Saturday, December 10, 2011

U.N. Fumbles, Makes Naked Grab For World Government Tax

Bad timing and poor context. Shows they are not so perfect after all. I could think of a lot better time to try to introduce a stealth tax to fund their wickedness and this isn't it.

Fumbling. Starting to barrel roll now, tail fins not responding. NWO is actually a bunch of lazy, spoiled wealthy people who are not very bright, got more cunning than real brains. Have been faking it so long that when called upon to demonstrate genuine craft they are coming up short.

This is actually sort of pathetic and cringe-inducing, proof they are no longer good at gauging the market reception of their ideas. General impression of the U.N. is that they are shut-ins who have fallen twenty years behind and barely get outdoors much.

The NWO will succeed at destroying the existing order. They will fail at introducing a new one. Destruction working from the inside on trust = easy. Creation - not their forte. Fractures appearing quickly in their tyranny as the money train shuts down.

John Keys - What is it? Appears from nowhere, nobody ever heard of this guy, suddenly he's prime minister. Like with Julia Gilliard and Barack Obama, doesn't really have a past. Just teleports in from another dimension and bam, they are leading nations of millions.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the NWO aren't melonheads or is the melonhead blood too watered down for fast thinking any more? Is this what melonheads always do - they have a blind spot that dooms their plans to destruction every time?

Or are these merely sapien figureheads and puppets left to their own devices or used as puppets by melonheads in the background that are never revealed?

Texas Arcane said...

Or does it mean that there may be blood in the Rothschild castle that goes back to the Pharoahs but nobody with a brain as big as Tut's left in that family tree?

The sapiens sock puppets wait for their marching orders from the brains in the background - but I don't know if they are all that brainy. You see them making mistakes all the time that betray they are not quite so bright. For example, they are mistakes that I wouldn't make.

I would have shifted to a completely different strategy by now and dumped globowarmthinkery altogether. They are beating a dead horse there. If their masters are telling them to keep pushing that line then they are out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Global warmthink is still being pushed hard. The hard core of warmists are out in force preaching their religion and the educational instituations and workplaces are doing the same. I think it's all coming from the top down too. They're raising a generation of children parroting their carbon cult beliefs. I've seen the sorry results of this modern education. These people will not be taking us to the Moon or Mars. They are going to flog this horse and ride it until it falls apart under them. They're banking on those carbon credits to solve the economic crisis. The edjumacated types say it's the solution to all our problems and I hear it from many a certified scholar....

The best news we could get is that they are dumb enough to make mistakes like this. If they were playing everything and everyone like a flawless master then we'd be worse off for it. At the same time I shudder when I hear another dumb thing said or a new terrible law passed, I cheer at the idea of the flaws it shows in the leadership.

Anonymous said...

The Rothchilds are pushing for direct democracy in the USA. Bye, bye, two party system.

Sounds good, right? Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

"I would have shifted to a completely different strategy by now and dumped globowarmthinkery altogether."

Could be that is what they are doing.

GW is looking so silly right now, that people are starting to laugh and now the UN is acting the fool, people will soon be laughing at them as well.

The UN is becoming a real problem for Israel and there is that pesky UN Genocide law, that is beginning to cramp their style.

So it could be, they have decided the UN has got to go. If you are pushing for WW3, you don't need a UN anyway.

Anonymous said...

"And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;" - Revelation 6:12

Anonymous said...

"We were offered a treaty that didn't have proper safeguards for my City of London overlords' banking frauds and ponzi schemes and I decided it was not right to sign it."


Koanic said...

I think you need a two tiered model to explain elite brilliance/stupidity.

Firstly, we have the vast decentralized open "conspiracy" of convergent interests among institutionalized leftism, the elite, and banking interests. This used to be closed conspiracies, and there are still pockets of conspiracy, but after completing the Gramscian march the vast majority of it is out in the open.

But these are men, and by and large this means they are stupid, not brilliant.

Behind this layer we have the diabolical machinations of a supernatural enemy, working woe for all men, but especially his hated enemy the church.

Thus the apparent competent/incompetent schizophrenic personality.

Nor should we assume that the diabolical enemy is omnipotent on Earth, or unopposed, or monolithic in his legions.

Anonymous said...

ITZ is about to HITZ

China and Russia agree "in principal" the only way to stop US-NATO aggression is through "direct military action" and start joint preparations for WW III:

Anonymous said...

@5:40 AM

Of course it sounds good.

"Direct democrassy" is a euphemism to make the sheeple think it will be like something out of ancient Athens, and hide the sinister reality that it will be more like the Soviet councils. The Bolhsevists used to promise similar stuff before they seize power.

The downfall of the existing western political system is a carefully planned project. The crisis is designed so that the people will demand "change" that the existing system cannot give because it cannot meet the challenges that arise. Look up for the speeches and interviews of the World Bank president earlier this year, it's all there. You don't even have to rely on youtube loons and you can hear it from the horse's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Lord Christopher Monckton: The Coming New International Climate Court



Anonymous said...

Kenyan Marxist: Limited Gov't That Preserves Free Markets 'Doesn't Work. It Has Never Worked'