Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bizarre 11th Hour Attempt By Media To Bolster Up Complete Zero Non-Candidate Against Ron Paul

NAKED VOTE FRAUD : "BALLOT COUNTING HELD IN SECRET LOCATION" (Pardon, what sort of government do these people think a "democracy" is? Vote counting is done in public, not in a secluded clandestine location!!!

Notice how all updated counts always feature Santorum with less than 15 votes difference ahead of Romney! Why, it's almost like a Hollywood movie! How convenient that each time 1000 people vote for Romney, 1008 vote for Santorum!! Santorum, barely mentioned until YESTERDAY as noted here!!!

At the same time, suddenly Murdoch emerges from the shadows urging sheeple to consider Santorum as a candidate ...

UPDATE : Wolf Blitzer at CNN orders soldier's feed cut in mid-sentence during his endorsement of Ron Paul just as he is referring to Israel. Try to avoid viewing CNN in the future, even accidentally. Better yet, get your cable provider to block all these colonial occupational network news shows, I'm looking into it now. We may be watching the biggest electoral fraud in American History if they fake the results for Santorum using Diebold.

Wait, we're not done yet. Suddenly a few hours before voting begins, a flood of media stories portraying the formerly ignored Santorum as a candidate potent enough to stage a sudden upset. Holy Cow, are these people talking about Rick Santorum, an election ghost who fell off the polling radar months ago?!? The same Rick Santorum widely regarded as the second most corrupt member of Congress currently thieving from the American people?!? Rick Santorum, the biggest neocon towelboy Israeli-Firster Shabbas Goy in office?!?!? You gotta be kidding.

I'm allowing my spidey-sense to function here ... I am getting a picture here ... it's fear. This is a good thing. If the sons of the devil wait until the last minute and flail about madly trying to gin up some support for a complete unknown, that tells you they are on the defensive and this is a good thing indeed. Normally as smug as the Grinch who stole democracy, this tells you they are genuinely afraid of Ron Paul. Quoting Arnie from PREDATOR, if it bleeds, that means we can kill it. It is good to see that this monster can bleed.


Hot August Night said...

Ron Paul has a roaring campaign behind him this time. If he could kneecap Newt Gingrich that quick, he should be able to completely dismantle Rick Santorum [n] if that unelectable clown does look like being seriously primed for the role. That leaves them with Batshit Bachman, the self-defeating Rick Perry and of course Romney. If I were Romney I'd be concerned at being RP's primary opponent throughout the campaign.

Watch them wheel out Donald Trump as a spoiler next. I'm half expecting Trump to make an announcement if/when Ron Paul wins Iowa or Virginia - so that the Trump story would be the only headline.

Anonymous said...

The terror is palpable. The all powerful occupational government is seriously worried they cannot wean the peoples off their RP mania. You see he is unelectable they say sounding totally crazy. He cannot be elected in other words.

Anonymous said...

So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President?

Bill Sardi has a nice read

I'm so fucking sick of us wasting ourselves in the Middle east and Trashcanistan, when we have energy resources here. No matter who wins, we've devolved. The Patient is terminal, since it's full of sepsis - cultimultiBS and PC crapola. We import pathology [literally - can you say Public Health?] and are then surprised that we've morphed into a Turd World O/S

Paul would be a great Prez ... for a day, before he gets whacked by a ZombieRighWingTeaParty terrorist.

Paul is nah guh hapn. The PTB will not allow it.

Given that reality, Prepare Accordingly


Anonymous said...

It was funny hearing "Rush" spin Santorum today. What a couple of ass hats.

Anonymous said...

The Republican establishment is afraid that Paul is unelectable, and of course he holds contrary views on many subjects.

It's been a strange campaign season. The conservatives want Anyone But Romney yet no one has really been able to hold onto a lead.

Anonymous said...

7 pm CST (now) Ron Paul leading Iowa with 33 percent.

Buy your stickers, etc here; keep a few extra in your car; you'll have some extra to give to others who mention "I like your politics."

(I got mine here, lowest prices around.)

Alexander Supertramp said...

I'd like to see some demographic stats on who exactly is turning up to vote in Iowa. Who has the motivation to leave home in the middle of winter to sit through hours of monotonous final speeches in a drab town hall for the pleasure of voting for one of these donkeys? If all registered party members had a chance to vote from home I wonder how the results would fall?

Anonymous said...

Soldier censored on LIVE tv for saying something anti-war and pro-Ron Paul.

From what I understand Ron Paul gets more donations from serving soldiers, than ALL of the other candidates combined.

Anonymous said...

Even if Paul loses, this will not be the end of it. Paul has reminded real Americans what they have lost and how they can take it all back.

And as you see, the people that control the MSM are so arrogant, they overplay their hand and will continue to do so.

This is just the beginning folks. :)

Anonymous said...

Iowa Caucus: The Vote Stealing Has Begun

This is why I take no interest in voting politics. No one ever votes in revolutions. Activism is the only way.

Anonymous said...

How democrassy works:

Anonymous said...

TBH, I don't care if Ron Paul is elected. He is a politician and will disappoint like all the rest.

No one follows the Constitution anymore, not even Paul. They all follow politically correct versions and what is politically correct, changes every year.

Whatever happened to, "I don't like what you say, but I'll fight for your right to say it"?

They used to say that in America. They don't say it any more. Not even Ron Paul has the balls to say it.

America is finished. Get over it. There is nothing to see here. Move along. :)