Wednesday, January 18, 2012

112 Questions for 2012

Really good article. Read it and realize what is going missing nowadays. Anything of value, as a matter of fact.

This crappy Illuminati world and value system is the sorriest pile of junk baubles and glass beads ever sold on this planet. We're looking at the Louisiana Purchase of the Earth. They have stolen everything you had and everything your ancestors left you and replaced it with shoddy carny goods like those cheap consolation toys they give suckers at the rigged booths. This paltry garbage is much like the secular utopia the bolshevists promised the fools of Russia if they would surrender and accept their coup of the continent in 1918. Now they're shooting for the whole bag of marbles and the way things look, the rubes are going to give it to them.

All good things begin by laughing at these idiots. Underneath their apoplectic sturm and drang they are really a ridiculous bunch of clowns, a poor effeminate subhuman race of failed men. All their clash of empires and neverending war is to conceal the fact they never had the courage to do any of their own fighting. Their specialty is backstabbing and poison. They couldn't win an honest battle to save their lives.

All over Eastern Europe, the shield of the Khazars is cut in stone being trampled by the hooves of the courageous. They were never much at real life. It is just another thing they stink at. A thousand years of getting their asses kicked didn't do much for their character, proving they never really learn anything from experience.


Anonymous said...

If you race replace White people, in their own country (White GeNOcide), with Mexicans, you get Mexico.

2nd hand found in LA park where human head found

Mexico is the product of Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels

Mexican drug gang violence is crossing the border, along with all the millions of Mexicans.

The common sense solution would be, to send them all home.

Of course anti-Whites will say it would be racist, not to combat this violence on American soil.

Texas Arcane said...

Kwa = Doomed

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Supporter Uncovers Iowa Vote Discrepancy

AKFox said...

Presuming the world is ruled from behind the scenes by an Illuminati like group and the current crisis isn't just the product of human stupidity...if they're weak, subhuman failures then why are they in charge?

Anonymous said...

Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

He admits that half the middle east must be taken over for its resources to create a greater Israel that will rule as the sole world power in Pax Judaica over whatever is left after WW III.

Anonymous said...

the ABC USA correspondent was today laughing at the fact that ALL the votes were missing from four different polling stations in Iowa.

haha thats hilarious, lolololol. silly people got their votes lost hahaha. remember 'hide and seek' as a kid? well this is the grown up version......lolololol, you guys are killing me.........

Texas Arcane said...


Nobody is in charge.

Destruction is easy, especially if you work from the inside of a country.

Creation is another story.

You can't be in charge of anything if all you can do is destroy what is there. You have to be capable of creating something to take its place or all you have done is destroy what was there.

So far, evidence is nonexistent that they can create anything. They don't make anything better, not even their own regime. They only make things worse. That's not really being in charge.

Anonymous said...

Australia not keeping 90day fuel reserves.

We are running a "just in time" fuel supply when the whole world (especially the middle east) is going to shit. Should work well with our road transport dependent food supply. What are these people thinking? Forget about the Kwa! I'm more and more convinced every day that even our 3rd class government is deliberately trying to finish us all off.

Anonymous said...

January 19, 2012 5:45 PM

"Presuming the world is ruled from behind the scenes by an Illuminati like group and the current crisis isn't just the product of human stupidity...if they're weak, subhuman failures then why are they in charge?"

They know how politics is really conducted.

Practical Politics has nothing to do with having reasonable discussions about policy and voting on it, once every three or four years.

Real Politics is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, imposing terminology on the general population, so the "leaders" of this population can only do and say the things YOU want them to do and say.

Once White people learn that simple lesson and it won't be long, thanks to the Internet, the people Tex are talking about, will be swept away.

This is why they hate the Internet and especially, Internet Anonymity.

Anonymous said...

You think there is anonymity on the Internet? We know who you are.

Texas Arcane said...

We don't know who you are but it is safe to say you are a subhuman asshole of such dubious value that God Almighty winces whenever he looks down at you.

If you don't instinctively know it yourself, why is your suicide rate so incredibly high?

Anonymous said...

"You think there is anonymity on the Internet? We know who you are."

They hate the Internet so much, they are trying any sly method to try and censor it, because everything is coming out about them, including their attempts to censor it, are coming out. lol

They are campaigning against Internet anonymity, both overtly and covertly, because more people are learning the truth every day and they can't intimidate millions of people that are anonymous.

Pandora's box is wide open and it can't be closed.

Only if they trigger a nuclear war, can they stop what is coming and they are all clustered around the primary targets, while we are spread out.

Their loses from before, will be as nothing, compared to what is coming. WW3 is the end of the line for them, and they are the ones pushing for it.

Dance into the hellfire, you arrogant fools - there is nothing dumber than a stupid man, who thinks he is clever. lol