Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fluoride Linked To Severe Cases Of Death

Thank heaven it is protecting you from tooth decay. Oh wait.


Anonymous said...

Ja, but ze teeth vill be so clean !

Und zo hard ! ... just like ze arteries !

In your "Doctor Doom" post comments below is proof that some do not process data. There are so many Indicators in play right now that the only reasonable Indication is that massive scheisse is inevitable. Run the scenarios ... scheisse. Run 'em again ... uberScheisse. I particularly love the quip about the US and China being equivalent. Apparently this person hasn't seen much of the urban Detritus and Cultimulcheralism that's standard issue in the land. Or how empty the roads were Monday as we worshipped the Black Huckster.

The rest of the world ain't buyin the Affirmative Devolution scam.

Prepare Accordingly.

Anonymous said...

This is a case of the tin foil hats throwing out more crap against the wall to see what might stick. Interestingly because some towns, counties and states do not use flouride and others do it would be OBVIOUS if this story were true. But in fact there is zero evidence of widespread death and disease in areas with flouride added to the water and no outbreak of centanarian in areas without flouride added to the water. This is nothing more then another whacky theory put out there by special interest groups.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:44

It's not any difference in motality rates, it's differences in etiology

and those reaching the century mark would be "centenarians"

Check out mortality rates in the US, say ... Texas, while looking up "flourosis"

Then come back when you've got some epidemiologic juice

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more then another whacky theory put out there by special interest groups."

As usual, your logic is flawed.

Who benefits financially, from taking fluoride out of water????


Anonymous said...

January 18, 2012 8:05 AM
"This is nothing more then another whacky theory put out there by special interest groups."

These are the special interest groups that will benefit, if fluoride is removed from water.

Its a conspiracy! lol

Rowan said...

My teeth have been PERFECT and a tiny cavity has been getting better since going on a paleo diet and taking cod liver oil as a supplement. I need to buy or print off a copy of Weston A Price's 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' for my old dentist. Although he'll probably burn it.

You know Tex, I don't doubt that every problem of man has been solved countless times in the past, we just constantly fail to remember the solutions.

Another magnetic reversal, another man spends a decade of his life solving vault construction problems.

Anonymous said...

In order for flouride to be responsible for illness or causing early deaths it would have to show up statistically as more illness and early deaths in places with flouride in the water vs places without flouride. For better or worse what we have had in the U.S. for the last 60 years is a classic study of exactly that, i.e. we have many locals in the U.S. who have not flouridated their water and many places who have. So what is the result of this unintentional study? No difference!! Do you even understand that?? Don't deflect by claiming it is about "etiology". I am beginning to suspect you do not understand the data and are more comfortable with the superstition based theories.

Anonymous said...

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

By Paul Connett, PhD and other members of the Fluoride Action Network (including James Beck, MD, PhD, Michael Connett, JD, Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD, David McRae and Spedding Micklem, D.Phil.)

Anonymous said...

50 reasons to oppose it but not because it causes illness or early death. I never said I thought it was a good idea, I don't even favor it. But for better or worse it hasn't caused any descernible harm. I would be happy to see the practice end. My only dog in this fight is truth and certainly not flouride.

Anonymous said...

To the disbelivers, do you have no concept of how a chemical - in this case fluoride - can gradually accumulate over years, YEARS, in your body. Then it has effects on other things, that either excacerbate a problem or deteriorate something else. When the problem is noted it is noted as cancer or alzheimers or heart disease. But the factors that CAUSE a cancer are never put in the autopsy.
Wake up.

Texas Arcane said...

The real danger is the way it binds aluminium up in the brain tissue.

Don't let me stop you, though. Drink up.

Anonymous said...

The freakin' MSDS of NaF lists it as a poison and a health hazard FFS...

- deadman

Anonymous said...

But that is the point. If it caused cancer then we would see cancer clusters in every city with flouridated water and no cancer clusters in cities without flouridated water. Simple as that. But what do we find? No difference. As for binding aluminum, lets assume that's true. Again no difference in life spans, health or anything. So where is the harm???

Anonymous said...

January 21, 2012 3:21 PM
"So where is the harm???"

DUH... 50 reasons were not enough for you???

1) It is medication that is being administered, without consent.

2) It is not pharmaceutical grade.

3) The dosage each person receives, cannot be controlled.

4) It is listed as a poison.

5) It is proven it does nothing, to improve the health of people's teeth.

Anyone that persists in arguing for its continued use, after reading those points, must have had their IQ lowered to idiocy levels - quite possibly from drinking fluoride.

As Tex says, you should drink up. If we are lucky, your IQ will fall so low, you won't be able to start your computer any longer.

Anonymous said...

You have not shown any harm. What you have offerred is objections. No illness, no early deaths, no health effects at all can be attributed to flouride. All you have is rhetoric. Again I agree it was never a good idea and should probably be ended but I cannot support lying about it to accomplish those things.

Anonymous said...

"You have not shown any harm."

FFS! Read the 50 Reasons and do not comment again, you bloody fool.

Not even the authorities have an answer for the 50 Reasons, so neither does a random idiot, like you.

Texas Arcane said...

I encourage all remaining people skeptical at this point to drink up. Drink hearty. Have another glass for me and make it a big one.