Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fantastic Civilization Ruins In North America

Read the article but don't put too much stock in the explanations. That's how it works nowadays. Of course they would say it is Native American, what else are they going to do? Overturn all existing orthodoxy? They have a choice between a future with a rich set of grants and funding (mold results to fit orthodoxy) or tell the truth (lose tenure before end of year and finish career flipping burgers). Which do you think a reasonable person would choose given the economy?

We had several of these "native american" mounds within a couple miles of where I grew up in Virginia. Excavating them a while back revealed Phoenician, Sumerian and unknown hieroglyphics inside a deep tomb which extended three stories above and below ground. Right, the migratory guys in the teepees built these, of course.

Vault-Co says these are classic melonhead outposts and they were more common than McDonald's throughout the entire Americas a hundred thousand years ago. Melonhead strip malls and melonhead drive-throughs. Probably air-dropped in kits with easy-to-assemble instructions for the locals. Build your own pyramid using our easy designs! Get the melonhead product catalog this year and browse the amazing deals at low, low prices! In exchange for mining your local resources we can have a complete melonhead mini-fortress operating in your neighborhood within a few short weeks! Imagine the envy of your neighbors when they see your flush toilets and aqueduct systems! Order now and get your first season's crate of fast-growing hybrid seeds to start your agricultural system! Read the testimonials by one satisfied customer after another! But wait! Pick up your signal horn within the next hour and we'll send you a complete contingent of Nephilim guards to serve as your auxiliary security force! Now sterilized and castrated to keep your native women safe from their depredations! Act now, operators are standing by! Go from crude foraging to a truly rewarding lifestyle with the division of labor in record time! You'll wonder how you ever got by without the benefits of melonhead colonizing technology!


Anonymous said...

AHa...ahaha...ahaha. Oh please stop it Tex. My entire desk is a mess from the coffee I spilled while reading you post. Absolutely brilliant. Incredibly funny and informative at the same time.

This will be preserved for posterity under "Melonheads, Reptilians and Nephilim in the Midwest.txt".

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the "native American tribes" are paid to insist that these sites cannot be excavated because they are "sacred" or whatnot.

Or maybe the "tribes" don't want them explored because it will show proof that they weren't the "first people"?

If obviously Caucasian mummies were found, as well as giants or artifacts that cannot ever be fitted into the current accepted bullsh*t of the religion/pseudoscience of modern-day archeology, then a lot of people will lose their gravy train jobs.

Anonymous said...

Cahokia is pretty impressive Tex: not a 'mound' but a pyramid of compacted earth.

You don't realize how gigantic it is until you walk up to it and it is father away than you think; then you notice the tiny figures of a few people walking along the top.

Only 100 feet or so high, it has probably slumped a bit over the centuries. Walking around the Cahokia pyramid is something that I have never done, because it would be quite a long walk actually.

The area of the base of Cahokia is the same size as the Pyramid of the Sun in Aztec Mexico; it's likely that the builders up here knew and traded with the Aztecs and the Maya. Even arctic artifacts have been found around, showing wide trade.

The size of the bases of both the Cahokia and the Mexico pyramids is also the same size as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Maybe that Egyptian or Phonician mariners crossed the Atlantic; whether they ever got back home is another question.

It's almost certain that the Basque fishermen from the Azores were fishing the Grand Banks and drying Cod fish on Cape Cod and Nova Scotia before the dried fish were shipped back to Medieval Europe in the 1200s and 1300s. The Grand Banks are closer to the Azores than England is.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, thanks Tex. I always heard about those Mounds and the Mound Builders, but nary a word about what was actually inside. I mean I knew that the Bureau of Indian Affairs had probably closed down all investigation, but surely someone had dug inside at some point. Know I now why - the Conspiracy of Silence. They didn't find what they expected, what they needed to find.

The personal is political? Everything is political in a decaying Society.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cahokia is old news. I have no idea why that paper printed the story.

It was a center for trade and probably the largest settlement in North America, with perhaps 15,000 people living there at its highest point.

There is no evidence of Caucasians. They have found remains there. Indians.

Anonymous said...

New bridge going in now from St. Louis to Illinois, it doesn't really go near the big Cahokia site, but there are (or were) other mounds all over. Still a big one in south City.

Agree. Indian cities. But with wide trade, probably some distant visitors passed through.

North and South America are huge, and likely all sorts of travelers showed up, in particular localities, over the centuries, before Columbus grabbed all the press: (Polynesians, Chinese, Japanese, African, Basque, Viking, Scot, Irish, Phonecian, Chukchi).