Friday, December 30, 2011

Working on the Hydro Lab for VOS

Got some parts left over from my last attempt and was cutting them to fit today. Found most of the racking metal I need to put this one together. I need to buy some thick rustcoat paint to slather on it when it is finished to keep it from rusting.

Some of these pieces had been part of the original rig installed inside the shelter in 2006 so I had left them to bake in the sun for a week or so to make sure they didn't bring any of the dreaded black mold with them.

One bit of good news is that when I was down there to retrieve them the shelter was completely, utterly odorless with just the faintest trace of ozone. Otherwise smelled really fresh and hygienic. Note that even when the odor is gone, the black mold spores can still be dangerous when cleaning the shelter out so always wear breathing apparatus and decon gloves around this stuff.

I plan to make this subject a book in it's own right so I am documenting every stage of the construction of this mini hydroponics plant with photos.


Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul at the top of his game. lol

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Try adding CO2, once the lab is stabilized. Many years ago, I found that hemp thrived in the presence of additional CO2. Unfortunately, I was too busy sampling said hemp to go about using CO2 in a scientific manner. I simply opened the valve on my tank manually twice a day, while the plants were flowering. I will say it was the only time my hydroponics/halide lamp setup produced the results I saw in High Times. It might do your plants a favor, and be an appropriate gesture towards the Climate Police who want to return us to medieval serfdom.