Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vault-Co Says Boycott Lowes Worldwide

Internal fifth column of rabid nationalists posing as citizens of your country, wherever you are. They are racist, intolerant, bigoted haters who want to dehumanize their "enemies" (check the clock, that can change by the hour) and portray peoples of all other faiths and ethnic backgrounds as subhuman and undeserving of any empathy. They refuse to countenance or respect any presentation of any other point of view, which makes them completely incompatible with parliamentary or republican democracy.

These people make the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts.


Anonymous said...

Pure gold, Tex. Anyone who says you don't have a good sense of humor hasn't been reading enough of this.

You have to wonder upon reading this - would they have been evil bigots/racists/whatever if they had simply not given money to them in the first place? Are they only villains today because they gave *some* money and not more or nothing?

Are we all bigots unless we're giving all our money to the ADL and other multicult approved institutions or TV shows?

Anonymous said...

Why do people have such such trouble forming a complex picture of the world? The jews and the muslims are BOTH our enemies. They attack us different ways & for different reasons, but they are both historical enemies of Whites and of Western Civilization.

We must reject the mistaken idea that we have to choose sides in THEIR bloodfeud. When your enemies are fighting, the smart move is to wish them both luck,
and then get out of the way. Let the zionists and the islamists kill each other and GOOD RIDDANCE to them both!

Texas Arcane said...


Anonymous said...

December 12, 2011 11:10 PM

What is comedy is 99% of White people are completely unaware, that Jews have a 1000 year old bloodfeud, with us.

Kick them both out of our countries, along with the White anti-Whites that Demanded they be brought in.

Jews and Muslims when left to their own devices, in their own third world countries, will be as irrelevant to us, as Africans in Africa.

Ralph E. Vaughan said...

Give in to the request of a Christian organization, which did not threaten them, or knuckle under to the notorious anti-civil rights CAIR which does threaten them. Net sum + zero. Lowes has the right to allocate its advertising budget wherever it will do the most good.