Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vault-OS : Another Teaser Screen

I spent a bit of time trying to get multipart form data uploading correctly and right about the time it started to look like it was going into the database correctly, I realized this is not a feature that VOS even needs.

If the user wants his diagrams, item images and personnel images used by the system he has to put them into the upload directory manually. When the server boots it will load any data it needs to into the cache. I thought, why introduce the potential to foul up things from the outside by loading 2 GIG pngs, etc.? That kind of data is safer as static files deliberately copied over by the admin through the file system.

At one point I was running an FTP server alongside the HTTP sockets, I can still enable this for the first version. It represents a cleaner mechanism for transfer of files between workstations than mucking about with file uploads.

Many bugs fixed, things are looking good. Parts of it running perfectly. Scheduler is simple and elegant at present, permits calendars many years into the future to be viewed and edited in advance. Big part of scheduling is automated maintenance tasks on flexible date schedules, like "first Monday of the month twice a year" to be entered as an arbitrary pattern for scheduling jobs.


Anonymous said...

I like how this is shaping up.

Anonymous said...

Knowing the background of how slow you work Tex I dread getting too charged about this but I cant help it. Finish it and release trust me mate you will be a legend in survivalism circles !forever. Ive seen crude attempts by other people over the years to help in preps (excel etc) but this is like the atom bomb compared to that shite.

Texas Arcane said...

My dream is a personal PipBoy running this software as a biological web page for a shelter inhabitant.

My biggest reluctance is putting a wireless transmitter on the body, I'm still not sure this is a safe practice that close to the human organs. I'd like to find an infrared link to the network, it seems like it would be safer.

Anonymous said...

You'll need a bigger disk for teh pr0n