Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fembot Chickenhawk Sodomites Get Called Out By Dr. Paul

Notice how evenhanded the mass media treats the issue as if there were two sides to this story.

How in God's name if you have never served in the military of your country could you possibly advocate sending troops anywhere in the world to make war on other people? What kind of down-low sodomite tyrant could possibly fail to realize what awesome faggotry that is? What is this whole "tough guy by proxy" business? First we have chief executives who end up in charge of the armed forces like Clinton who never served their country. After that ratbag we've got two more miserable excuses for men, George Bush followed by Barack Obama, ordering one unconstitutional war after another without congressional approval at the behest of the First Israeli Typing Corps.

This is an insane situation and Ron Paul appears to know it.

Newt Gingrich is one fat, sorry, adulterous, lecherous, treacherous creepy man. How do we end up with the very bottom of the gene pool developing ambitions to get on the very top? Gingrich made his choices in life. He's a draft dodging, fornicating, lying, crooked worm who is lower than bubble gum stuck to a taxi tire. His life has demonstrably disqualified him for political office. Ron Paul is simply an upright and virtuous person. It's not complicated. Here's a veteran who has spent most of his life delivering babies and defending the rule of law against these D.C. scumbags. Where is there any comparison at all?

I swear to God, if I were President my first act in office would be to have every one of the Neocons firstborn children bound head to foot and airdropped into Iran with a malfunctioning M-16 and a candy bar. Let their children fight these wars and let us know how it turns out. Miserable, sorry bastards. You wouldn't piss on Newt Gingrich to put him out if he caught fire. There are starving plants somewhere that need that urine more than he does.


Anonymous said...

Israel vows treat hackers like other 'terrorists'

The lunatics run the asylum, that is Israel. lol

Anonymous said...

Alcoholics for Newt Gingrich

Anonymous said...

Keep givin' em the Hellfire, Preach.

Anonymous said...

Too restrained tex