Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dave Chappelle On White Collar Criminals

Chappelle rules. If he were white he couldn't get away with it.

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Anonymous said...

Chappelle is good. He often speaks truths that few others would dare. Notice he was also one of the few to speak of (in interviews on MSM) the NWO agenda and the consant efforts to undermine men, crush those who disagree and prevent the sheeple from pulling themselves up. He highlights it with simple truths and shows that there are larger agendas and powerful people behind the scenes controlling these celebrities.

Africans in America could have gone the way of their older generations, slowly educating themselves and improving their arts. Instead they were deliberately fed garbage, shown TV where their heroes cross dress and act like chimps and given "kill whitey" messages instead of "improve yourself, follow the lessons and aspire". I think Chappelle understood this instinctively at a young age, focused thanks to trauma and stress with both terrible and soulless Hollywood types and family loss and this is what saved him from the path of pimping himself out to the 'stains media scum forever.

I think you'd like a lot of Chappelle's stuff. There's some good performances and non-performance materials (mostly interviews)and those are really worth watching.