Monday, December 26, 2011

We Will Be Safe When Only The Police Are Permitted To Have Guns

It's just common sense Oprah-style, people. I don't understand how anyone could think we can be safe as long as even a single gun stays in private hands. Edjamafacashunal people will protect us with their imagickal powers of authority.


Anonymous said...

The whole gun vs perp argument is rubbish.
If someone has a gun for defence; then the attacker will use more and bigger guns, or another weapon/strategy altogether.
If you have no gun, they might use a small pistol. If you have a small pistol, then it's a rifle. If you have rifles, then a machine gun.
Look at Waco. Whatever they had, the feds had bigger.
And on it goes.

Anonymous said...

Interview of police candidates

Police interviewer: "Did you ever torture and kill small animals when you were a child?"

Police candidate: "Yes I did, all the time."

Police interviewer: "When can you start?"

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:44 AM

Do you have any experience of violence at all in real life outside of 80's cop buddy movies? Has anyone ever shot at you intending to hit you? Have you ever been in a life and death fight? Remember, we're not talking about a movie you may have seen. I'm asking you about real life.

I would suggest to you that you do not have enough information on this subject to have an opinion either way.

I don't think you have much connection with reality, period.

Anonymous said...

off topic.

same country, same media outlet, same day, two seperate crimes, two murders.

whats the difference in the stories?

murder one. in the first link the police want to question a person described as being 'white'

murder 2. in the second link there is no mention of skin colour. Instead they use 'gang' or 'youth'.
(what is it with this lot and sport stores anyway??)

good ol' BBC PC.


Anonymous said...

If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, then only criminals will have guns.

All of the big massacres, could not have occurred, unless criminals had guns and the law abiding citizens, had been rendered utterly defenseless.

So why do anti-White leftists, want only criminals to have guns?