Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another All-American Monstrosity Prepares To Take A Hard Dirt Nap

I don't care what a man's story is or what sort of apologies are made on his behalf.

If you see an orphan getting raped in a shower you need to stop it. Doing nothing for the past twenty years while this animal operated with impunity buggering babies makes you as bad as he is or else worse.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, pound a spade on him when he's done to make sure he can't crawl out again. Nobody is going to miss him after what he has done.

When you see that nearly every person held up as a role model in America in reality is a subhuman psychotic beast you can expect to understand how they got that messed up as a nation. When a people loses it's virtue all else follows. A man who won't protect children from the predations of rapists is no role model - he's a cowardly, contemptible bag of sh*t.

I won't be needing any character references on Paterno to know what kind of person we are talking about. Give him a cheap funeral in an even cheaper box and forget him.


Anonymous said...

In Greece, the country with the most hardcore NWO-installed government on the planet currently, they voted for legislation that gives to sadomasochists, pedophiles, exhibitionists, fetishists, and any other perversion you can imagine status equal to people with disabilities like the deaf and blind, therefore entitled to the same benefits. Makes the KWA and the UK look like sane and virtuous places.

Anonymous said...

just heard on radio that his was a "premature demise"


he was 85

and the dipshit collegedroids are holding avigil for him on campus

a POS who knowingly harbored a pedophile assfucker

burn in hell; McQuery and Sandusky will be along in good time

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think Tex predicted these people would start "dying", before they would be allowed to talk.

Anonymous said...

Western Civilization is doomed:

Anonymous said...

Enemy Expatriation Act Could Strip Americans of Citizenship

The independent press is in an uproar over this bill, claiming it blatantly gives United States the authority to strip American citizens of their citizenship by just disagreeing with the government.

Anonymous said...

Another tribal whitewash will follow soon I can see the tv movie will depict him as a wrongfully accused saint doubtless.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see

Anonymous said...

With U.S. troops barely gone, Iraq government is crumbling

Anonymous said...

Your blog post reads as though you were unfamiliar with the case. According to the grand jury, McQueary didn't tell paterno exactly what he saw. Paterno referred the matter to the head of the campus police, who are full-on cops. We'll see what else comes out.