Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doctors Are Worse Than Useless

Notice how about fifty years ago the medical cartel closed it's power completely over health care, right about the time everybody started to get cancer? Do you know that it is much worse than simply a complete lack of innovation for a half century? It is active steps to make people sick and assist them in dropping dead.

Whoever constitutes the membership of the medical monopoly, they are very bad human beings. You should never let them touch you unless it is life-threatening or a mechanical problem like a broken bone.


ProsperousPoe said...

hi. people are getting cancer more now because we are living longer. as our cells replicate longer shit breaks off in a way that disrupts the process from being legit.

conversely we need the process to renew our cells.

Anonymous said...

SHTF....Old Time Forgotten Survival Tip

Real simple, but a good lesson.

Anonymous said...

Anti-depressants don't work:

Another multi-billion dollar business based on selling snake oil.

Anonymous said...

My ravaged liver and gut says yes, don't let doctors touch you. Fuck the sapiens establishment.