Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Happens When The Population Has Lower Native Intelligence?

Like all primitive and intellectually inferior people, they lose the ability to correctly identify the sources of their problems. Earthquakes are caused by fracking instead of massive solar flares. Climate change is caused by decomposing baby nappies and farting cows instead of grand cyclic seasons of the entire solar system.

If you can't identify what is really causing the problem, you cannot possibly solve the problem. Your solution will be an attempt to ameliorate or change conditions that have nothing to do with what is actually causing the problem.

The average human being is scared of the big universe out there. Fracking is something much closer to home. It involves loud clanky machines and a big water pump. This is miniaturized down to what the ordinary human brain feels it can cope with.

Vast changes on the sun and magnetic reversals mean you should be working on an underground vault, not arguing with your fellow primate over how many gallons of water we will run through the brine pump each day. The common man is skeered of such things and wants to scale reality down to a size he can manage with his pea-sized Sapiens brain.

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Anonymous said...

Good post! Very true!

People pretend to try to understand things but really they are just trying to talk it down to a gauge they are comfortable with. Since the real answer is complicated they pick something they can get a grip around.