Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Entire Iraq War In 17 Minutes

Here's the truth.

It was just Dr. Strangelove black comedy horrorshow from start to finish.

It was using high tech weaponry to come in from the sky and grind a civilian population to hamburger without cause or justification.

It was over 800,000 non-combatants, people like you and those you meet every day, going about their business and suddenly being killed by a bunch of very sick people pretending they were fighting a war and acting like soldiers and doing horrible, terrible things to ordinary human beings.

It exceeded the imagination of Stanley Kubrick and it left in it's wake an America that no longer deserves to exist.


Anonymous said...

I'm filled with shame watching this

The Universal Spirit is about to bring punishment upon us. There may be some mercy in It, but not in those about to descend on us.

I pray for the Remnant

Anonymous said...

This video is a primer for what's in store for the kwazian domestic evildoers-terrorists in the near future.

Picture a food riot being strafed with 30MM chain guns. Coming to a city near you.

And the killers? They'll be laughing and making cute little comments just like these morons did as they slaughter their fellow Kwazions.

Oath Keepers, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Look at what the serpent race is doing to children and how it promotes its sexual perversion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50
I thought the same thing when I first watched this when it was leaked (last spring?).

Anonymous said...

fallujah massacre documentary.


Anonymous said...

Fukk the Kwa I will be laughing when it burns