" that connects to the absorptive tube of the upper GI mucosa. Central Metabolic Syndrome is probably an expression of longterm exposure to WAG

Wheat and oats are gluten and gliadin rich

Rice ? notsomuch

Not many diabetics in Asia, unless the switch to G/G grains

See "gliadorphin" if you want to begin to understand the curse of the Roman Empire


Anonymous said...

"Not many diabetics in Asia"? Diabetes is genetic. Some races have high rates of diabetes; blacks, American Indians, Central and South Americans. But there are indeed many diabetic Asians who are unaware they are diabetic. In fact it is common in Asia for people to be unaware of many serious illnesses and even die from those illnesses and their family never knows what they died of. The truth is we don't know what percentage of Asians are diabetic because they never get tested for diabetes. It has nothing to do with either wheat or rice, it is a genetic disease.