Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vault-Co Sails Through 400,000 Hits

Not bad for a site written by one guy with no promotion, nothing to sell and no backing of any kind.

I may start to canvas for some early testing of Vault-OS, perhaps to start in January. If I do I will put up a contact page to get volunteers.

I promise anybody participating in the early testing, your inventory, personnel and control data will either be portable to the first release version or else I will write a converter to import it for you when you upgrade.

I was working tonight on some of the generic server pages for browsing/filtering/creating views onto data. It's looking pretty good for a program in less than 400K. I have noticed that when you stop worrying about the GUI (by delivering it as true cross-platform HTML) you reduce the complexity of the application enormously and are able to focus on functionality. It's such a nice paradigm I think I am going to stick with it permanently for everything I write in the future.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. You've earned it. It's entertaining and informing and you've done it without doing anything other than simply sharing your thoughts and ideas here.

I think it's even picking up more and more visitors with time as 300,000 didn't seem so long ago. I guess there's still an interest out there in listening to someone giving their honest opinion on what the truth is without worrying about who will agree or disagree with it. It's not something you get offered at many places, even with blogs.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Tex!

Remember, you promised me an early version to test about 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the 300,000 figure just a month or two back?

Anonymous said...

You put in the hard work and the originality is refreshing. 0M4 is no surprise, your formula works.
As far as GUIs go all I want is a few buttons to click on and none of the rest of the crap.


Anonymous said...

The hits have accelerated a LOT lately.

That's good and it's bad LOL

Only when times get hard will people listen to brutal honesty.



Anonymous said...

New death shot for the sheeple begins to take effect:

Anonymous said...

Tex, hundreds of thousands of hits . . . Why don't you play the system for a few bucks with click-throughs?

Anonymous said...


I've been reading you at least 10 years. Wish I could remember how I even found ya. But I'm glad I did. I like your breezy "in your face" style, but most of all I like the fact that you've been right so often. Not always, but enough times to make this one of my favorite sites on the net. Thanks.

Texas Arcane said...

I'll be selling something soon off this site - the first of my series of Vault-OS books. People will be free to not buy it, of course, so it is not like it will be intrusive.

I find it ridiculous to talk about the collapse of civilization and have click-through links to antiallergenic pillows and penis enlargement pumps. I also do not want to promote the school of survivalism that says the best way to prep is just to spend money on consumer products. Even the collapse of civilization looks like an opportunity to some to sell people junk they don't need. I did not start the blog to make money off others. Although if I do sell stuff off here eventually, I probably won't send the money back. If you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

"with no promotion", hah, I wouldn't go that far Tex, you'd be amazed how many people plug Vault-co just because it's worth plugging. The Counter should be 500k in about 3 weeks, well done.


Anonymous said...

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