Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Photo Dump At Sparkgap Page

I uploaded a lot of new photos and technical research pics at the "SparkGap" link to the right under "Research and Development."

The Sparkgap wall is now reaching 7 feet high averaging 8 inches thick after mixing and pouring about a million buckets of concrete. This was a good exercise for my planned book about building Vaults from scrap and salvage but next time I think I will hire a concrete truck and do it all in one day. It was a lot of work for one person. I am completing and capping Sparkgap by the end of January if God is willing.


Anonymous said...

its ... so ... beautiful ... fallout erection ...

Anonymous said...

As promised, here is that video, showing the nature of Ron Paul's followers:

This old guy is having a private conversation, with some young conservatives at CPAC, and he is interrupted by goons and they demand his Campaign for Liberty badge.

If you want, watch the whole video, to see the general tone of the conversation.

It starts out shaky, due to the heavy brainwashing these kids received in school, but then it becomes polite on both sides, as ideas are freely exchanged.

Then harassment from a swarthy looking fellow, from outside the group begins and finally, goons are summoned.

14.50 is when the goons show up and start demanding his private property.

And notice a voice at the end saying, he wanted to hear what the man had to say. It didn't matter.

Watch the whole video, if you want to see what the so called "Liberty" people are really like.

If you think Ron Paul is going to save us, I think you will be disappointed. Conservatives are half of the problem.

Sorry guys, we aren't going to vote our way out of this mess.

Anonymous said...

hi Tex, how are you vibrating the concrete in the formwork?

ive put something basic together that works pretty well.

let me know if youre interested and ill post up what ive done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry not related but just saw this
I thought it was amusing when the article starts out saying that this might be an attempt to cope with climate change. Then further down it says:
"Species with the smaller body can hybridise with the species with the larger body, allowing that tropical species to move further south,"

Texas Arcane said...

After pouring a bucket down the wall form, I'm churning it with a piece of rebar to get it to fill all the spaces in there. This is the way I've done all the walls. Pour and churn.

Anonymous said...

You can use a hammer on the outside of your formwork as a makeshift external vibrator. Tapping the form will get the concrete to compact as long as it has a high enough slump.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to pound or vibrate that concrete too. Churning alone doesn't get the best of it. Give it some effort and really smack it about if you're using handtools, it's not going to mind. Hell, you can whack it with a rake if you've not got much else. Use the flat end to pound straight up and down. You don't need to bother with light fast taps unless you're wanting a nice smooth finish on that layer as the top/outer skin. It's only to shake it up and make sure there's no pockets. Churning never does it as well. I suspect it's too easy to miss things and you can introduce more air into the mix.

Tapping with a hammer like the previous Anonymous said sounds like a nice idea to get it to settle. Worth a shot too.

Anonymous said...

the method i was going to suggest was to make your own vibrator using a cement mixer motor.

attach a piece of 150mm long flat bar with a heavy nut and bolt on one end and attach the other end to the shaft of the motor. this involves some drilling and tapping.

id suggest switching this on from the mains, do not use the switch on the motor as this thing 'goes off' and can break fingers. the commercial ones are a sealed unit.

hang this device onto your formwork moving it along as each section 'settles'.

is it possible to post a pic anywhere so you can view it Tex??

Anonymous said...

buncha dudes sittin around talking about how to make homemade vibrators

Anonymous said...

How exactly does Sparkgap fit in with your existing Firehold Bravo infrastructure? Is it connected somehow, or is this meant as a replacement?

Anonymous said...

yea and i bet you already have one, probably has a kick start too

Texas Arcane said...

Sparkgap's primary purpose was always as a disconnected, air-tight isolation for the diesel generator and battery system. Over the years of course I have thought of all the other stuff I could stick in there. Unavoidable.

The 90mm steel pipe serves as a horizontal access from the alternate drum shaft into Sparkgap, where required. It was envisioned as a place where the generator and battery systems could be put that would be safe against a nuclear blast and completely sealed off at three points by fire and gastight doors.

So far I have the entryway door and the main cabinet access doors but am still looking for a third steel door to mount on the wall inside the shaft of the main shelter so there is no way any fumes, fire or smoke could leak into the main shelter in the event of a mishap.

I read about the designs of several shelters in Israel where there were serious misgivings about putting the generator into a room which was inside the main shelter. More people have died of unexpected carbon monoxide buildup than have ever died from atomic bombs to date. During your average drill in Israel of the shelters it is common to lose 1 or 2 people to the drill because of monoxide poisoning.