Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warmongering Neoconservative Drunkard Turns To The Wall And Curses God

UPDATE: The media blitzim and televitzim are going mad over this alcoholic poof, comparing him to actual writers everywhere you look. He apparently thought he was a peer to Thomas Jefferson at one point. Jefferson would have kneecapped this fat retard on sight with a double barrelled musket and left him squealing to bleed out. It is impossible to imagine two people more different than Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Jefferson. The idea that the Founding Fathers would've done anything but despised such human garbage is insipid. Hitchens would've hung quicker than Benedict Arnold during the revolutionary war, left dangling like a bloated pig for children to poke with sticks.

The Hitcher has hitched his last ride on the coat tails of power. Like all the neoconservative chickenhawks, he never served a day in his life in the military and supported any bombing campaign on anyone worldwide as long as it wasn't Israel. The sound of screaming children and thermobaric fuel bombs going off in kindergartens was like music to the ears of this miserable idiot. Having no children or family of his own, he exhibited the vile, deplorable hatred of all living things that is synonymous with the love that dare not speak it's name. His every waking thought was devoted to carnage, bloodshed and atrocity, as long as it was committed against people who committed the sin of moving while muslim. He celebrated every success of the Zionist war machine, practically bathing in human blood on the front pages of the world's newspapers who printed his rubbish with such earnestness you would've thought this bastard a peer to Hemingway instead of a largely illiterate, incoherent and rambling alcoholic halfwit.

This man was an ass-puppet's ass-puppet and he got an ass-puppet's eulogy by his masters. You'd think this idiot cured cancer instead of dying from it. I'm not even going to try to plant a zinger about a man who talked sh*t for sixty years getting throat cancer, that would be be a cheap shot. For those of you who are not aware of it, homosexual men have a rate of throat cancer more than 240% higher than the general population and twice the general rate of cancer of the entire population. Tonsil pounding with hundreds of anonymous drug users each year carries a risk, whooda thunkit? The man was a hellish, riotous offense against the human genome and the majesty of God's creation.

Explain to me what kind of punk candy-ass mangoo smoothie guzzling coward would write a column called FIGHTING WORDS who has never so much as raised his voice against another man to his face but advocated war on civilians, assassination and random killing all over the planet, describing children as a "desirable casualty." He was a gutless, wretched coward and God is convicting him with his own words right now at the judgement.

The really shocking nature of his corruption was obvious and in plain view - he was never sober when I saw his talking head rectangle show up during the news hour. He always appeared to have staggered out after just power chugging Everclear in the shadows right out of the bottle. No matter what he was asked by syncophants with leading questions, ("Christopher, is it fair to say that 'we' have a divine right to kill anyone 'we' want in the world anytime 'we' want if they oppose our regime, etc.?") he would always launch into the same slurring, incomprehensible nerd rage bar stool tirade against the entire cosmos back to the day he was born. Nothing this guy said ever made any semantic sense, he was like a PONTYPOOL reverse-speech zombie squawking on helium. People would nod, thank him for appearing and then cut to somebody who wasn't embarrassing himself. The only person on this planet with less appeal to anybody anywhere is Dennis Miller on Fox and he occasionally says something that is almost funny.

Christopher Hitchens has been on camera for the past decade for three reasons:

1. He was hideously, unspeakably evil. A natural born child of Satan himself.
2. He was an international booster and spokesperson for Zionist political objectives.
3. He hated everything, everywhere, forever, to the ends of the universe.

He could've done the humane thing and swallowed his rattle in the cradle to go straight to his consignment in hell ... but instead was a curse on the surface of this planet for 62 years before he had the good grace to die screaming. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Hitchens once said he "liked to stay in the middle of the heat wherever it was," using the lexicon of the soldier as always, despite having never been one. Rest assured he's in the middle of the heat now, you betcha. I wish I could have snuck into the hospital and basted this bastard on both sides with Crisco before they buried him to make certain he cooks up good when he gets his final reward.

P.S. A lot of commenters, clearly skimming the net to try to troll blogs and "reform" his memory, have been found coming from places in the Middle East. These posters were deleted since they are clearly racists, motivated purely by ethnic identity to try to stick up for their fellow scumbag Hitchens. Don't be fooled by the doubletalk and spin, Hitchens was 100% crypto zionist who often played the official opposition in public against the official curmudgeons like Chomsky. There is no question whatsoever that his loyalties were solidly outside those of the nation he was a citizen of whatever his passport read at the time. He traded countries like hats and was treasonous to all of them.



