Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disposal Of Resources Once They Are Expended Is A Burden On The State

This is why they are pushing that liquification technology.

When they are done with you, they intend to do away with the old fashioned notion of funerals and ceremonial rituals to commemorate humans as if they were anything but meat. The secular view is that they are now outside their usefulness and the most efficient form of disposal would be to convert them into a brown paste and flush them down the sewer, with no evidence they ever existed.

Of course, you could always feed them back to other livestock when they were done, as was the practice for decades in Britain. This way you are still able to squeeze a few more pennies out of their corpses even after they have passed their working span.

All the notions of the stock animals that they are unique creations of this imaginary "God" and the derived rights of man are being swiftly stripped away. Freedom of speech and association, any notion of privacy, these are all reserved as rights of the elite. The beasts shall work until they die, as quietly as possible. They shall be branded as property of the barnyard they are assigned to.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cleve, and other Vault Co readers, check out this latest 'finding' from todays top scientist 'minds'

Honestly, these 'tards get paid to conjure up these 'studies' from thin fucking air or what?