Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diebold Tries To Head Off Fraud Charges in Iowa

Rick Santorum rocketed from nowhere in 48 hours to win Iowa, despite being a polling non-event for the past six months there. Yes, that really happened. The televitz said itz true.

Diebold probably started sweating over increasing talk of fraud so they decided to close the matter by simply making Santorum fall out of the campaign. I do not believe for an instant he even got 9%, that's baloney.

Join me in calling for international observers to supervise elections in the Kwanstain the same way they do in third world hellholes.


Anonymous said...

The nobody comes from nowhere, wins and then vanishes into the night again. This has only made it look more suspicious.

This guy was being made fun of days before for being such an unknown when he was mentioned

Anonymous said...

Who do I write to request international observers for the US election?


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