Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Relaxation of Selection

Very possibly the most important thing we have ever linked to on Vault-Co.

Britain, Europe and America have no critical mass of human capital left and to quote Lothrup Stoddard ... we could lose all our bridges, buildings and infrastructure to rubble and yet we would rebuild it in ten years if we still had our best genetic stock. If we lost those sharp faculties of perception and problem solving to dissolution then we could not rebuild any of it given ten thousand years. There is no positive thinking, good intentions or beautiful platitudes that would change this outcome by an iota.

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Ghostwriter said...

This is pretty fucking bad news, shit is getting real and as usual the Hoi Polloi isnt even aware that a threath exists. My country might bloody nearly make it, but also might NOT. Too bad the Kwa all ready used up most of available empty land, so white ppl cant just hop on a new island this time. Looks like " we´ll settle with a good dust up " as Bill the Butcher said.