Anonymous said...

Christopher Hitchens...

First he was a rabid Communist, then he "found out" he was Jewish, announced that fact to the world and became a rabid Neocon.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your polemic against the polemecist, and I came here to get your reaction which was pretty good as always. But contrary to what you asserted, Hitchens was not a 'confirmed bachelor' but he actually married and had children (at least according to Wikipedia).

Throat cancer should probably attributed to his lifetime of drinking and smoking.

That he was a neocon should come to no surprise, he was a Trotskyist. The United States has increasingly become the military arm for spreading cultural Marxism under the guise of freedom and democracy around the world. Hitchens' advocacy for the war on Muslims was just psychobabble to justify killing those who he doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

I second everything Tex said. You cant say enough bad things about the dead for Hitchens case and anyone who says anything good is lying. Atheist or christian no decent man would fail to label the man a fukken monster whose own mother wished she had flushed him down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video from 5:40 to 9:30. Then you will understand who Hitchen's real master was.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for giving a degenerate bastard like Hitchens the send-off he so richly earned.

Keep up the great work and know that many of us respect and appreciate what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

That was the best, most epic rant ever. I spent the morning retweeting comments from WBC about Hitch and infuriating Hitch worshipers but yours is sooo much better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to Anon 3:26 AM, Hitch had homosexual "flings".

Anonymous said...

Someone needs anger management. Sadly if you live long enough to die of "natural causes" it will be one of three things: Heart disease, cancer or stroke. You may be young enough to not understand this but one day you, like Hitchens, will be facing end of life and we will see how well you handle it...

Anonymous said...

"A lot of commenters, clearly skimming the net to try to troll blogs and "reform" his memory, have been found coming from places in the Middle East."

On your map last night, it was the first time I noticed a glowing spot coming from Tel Aviv. I thought, oh dear, Mossad is coming to get Tex.

Now I know they were defending one of their soldiers. He must have been a very useful idiot.

BTW I wish you'd stop using that 'R' word. I always think the person using it, is an anti-White and it really creeps me out, when I see you of all people using it, even though you use it rarely.

'R' is their power word of evil. They have used it to intimidate and oppress specifically White people, for decades.

You never see them in Africa or Asia, shouting 'R' at the local populations (unless they are White). They only ever shout 'R' at White people in all of our countries.

They were never about fighting racism when they made the 'R' word popular. Their sole intention was to obliterate White Identity, take our land and take our right to exist.

It makes me feel sick, anyone would think that word could be used to fight hard core genocidal racism. I am deadly serious about that.

So call them anti-White, call them anti-Arab, or anti-Palestinian, but racist? No. That is their word. The evil people that use it, understand its purpose - White Genocide.

Anonymous said...

More and more people are talking about White GeNOcide.

My Tram Experience: a Reply.

Anonymous said...

Dead Bankers: A List

Anonymous said...

Epic rant. Pure gold.

Some useful idiots I understand. Hitchens was really a monster person, I don't see how he could be rehabilitated but his handlers will try.

Texas Arcane said...

It's been pointed out that when Hitchens began describing the problem ten years ago he framed it as a police action we would conduct all over the world in the name of "American" (Israeli) exceptionalism.

In retrospect, you don't have to be a master geopolitical analyst to see just how effeminate and faggoty these notions are. Hitch the bitch thought we would vote internationally on what to do about brown people. Ten years later, it is increasingly obvious that it was really a question of what brown people are going to do about us. Whites with a regal air in 2002 are now living in tent camps in 2011. The grand "Empire America" that Hitch painted with words in 2002 is now a pathetic, broken, defeated, bankrupted globalist shit-stained used-up Zionist condom in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Good article for you Tex:

Not just for "end of the world eccentrics" anymore!

Anonymous said...

Good riddens to bad rubish.

Anonymous said...

What a provocative and forceful piece of writing. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

This is a great article about what American exceptionalism really is.

Anonymous said...

When you go to hell, what actually registers the pain of the fiery lake? Nerves? Unlikely. Soul? Convenient.

Also, why have we never heard of the Devil possessing an Atheist? Surely we would be easy pickings without the apparent shield of religion. I have never encountered any apparent devil phenomena. I have never been religious, and for all intents and purposes, should be high up on the list of devil annexation. Yet my life is pleasant, and fairly uneventful in that regard. Strange.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent. We have all these people now attempting to spin his memory into something it never was. This rant nailed Hitchens the man. He was sick. I don't just mean physically. Everything about him was twisted.

Anonymous said...

The goal of the elites is the Trotskyite "continuous revolution" internationally so that the old order will be replaced with world government. The necessary prerequisites for people to be in a continuously rebellious state(Indignants in Europe, OWS etc) are, first, loss of faith in God. Destroy the security that faith provides by keeping the Id in check, and you have in your hands a restless, unstable, potentially rebellious populace (Dostoyevsky and Lenin understood this well in advance). This is the role the so so-called "neo-atheists" are playing for the elites in conditioning the sheeple so that the rejection of God will lead to anxiety and angst that can be manipulated and directed by the melonheads. Now, the worse the living conditions of the populace are, the more likely it is to become rebellious. Hence come the second part of the elite plan, the deliberate impoverishment of the population through an artificially created crisis that through "bailouts" their wealth is transferred to the hands of the elites. The blame on "capitalism" is to divert attention that there is a problem with the whole system, and not a certain cabal that operates within it and is above the rules and the law.

So by creating an atheist mass that finds it increasingly difficult to find any sort of comfort and consolation coupled with the deterioration of their standard of living, the elites have in their hands a time bomb they can activate whenever they feel right. This is the real reason why both religion and the income of the average working man are so viciously attacked.

Anonymous said...

Caught your posts over on his tribute at U-Tube, tex thanks I was belly laughing so hard I could not get my breath. Awesome. Pure gold.

The Pilgrim said...

"When you go to hell, what actually registers the pain of the fiery lake?"

"go to"? oh, son. hell is is it possible you don't understand what that implies?

look up the phrase 'eternal return', maybe that'll give you a clue.

"Also, why have we never heard of the Devil possessing an Atheist?"

if that isn't proof God has a sense of humour...but it's hard to understand the punchline when the joke's on you, ain't it?

as for hitchens, i would say RIP but i doubt there will be any rest or peace for him, so instead i'll just say good luck.

Anonymous said...

There were a lot pieces of subhuman filth in the runup and aftermath of the Iraq Slaughter - Hitchens has always been near the top of that disgusting list.

I remember him VIVIDLY crowing about the slaughter of women and children and now all over the net we get to read 'tributes' to this piece of garbage.

The sheep get on their knees in front of these psychopaths and LITERALLY BEG them to be allowed to give them a blow job - that's what these 'tributes' are, in essence. It is an awesomely sickeningly EVIL and it is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world we now inhabit. ANYONE who remotely thought this guy was a 'good' guy will be rotting in the deepest darkest recesses of hell right beside him.

The world is infinitely improved now that this scumbag no longer walks the earth.

This planet seems to be full of the kind of people who are apologists or worse, actively support the kind of slaughter these evil scum cheerlead.

God desperately needs to clean house - and this is a nice clean good first step.


Texas Arcane said...

Atheists argue about common mythologies that were created in the Middle Ages found nowhere in scripture.

Hell is outer darkness and emptiness unlike anything human beings can imagine. It's a worm turning in your gut for eternity remembering over and over again that it is precisely this that you asked God to give you. It's the sound of other damned cursing and wailing at one another in that darkness knowing how permanent this is and unretractable. A month turns into a year. A year into a decade. A decade into a century. There's no light there and no guidance. Wandering aimlessly on an infinite plain of dust forever reduced to the atom of consciousness you said you wanted to be.

Fire and brimstone are metaphors never used in the Bible except as spiritual expressions. Read it carefully for yourself and you'll come to the conclusion that millions of Calvinists have reached before you. You will only know by studying scripture yourself. The rest is mythos by ignorant people who only know the Bible by word-of-mouth.

Anonymous said...

December 17, 2011 1:00 PM

They pulled exactly the same act, when Michael Jackson the pedophile, went to hell.

Caveman said...

Hitchens was a pseudo intellectual who was strangely adored by a lot of Americans. He never had any good facts to back up his arguments for instance when an American man dared question the U.S foreign policy in the middle east, the fat turd told the man that: "You should be ashamed of yourself for criticizing the soldiers who fight for your freedom", this coming from a trotskyist scumbag who was anti-American before he emigrated to America. Good riddance to this bloated cunt.